Saturday, 18 February 2012

Flights Cancelled - Frankfurt Airport

Photo courtesy of The Associated Press
Hundreds more flights were cancelled Friday at Frankfurt Airport, Europe's third busiest, as a ground workers' strike entered its second day, but airport lines and delays appeared to be limited.

Mike Peter Schweitzer, spokesman for airport operator Fraport AG, said "just over 290" flights had to be cancelled but that the airport was otherwise "operating smoothly." Airline Lufthansa said that 68 flights within Europe had been called off.

Herbert Mai, executive in charge of labour relations for Fraport, said the airport was able to maintain 70 per cent of its daily flights on Thursday, the first day of the strike, exceeding its goal of operating more than half its 1,300 daily takeoffs and landings.

"We think that we can process even more today so that the strike repercussions are lower than expected or feared," Mai said.

Workers walked off the job Thursday afternoon for seven hours, and were to be on strike all day Friday.

The GdF union is engaged in a dispute with airport operator Fraport over pay and working conditions for some 200 ground workers.

GdF spokesman Markus Siebers said the strike would be suspended Saturday and Sunday but would likely continue next week, although he said he could not say what days or times. 

Courtesy of The Associated Press