The Truth About the Happy People of Copenhagen

I was here in Copenhagen once. I made my booking on my own which is my way of travelling. I visited the city for the second time,  very recently.  I was with Adventure of the Seas' cruise ship. Honestly, I did not like it. The cruise is too long for two weeks. I was sick for the last three days at sea. I suspect it was due to boredom. Cruising, I guess, is not my cup of tea.

Copenhagen is an easy access to Denmark close to Hamburg where I travelled last. It was a week short wandering around the city of Danes - one of the happiest people in the world. 

What made the Danes happier than people of other countries? Let's find out.

Before I jumped to the conclusion, let me tell you what happened and what I have seen in the city during my stay. The things that I am going to describe to you might be your deciding factor in visiting Copenhagen for the first time.

City Hall Square (Radhuspladsen) 

Let me start my story from the time I set foot in the Eurocity Rail Station. People are helpful. A local couple helps in finding our hotel, Sct Thomas which is a walking distance from the central train station. "Go walk straight and turn left and you will find your hotel in that street. You will pass through the City Hall Square (Radhuspladsen), so you won't miss it", she says in a very helpful manner.