Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Alligator Farm & Zoological Park ~ St. Augustine

Written by JP Chartier

Just off the North Eastern coast of Florida, lurking in the green murky waters of Anastasia Island, are terrifying creatures with sharp teeth, armoured skin and nasty attitudes.

The Zoological Park : Photo Credit: JP Chartier
The terrifying creatures I'm talking about are crocodilians (crocodiles, alligators, caimans, and gharial) of course, and they can be found in abundance at the Alligator Farm & Zoological Park on Anastasia Island just a hop, skip and a jump from St. Augustine.

There are 7-acres of lush tropical wilderness at the Alligator Farm, a wooden bridge snakes its way over the network of waterways and swamp-like ponds allowing visitors to experience these creatures up close and personal. This is the only park in the world that contains every living species of crocodilian on earth, so it goes without saying that you will be immersed in everything gator.

Monday, 15 September 2014

The Pride of Baler ~ Where All the Pain and Patience Pay Off

Written by Angel de la Flor

I have been in the Pacific Coast when we were in California in April.  I longed to stay there, the waters were all wild and beautiful ... and I very much expected Baler to be the same as it also fronts the Pacific Ocean.

Baler is a second-class municipality in the province of Aurora, in the Philippines. In 2009, it topped the list of beach destinations in the country. It was also described as one of the 'top surf spots' with hundreds of surfers during the surfing season from September to February.

The trip to Baler was extra special; it was the first beach destination in summer and it was also the first weekend I had since I started working.

But, Baler went beyond its wildest waves and farther than the stretch of its coast. It offered so much warmth from the locals, food flavours that remind you of home, and beauty that leaves you so grateful for being in your own country.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Are We Expecting Too Much from the Taste of Manila in Toronto?

Taste of Manila in Toronto is a test for the taste of the Filipinos!

The "Little Manila" in the Toronto streets of Bathurst and Wilson is a witness in approximately twenty five thousand in attendance, and maybe more. It is a big surprise ~ to the organizers and the people who are instrumental to its success.

Taste of Manila is the first street festival organized by the Philippine Cultural Community Centre headed by Rolando Mangante, in association with the Philippine Consulate Office of Toronto. It is a two-day festivities attended by the Filipino-Canadian community and their non-Filipino families and friends. A very festive weekend celebration on August 23 and 24. 

Filipino-Canadian crowd at the 1st Taste of Manila - First Day August 23, 2014 - 25,000 people
Bathurst and Wilson streets were partly closed, contrary to what was originally reported, to accommodate the influx of Pinoys coming from the neighbourhood and the neighbouring cities. 

And yes, for those who still don't know, the area of Wilson and Bathurst is home to many Filipino-Canadians and so with the many Filipino businesses mushrooming the two streets.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Enjoy the Best of Toronto ~ Dinner Cruise with Skyline Views

Enjoy the best of Toronto!

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What's included

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Michael Angelo Maleriado of Cavite PHILIPPINES

37. Featured Traveller 

Michael Angelo Maleriado

Teacher : Traveller 

“To travel is a gift, do it while you can” 

Angelo has travelled extensively through the three island groups of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. "Philippines is beautiful that is why I fell in love with travelling," he says. It is in the Philippines where he spends his life and divides his time between teaching and exploring.

He has travelled to United Kingdom, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, Botswana, Ireland and Zimbabwe and his bucket list includes New Zealand, France, United States, Mongolia and N Korea for future explorations.

How important is budget and planning for a trip and how do you manage to cut cost of a trip?

"Budget controls almost everything when you travel. You don't want to mess up with the money, do you? What I do is put extra amount just in case more activities come along while I am already on the road. Travelling need not be costly. The best thing is to have fun and have memorable experience," he confesses.

Angelo is a busy body. Very energetic. He always prepare himself for invitations to 'run for a cause'. Yes, he is ready to run and explore at the same time to more than seven thousand islands of his beautiful country of the Philippines.

To document his journey, Angelo created a diary of his exploration. Something that he can share to his global readers and followers. He consider his experiences of being an explorer as the best job in the world!

Angelo and his diary, AngelotheExplorer is there waiting for you. Come and join him ~ explore!