Thursday, 24 July 2014

Street Hunt to Shop for Antique Beauty of Turkey

Written by Melody Cleo

There are several street hunts to do your shopping in Turkey. This Turkey’s Antique is likely to be narrower in the future due to increase of business owners in this trade who are closing up shop. The following are some of the remaining street hunt to shop in Turkey;

· Sofa
It is located on the Grand Bazaar. In fact it has all the qualities of antique shop with items showcasing beauty. Many people who have visited Istanbul and have seen this shop describe it as a museum rather than a shop. The only people who can purchase at this shop are those who are financially stable since the price of Russian and Greek pieces are high. The owner of this shop has built a collection of Islamic, Ottoman and Turkish arts that ranges from huge art books to Ottoman portraits and landscapes and to skilfully carved signet rings that contain maps of the area. No merchandise in this shop is cheap but the fact that it contains numerous collectors that venture to these parts pay a lot of reputation to this shop.

Sofa Antique Shop at Grand Bazaar in Istanbul TURKEY Photo Credit: The Guardian
· Art House
It is located proximal to numerous tourist traps in the Grand Bazaar. This shop was a secret place for those who were willing to purchase antique copper ware before the advent of tacky souvenir shops. It offers a range of antiquities. It consists goods like the water bowls that is used in the hamam and copper dishes.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

An Adventure of the Seas

I was warned about the cruise. 

Did I believe it? Oh yes! But, I want to see with my own eyes ~ experience, savour and feel if cruising is really worth it.

I know a couple of friends who'd been cruising half of their lives. Listening to their stories one after the other makes my dream up-and-coming. Great in every angle. How can I not give it a try?

I, myself have been travelling half of my life. And I am mesmerized with the idea of land tours. Trips that I prepare six months the most. Journeys that I have been dreaming of. Travels that I want to make sure will never go wrong. But who knows? Things happen. You'll never know, things can happen at places least expected, as I always say and write about.

Promenade Shops ~ Adventure of the Seas : Photo Credit:cruises4me
Thank God! For the nearly 40 countries that I have explored, it's almost always go on smoothly. No hassles, no issues, except for some minor untoward incidents. Manageable and tolerable, at least, in my own standard. And, am becoming very patient as more travels come along.

And so the day of the cruise came. It actually happened last week. I have decided to make my first cruise ~ for real. 

Got to fly to London's Gatwick from Toronto's Pearson Airport. 

I did not like the way the AirTransat ground staff in my city did. I was in a company of three and I asked her once or twice that we should be sitting beside each other. She replied in the affirmative. Little did I know that our seats are of different places. How could she do that? It did not matter to her but it was a big deal for me for many reasons. And to think that it was my first with Air Transat, and.....probably the last. Too bad, I did not get her name. Just because I was 'pleased' with her lies.

Friday, 18 July 2014

How to Pack, Save Space, Prevent Wrinkles and have a Safe Luggage

Are You Getting Ready for the Trip? Here are some tips that you already know if you are a frequent traveller -  but still very helpful for some, especially to those who are just joining us in our passion - travelling! 

Yes, hello fellow travellers! 

We are creating tips that will be very helpful when you travel. This will serve as reference before, during, and after your journey. We are categorizing each one to make it easier for you. 

The same is true with the deals that we are posting as we get them. Deals and offers that will help you plan your trips, now and in the near future.....

If you want to share quality tips and deals with your fellow travellers, feel free to send an email to: fromatravellersdesk(at)gmail(dot)com.

This will be the fourth series of our Useful Travel Tips. Stay tuned!

Now that you have planned your trip, purchased a cheap airline ticket and have decided what to bring and what NOT to bring, here are better ideas on how you will pack your luggages, save space, prevent wrinkles and have a safe luggage.

Remember to bring small or travel sizes only.

How to Pack, Save Space, Prevent Wrinkles and have a Safe Luggage
Use these packing techniques to ensure that clothes will come out of your bag looking as presentable and as safe as possible. Read on....
  • Lay your suitcase flat, fully opened

Thursday, 17 July 2014

7 Places to Visit in the Middle East

Written by Slayton Jacob

A lot of us only see the Middle East as a place filled with religious and social conflicts. But then again, we fail to realize that it is also home to breathtaking gifts of nature and rich cultures. We should be reminded that not every part of the Middle East is a danger to tourists. If getting Turkish visa for the whole family on your recent trip was no problem, you are expected to have the same experience for countries like United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, and Israel.

Istanbul TURKEY

Read further if you want to know more about the 7 places that are considered treasures of the Middle East and discover why visiting them is a must regardless if you are seeking for a unique adventure or a relaxing getaway.
Jordan boasts a lot of wonderful cities and many agree that the best among them is Petra. This place will make those who are passionate about history and ancient civilizations drool. Almost every corner of this city has exquisite sculpted temples and other signs of an old era that has long been forgotten but recently caught the attention of many. Petra is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world and those who already experienced it will surely recommend everyone to witness the sunset and sunrise there since the sceneries will blow anyone’s mind away.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

15 Things You Should be Aware while Travelling

I must admit I mess up at times in countries least expected. And I learned a lesson from my mistakes. You'll never know, there might be a time that you are coming back to a country the second time around. In this case, at least, you should have done your assignment. And this time, you must know what to do.

You can do things like; touching fabrics in HK stores. I did that. Because I did not know that touching their wares is a 'crime'. No English. No touch. No business. Just leave! They don't want your money....

Never, never, ever forget to validate your railway tickets in Berlin. That is another 'crime' that you will be getting into. As the 'officer' who held me and my family off the subway train said in a form of a question, "Do you know that, not validating your ticket is a 'criminal' offense? Can you guess what my answer was? Your guess is as good as mine.

I have warned you many times about Cairo. And will continue warning you that an Egyptian pound is worth a fortune to most "business-minded" locals. If you are travelling by train from Cairo to Alexandria and you seem to forget which of the trains you should be taking, behold! - do not ask anyone going around near the trains posing as a dispatcher because if you do ask, which I did, you will pay a price for sure. Not a pound, not two - it's 10 Egyptian pounds. You don't want that to happen, do you? So, get on the train and ask other passengers. Most of them will give you an honest and friendly answer...for free. And, that is one of the things I am going to do on my next visit to Egypt. 

Does things like these happen to you while travelling? Tell us, let's learn from your experience.