Monday, 8 December 2014

Omar Oualili from Casablanca MOROCCO

38. Featured Traveller 

Omar Oualili

Student Traveller : Travel Blogger
(Casablanca, MOROCCO)

“Travel the world, country by country, city by city!” 

There are many exciting stories to discover about our 20-something lad from the Kingdom of Morocco. He obtained a French Baccalaureate two years ago and moved to the United Kingdom to study Accounting and Finance at the University of West London. 

Omar, at his young age has travelled to countries in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia. He will continue counting as he travel the world wherein Lebanon, Iceland, Montenegro, Greece and Azerbaijan are now high up on his list.

Omar in some of the countries he visited
Omar created a travel blog, In A City Near You, showcasing his stories, photos and videos of his trips. It is well-written and detailed that made it very interesting. Read his blog, you will be glad you did!

Although Omar have visited more than 30 countries as of this writing, he is highlighting his home town of Casablanca in particular and Morocco in general.

Truly you will learn a lot from a young man like Omar.  Read the full story and be inspired. If you are looking for travel tips, subscribe to his blog and follow him on Facebook.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Beasts of Boca de Guama

Written by Donna Cederstrand

Deep in the southwest of Cuba, near the Peninsula de Zapata, lays Boca de Guama, a tourist centre that is home to thousands of crocodiles. The crocodile farm is approximately 120 kilometres from Varadero, Cuba and is suggested to take less than 2 hours to travel there. This would be true if taking a tour bus excursion but driving by rental car is quite a challenge. Navigating road maps and coordinating them with dilapidated road signs means a 2-hour drive turns into 3 hours. Asking locals for directions is difficult due to the language barrier but it adds to the excitement and unknown that comes along with travelling to foreign countries.

We pull into the parking lot at Boca de Guama and are immediately hit with the stifling heat. It's just before noon and the sun is hot and air is humid, making beads of sweat break out along my forehead. The place appears to be deserted other than a few employees milling about in the shade. But the experience will be anything but desolate.

Along the pathway, we stop to visit turtles, iguanas and tree rats; a delight for my young daughter who is now chasing chickens around on the grass. We wonder where the crocodiles are and make jokes about them jumping out of the swamps that surrounds us. It's peaceful and beautiful with palm trees littered here and there, the river and mangroves to our right and up ahead... a sign indicating the entrance to the crocodile farm.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

20 Places That Will Take Your Breath Away

Written by JP Chartier

The following 20 places are so beautiful that just looking at pictures of them have been known to cause a quickened heartbeat, sweaty brow, drooling and a wanderlust that can be nearly impossible to contain! 
Consider yourself warned..
Chittorgarh Fort INDIA
Built in the 7th century A.D. the fort is dotted with a series of historical palaces, gates, temples and two prominent commemoration towers which have inspired the imagination of tourists and writers for centuries.
Chittorgarh Fort, India
Chittorgarh Fort INDIA