Monday, 10 August 2015

Hanne Hellvik of Cochabamba BOLIVIA

41. Featured Traveller 

Hanne Hellvik
Blogger : Traveller  
(Cochabamba, BOLIVIA)

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list 

Hanne is just one of the most patient persons I have known on the web.  She is a twenty-something traveller from Norway who likes meeting people in every place she visits. She wants to learn about each and everyone's culture and tradition, their stories and more importantly, she has the desire to be a part of their lives. 

Though she does not have so much money to use in her travels, she will continue visiting countries of Belize, Honduras and Mexico, not to mention her big dream to see more of East Europe and first visit to Cambodia and Vietnam.

Budget and planning for a trip is something that Hanne consider very important to be able to cut cost of her travels. She usually live with the locals, which is most of the time, with free accommodation, food and transportation. With her experiences, she still believe that there are many kind people around the world who welcomes and open their doors to strangers like her. It's amazing!

Her advice is to rely on the locals, not on travel books. "Ask only the local people about their culture and their way of life. Interact with them, ask for the best and safe place to go. No one knows their country and culture better than the people living and growing up in it", she says.

The above information is to sum up our featured traveller's mission while travelling. In her website, Places, People, Stories, she blogs for tips on how to deal with the local people and she will tell you why planning a trip makes you happier than actually taking one. Contact Hanne if you want to know more. Find out where her mission takes her.

Friday, 7 August 2015

How To Negotiate a Taxi and Auto- Rickshaw Fares in India

Written by Rohit Agarwal

Taxi and Auto-Rickshaw (often shortened to just "auto") is the most popular mode of transport in getting around the city, especially for tourists. You must exercise caution and keep informed before you hire any of these modes of transport. The drivers often quote unreasonably high prices to foreign travellers or simply include unnecessary extras making travel rather inconvenient. To save yourself from these problems, you need to be careful about certain things. Here are some of the tips to help you...

Auto Rickshaw : Photo Credit - Terry Whalebone - CC by 2.0
Your first time:

  1. You need to hire a taxi or an auto from the airport that will take you to the hotel. It is at the airport and in major tourist spots that you can find prepaid taxi or auto counters.
  2. At these counters, you can pay in advance for your destination and wait in the queue for the next available taxi or auto. These counters have fixed fare charts for your reference and you need not pay the driver any extra penny.
  3. If you wish to have a brief stop on your way to your hotel, it is better to discuss and arrange with the driver and the counter representative so that no extras will be charged to you.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Kellen James of Shanghai CHINA

40. Featured Traveller 

Kellen James

TESOL Teacher : Science and P.E. Teacher : Traveller  
(Shanghai, CHINA)

“A beer at every destination is quite a sensation; it causes a creation of massive amounts of elation ” 

Kellen is an example of a happy-go-lucky type of person. A young man who appreciates anything and anyone while on a journey. Very easy going!

Flag of the People's Republic of China
When asked of his favourite destination, he did not give a direct answer, instead, he expressed his love of the diversity and uniqueness of each individual places.

Although the question seems tough and not easy for him to share, he did a revelation about Barcelona to be truly unforgettable with Japan South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil to be his next to explore.

Kellen likes to save money that made him do most of the walking. "There are many cities especially in Europe that offer free walking tours. Most importantly for walking... get a hostel in the city centre even if it's a bit more expensive. Budgeting is huge. Planning is...secondary. I like to save money whenever I can. I've found that the biggest money saver is to buy pregame drinks at the supermarket. If you haven't figured that one out yet, consider yourself a travel noob", he said. As for planning, "I have a general idea of what I want to do in certain locations, but I'm always open to improvisation for new plans. If you get too stucked to the textbook, you can miss some cool stuff because of blinders you're wearing", he concluded.

If you want to read and discover more of his escapades in countries like England, Thailand, Laos, United Arab Emirates, Scotland, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Greece, France, The Netherlands, United States of America, Canada, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Aruba, visit his blog, Kellen James Travel. Simply say hello. You will be glad you did! 

Important Note: Kellen moved to China very recently, His travel blog and other social media pages will be inactive temporarily. 

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Keith Yuen of Singapore SINGAPORE

39. Featured Traveller 

Keith Yuen

Manager Travel Blogger & Photographer : Traveller  
(Singapore, SINGAPORE)

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” 

Flag of Singapore
Keith, though very humble, is an epitome of a person with good taste and a perfect example of a traveller who appreciates anything and anyone while on a journey. 

When asked of his favourite destination, he did not give a direct answer, instead, he expressed his love of the diversity and uniqueness of each individual places.

Although the question seems tough and not easy for him to share, he sub-categorized some of the places that leave him unforgettable experiences.

Beach: Philippines, Greece and Thailand
Citylife: New York City, Singapore and Copenhagen & Stockholm
Landscape: Iceland, Norway and China
People Friendliness: Danish, Filipinos, Germans and Burmese
Road Trip: Australia, Canada and United States of America
Waterfall: Victoria Falls, Iguazu Falls* and Skogafoss
Wildlife: Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa

* Haven't visited Iguazu Falls. Next on his bucket list

A Glimpse of my journey in Foreign Land and Sea
Keith is just one of our young featured travellers. A long list of countries he has explored over the years is an inspiration to travellers his age and the young once as well. He opt not to mention one by one but rather invite you to visit his blog, travel inspiration 360 where you will discover the details of his journey. His blog is only four months on the web and have been receiving numerous positive feedback and encouragement since the very start. His most viral article reaches over 70,000 readers covering the controversial stereotyped Filipino people. I admire him to the max for writing about the misconception about the Philippines. I am so proud of Keith, not only because my origin is the Philippines, but for being honest and with an open mind and heart for the Filipinos. Read his article, it's truly an inspiration. No wonder, it's viral!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

20 Ways to Piss Off Hotel Staff

Written by JP Chartier

What is it about hotels that bring out the worst in people? Having worked in the hotel industry for over three years I can tell you first-hand that there are those individuals who are intent on making the over worked hotel staff miserable.
Hotel staff understand that you have been cooped up in a car driving all day, or have been in an airplane for a number of hours before arriving at the hotel for check in, but do yourself a favour and try to be nice and respectful, don’t take it out on the staff, if you do, you will most likely lose out in the end.

If its your thing to piss people off and you happen to be in a hotel, here are 20 Ways To Piss Off the Hotel Staff:
1. Get upset that your room isn’t ready yet, even though you arrived early.
2. Assume all hotel staff know how to do all hotel jobs.
3. Order room service items that aren’t on the room service menu.
4. Threaten staff with a bad internet review.