Thursday, 12 January 2017

43. Featured Traveller 
Cameron Cobb

Food & Travel Blogger : Administrator - Social Work : Traveller  
(Arizona, USA)
Where Will I Eat Next 

Our friend Cameron has been travelling for many years and this time, we are highlighting his journey for the entire year.  Let's join him in exploring the culinary world and making friends with people he meets along the way. Whether it is street food or incredible dishes from a budget restaurant, he always find ways to make sure it is within his budget and at affordable prices. 

Travelling for one year to eat and learn the local food? How does it sounds to you?

Cam knows very well that a year of travelling needs careful planning, budgeting and managing finances to cut cost. "Budget is almost always a leading factor for travel", he says. Here are his tips on travel expenses on how he save, enjoy more and spend less.

Friday, 6 January 2017

5 Sports Destinations That Are Worth the Trip

Written by Jason Gordon

It isn't uncommon for sports fans to brag about visiting every NFL stadium or going to all of their favourite team's road games. However, you can be a dedicated fan even if you don't spend thousands of dollars to attend professional sporting events.

What are the five of the best cities to visit if you want to see the important sites on the professional sports landscape?

  • You Have to Spend Time in Boston

Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that Boston is home to many iconic teams. While there, you have to visit Fenway Park for a Red Sox game or Gillette Stadium to watch Tom Brady and the Patriots. The Boston Celtics also have a championship pedigree dating back to the 1960s while the Bruins are routinely in the hunt for a Stanley Cup.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Romantic Wedding Destinations in India

Written by  Rohit Agarwal

Choosing a quaint, romantic, and exotic destination for your wedding should be an important part of your wedding plan, to make the event memorable, loving and priceless. The romantic wedding destinations in India make your wedding look like a fairy tale event.

India has a passionate wedding point for every kind of emotion and feeling. 

We bring to you a handpicked collection of the romantic wedding destinations in India.  These places have the natural richness, artistic wonders, and a timeless exotic charm, for you to celebrate and relish the magical wedding moment here.

Find out how romantic your wedding will be. Make a choice between the 6 equally ideal wedding destinations in India.

  1. Goa
Photo by belyakovacat, CC0 1.0

The fascinating Portuguese architecture, and the charming Goa beaches make weddings in Goa truly enjoyable, heartening and beautiful for the memories to store and relish for a long time.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

What to Expect in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve

Written by: Freddie Miranda

Are you looking for an escape from a laid-back environment in the New Year? And you want to party all night until the clock strikes at 12 midnight?

If your answer is yes, then, Las Vegas New Year's Eve celebration can provide you with a world-class venue that are known to delight visitors. That means, a celebration for you and your kids.

Three nights to a week is enough to fully enjoy this vibrant city, in the middle of the desert. You will enjoy the festive season, the casinos and your most favourite entertainment shows on the Strip.

Las Vegas continues to be a place for casinos, but it doesn't mean that it is exclusively for nightlife entertainment. It is no longer an adults-only playground, so you do not leave your kids behind. Las Vegas is rapidly becoming a kid-friendly destination suitable for all ages.

Worried about how to entertain your kids in Las Vegas?  Worry no more!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Juan Gallardo about MYANMAR

42. Featured Traveller 
Juan Gallardo

Financial Controller: Author : Traveller  
(Seville, SPAIN)
“ Explore. Dream. Discover ” 

Myanmar Travel Essentials

Juan, our featured traveller from Seville (Spain), is passionate about Myanmar and wants to share the beauty of this country through Culture, People & Food.

It is with great pleasure, to have our friend who hails from Spain, to be a part of this blog. We will treasure it! A native of Seville, who currently lives and works in Yangon, Myanmar.

And, what is the story behind his fondness of a Southeast Asian country named Myanmar? How it started, we'll find out.