The Disney World of Orlando ~ A Good Place to Get Together!

Today, I am writing again about the beautiful holiday spot in the United States.  It is inspiring to blog about a trip that involves the enjoyment of the whole family.  A trip to a family-friendly environment, I should say.

It is entirely magical. Yes, it is!  The Disney World of Orlando is such a magic place to parents, grandparents, and children - to the young ones and to the young once as well. For the kids, Disney World is what they are always dreaming of.

One summer, my family travels from Toronto to Orlando.

The main purpose of our trip is to explore the Disney World alone. It is surprising that each time we are holidaying in one place, more often than not, we go beyond the place we have agreed to visit. I guess this is due to the fact that we always want to see as many attractions as we can, obviously, Orlando is not an exception. It is indeed a good decision because the city has so much to offer.


18 To Do List Before Leaving your Home for a Trip

There are important things to remember when you are going on a trip.

For frequent travellers, this is a routine and will serve as a reminder. For the benefit of you, our readers, who are starting to travel or first time travellers, make this checklist handy.

You will never go wrong if you do this assignment before stepping out of your home for a journey.

1. Clear answering machine and voice mail. This will leave no trace of your activities.
2. Empty refrigerator. Avoid spoiled food left in the fridge for longer
3. Unplug appliances. It is best to unplug, if at all possible.


Ruxandra Ioana Marinescu of Brussels BELGIUM

24. Featured Traveller 

Ruxandra Ioana Marinescu
Student : Fashion Blogger : Traveller 

(Brussels, BELGIUM)
Whatever happens, remember that you're on vacation”

We are now going around the world through the travellers that we feature. This time we have Ruxandra who lives in Brussels to study and make waves with her passion in fashion. She is originally from Romania and has travelled to different countries like Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Cyprus, France, Holland and Egypt. When asked about her future travel plans, she said her next trip will be to the USA, Thailand, Dominican Republic and Portugal. And take note, USA is her favourite destination!

Ruxandra believes that budgeting while on a trip is very vital. "I can't really manage to cut cost while on a trip. I tend to spend more on shopping for clothes so I must know some numbers before I go on a journey", she says. Good deals and beautiful photos on the web motivates her to go on a trip. Cheaper tour packages to beautiful destinations fascinate her. She thinks that it is a good opportunity to see as many places while she can.


Top 10 Destinations to Visit in U.K.

Written by Alicia Avory

Many people choose UK to enjoy a wonderful holiday experience.  From the Isles of Scilly to the city of Liverpool, visiting your favourite spots in the United Kingdom is easy when you have the money to travel. Here is our list to top ten places to visit in the United Kingdom.

10. Isles of Scilly

Shortly after the end of the Ice Age, Mesolithic hunters and gatherers started inhabiting the area on a seasonal basis. The first permanent inhabitants built over 80 amazing Bronze Age entrance graves.

The best time to visit the Isles of Scilly is in late April and early May as the wildflowers are in full bloom adding to the beauty of these five islands.


Tours of Different Themes to Enjoy in Malaysia

Written by Amrita Barnwal 

Malaysia is a beautiful holiday destination that offers several opportunities of fun and entertainment for its visitors. Ranging from shopping to sightseeing and from enjoying outdoor sports to enthrall with the outstanding views of its surroundings. Malaysia offers plenty of things that can make your holidays truly memorable in every sense.