From Globetrotter to Backpacker: Tips For Your First Outdoor Expedition

Written by Julien Heron & Gaby Pilson

For many of us, traveling is an addiction. The more we travel, the more we want to get out and explore.

If you’ve spent quite a bit of time living out of a suitcase, however, you may find that you’re interested in getting a bit further off the beaten path, perhaps on a backpacking or trekking trip.

Going from globetrotter to backpacker, though, can seem like a daunting task, so it’s important that you know what you’re getting into before you head off into the great outdoors. To get you started, here are our top tips for making the most of your first outdoor expedition.

1. Plan Ahead And Be Prepared

Although experienced travelers can often string together a fantastic metropolitan getaway at a moment’s notice with relative ease, you’ll want to put a bit more effort into planning your first backpacking trip.


Where on Earth can you find Puerto Princesa

This blog was previously published on Terra Incognita whose mission is to empower a global community that travels for good. 

It is an honour to be invited to compete in the Travel Blogger of the Year 2020. The submission of entries has ended. Voting and judging of blogs are on-going.

I chose a story about Puerto Princesa in the island of Palawan.  A wonder that can be found only in the Philippines. Please read my entry and Vote.

My story begins...

I find myself in the roof deck restaurant sipping a local mango juice. Puerto Bay is very visible. It is a good view as I watch people stroll along the boardwalk.
The best island hopping happens. I use a motorboat with a guide and see the white sand beaches in Honda Bay.