Jessica Hill of Oregon USA

36. Featured Traveller 

Jessica Hill
Writer : Teacher : Student : Traveller 
(Oregon, USA)
“Believe there is good in the world.” 
― Buddha

Welcome Miss Adventure. Yes, Jessica is an adventurer. Teaching English in Asian countries is one of the ways she has explored the differences in customs, traditions, and mannerisms around her. 

Jessica hails from Oregon, USA, but is currently living in Fort Collins in Colorado, USA. She's been in and out of the country to teach English in countries where she can stay longer and be a part of the community. She would recommend it to those with a little sense of adventure and a laid back attitude. "There'll be no regrets", she says.

Though the entire world is on her bucket list, Jessica has already explored countries, like Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, China, Hong Kong and Korea. There isn't anywhere that doesn't interest her, at least a little, and she has Peru, Argentina, Iceland, Cuba, Nepal and Tibet on top of her wish list.

Jessica is inspired by anything new and different from her own norm, but what keeps her motivation running is the special encounters with locals that prove how many good people there are in this world, over and over again.

Now, let us hear from Jessica what she has to say. For I am sure, her story will be an inspiration to her fellow travellers and the readers, in general.

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My travel story? Well, MissAdventure Travel started when…

You know, I have no idea when it all started. Was it the trips to Disneyland and Disneyworld my parents took us on as kids? Was it my first backpacking adventure, across Europe, or the study abroad one to follow? Was it my first solo experience, to teach abroad in Thailand? Surely, all have played their part, and I’d argue each has taught me something new to love about travel.

It’s no secret to anyone who follows my blog that I’m a wee bit obsessed. Travel is my lifeline, my drug. Even though I’m currently holed up in lovely Fort Collins, Colorado, USA while I work toward another bucket list item – a M.A. degree in English/Creative Nonfiction – I dream of escape daily. I’m new to Colorado, however, so even my weekend escapades to snowshoe or hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, or to snowboard Steamboat Springs keep me exploring new lands, meeting new people.

I won’t lie though. As much as I love exploring my own backyard, it’s international travel that fuels my inspiration. Seeing new lands so very different from my own, meeting locals with extreme religious devotions, who speak different languages, who have everything or who have nothing, who let me see a glimpse of their lives…these are the experiences I crave.