Ireland: Some West Coast Highlights

Written by Kate Power

If you’ve always imagined Ireland as a mythical place with rolling hills and rugged mountains, a new tour route called the Wild Atlantic Way will prove it. It’s a long distance drive that stretches right down the west coast of Ireland. Over 1500 miles from Malin Head in County Donegal in the North to Kinsale in County Cork in the South, taking in cliffs and beaches, ancient sites, modern sports, the heartiest food and the best pint of Guinness. Here are a couple of our picks along the coast for holidays in Ireland. 

Dungloe, County Donegal

Steeped in absolute natural beauty, Dungloe in County Donegal is pretty close to heaven on earth. The intensely rugged coastline is totally unspoilt. Walk the soft sands of Cloughglass Beach and soak up the view over the wild Atlantic Ocean. Visit Mount Errigal only 30 minutes’ drive from Dungloe and a great choice for hiking and walking fans.

County Donegal : Photo Credit: mjmkeating
Clifden, County Galway

Head down the coast via Sligo before you hit County Galway. It’s good for foodies, for nature lovers or aspiring musicians. There is something for everyone in Galway. Take in the Galway Food Festival or the Clarinbridge Oyster Fest. One of our favourite things to do is a visit to the beautiful Aran Islands, just off the coast. This isn’t the island hopping you might be used to. Grab a rental bike and soak up gorgeous views, amazing historic sites and lots of fun on the ‘Islands of Saints and Scholars.’ Head into Galway City where you will find the perfect pint of Guinness in a traditional pub like Tigh Neachtains. Galway City is home to some of the best live traditional music too and Tigh Coili or Monroe’s have lively trad nights most days of the week.


Join Me for a Taste of Punjabi Culture

Written by Angel de la Flor

A trip to India was one of the craziest experiences I have had in any country. I was one of the delegates from several countries to participate in the International Youth Peace Festival (IYPF). One of the organizers approached me to become a part of the cultural fashion show. I went with other five representatives from China, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan and experienced the unique way of the Punjabi culture.

I was dressed in a traditional Indian wedding attire as a woman participant in my own mock wedding ceremony. I was so fascinated with the traditional Punjabi wedding dress, Lehenga, and all parts of being dressed up.  How can I forget the students who did the magic of making me look like a real Indian bride. To complete the preparation, one of them painted Mehndi on my palm, a ceremonial art decorated to a bride’s hands, arms and feet. These young women really did an awesome job.