How to Enjoy Sabah in a Day

Written by Shaiya Ong

Sabah is the island paradise of any diving enthusiasts, but what if you wish to visit the region but is not interested about diving? Is there another way in which you can enjoy it?  

Most definitely! The allure of Sabah does not only rest in its diving spot, but its flora, fauna, and rich culture. You may wish to make a reservation at the best five star hotel in the island, because this will ultimately make your stay a memorable one. Moreover, it will give you easier access to the following must see destinations in the region.


15 Friendliest Countries revealed. Are they really that friendly?

Friendly People of Austria
Once again, the World's Friendliest Countries has been released for 2012.  While I quite agree with the results, am just not sure for the rankings that these countries got out of the 15. I have visited 10 of the countries listed and yes, most of them do deserve the honour. They are indeed friendly. I have not been to Cayman Islands, Spain, Bermuda, South Africa and Mexico, so I cannot talk about them in this blog.  

In my opinion, the countries  who should get the Top 5 Friendliest spots are: (1) New Zealand (2) Canada (3) Australia (4) Malaysia  (5) United States.  The rankings I have here is based solely on my travel experiences to these countries; pleasing local people, polite, helpful, honest and welcoming.