20 Ways to Piss Off Hotel Staff

Written by JP Chartier

What is it about hotels that bring out the worst in people? 

Having worked in the hotel industry for over three years I can tell you first-hand that there are those individuals who are intent on making the over worked hotel staff miserable.
Hotel staff understand that you have been cooped up in a car driving all day. 

Or have been in an airplane for a number of hours before arriving at the hotel for check in. 

But do yourself a favour and try to be nice and respectful, don’t take it out on the staff, if you do, you will most likely lose out in the end.

If its your thing to piss people off and you happen to be in a hotel, here are 20 Ways To Piss Off the Hotel Staff:
1. Get upset that your room isn’t ready yet, even though you arrived early.
2. Assume all hotel staff know how to do all hotel jobs.
3. Order room service items that aren’t on the room service menu.
4. Threaten staff with a bad internet review.
5. Be in a hurry.
6. Stock-pile room keys because you keep leaving them in the room.
7. Argue at checkout that you didn’t order that x rated movie, and refuse to pay for it.
8. Leave all your luggage and personal items strewn all over the bed, so when the maid comes in to clean your room, they have to take everything off the bed first.
9. Call the front desk at checkout time and request a late checkout.
10. Bring a hot plate and cook in your room.
11. Don’t tip the bellman after he helped you take your bags to the room. 
12. Give a bad review of the hotel without first consulting the staff about the problems you had.
13. Be rude.
14. Blow a minor problem all out of proportion and then demand something for free.
15. Talk on your phone while checking in.
16. Yell at staff in another language.
17. Let your kids run wild in the hotel and then act like it’s their problem.
18. Demand free stuff.
19. Steal from the mini bar and then deny it at checkout.
20. First postpone your arrival, then later cancel it altogether.

Remember, if you are rude and ask for directions, you are most likely going to get the wrong directions. 

Being demanding and mean during check-in will ensure you get the crappy room, like the one near the noisy elevator or how about the one above the loud bar. Disgruntled guests will be made to wait longer. 

Want your credit card frozen? 

Piss off the check in clerk and they can put a large hold on your card rendering it unusable for future purchases, then it’s a major hassle getting the bank to unfreeze it, and  by the time you figure out what happened, you will have wasted much time and endured much grief, what to do? 

Be nice! 
Like my father always used to tell me, “Son, you never want to anger the hotel staff, and you never, ever want to piss off the cook or your waitress.”

So, unless you enjoy a cold shower in the morning, or don’t mind crying babies in the room next to yours, you should probably be kind and respectful to those that check you in, clean your room, cook your food or pour your drinks, because its YOU who will usually lose out in the end :)
Do you have a crazy hotel story? 

Have you witnessed rudeness? 

Or have you yourself been naughty? 

Please share what happened with everyone in the comments section below.
Author Bio:
JP Chartier is my name and I write for Gutter Pup where you can expect to read well-written and entertaining articles about the people and places that often get overlooked at many popular vacation destinations around the world.

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  1. Great article, my sister has worked in hotels and I have heard horrible stories of rude people.


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