How to Make Your Family Getaway Memorable

Written by Cloe Matheson
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Whether young or old, we all dream about going on one of those picture-perfect family getaways that promises a million kodak moments. Although, as a parent, you may have had a few less-than-golden experiences of holidaying with the kids - don't let that ruin your belief in a fun family vacation. Here are six brief tips to make your getaways more memorable and enjoyable for the entire family. 

1. Go Slow

Firstly, try not to rush. This goes not only for individual activities, but also for your general mindset regarding the holiday. We, as parents, tend to make life more difficult for ourselves by either trying to pack too many activities and pit-stops into each day or by rushing through the holiday because we're eager to get back to pressing work matters or other pressures of daily life.

However, you might be surprised at how it can affect your kids enjoyment. Remedy this by establishing a relaxed and invigorated mood even before you set off on holiday (families who are excited about their trip reportedly enjoy it over 70% more).

2. Take care of, as much as you can, from home

We've all heard it before, but it's the mundane paperwork - plane and bus tickets, accommodation and car bookings, and the like - which can take away from creating great memories a holiday. Leave as much time as you can for family fun by organizing these logistical matters far in advance, so that once you clock out for vacation, you can enter into full holiday mood.

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3. Make simplicity your guiding principle

Families who opt to holiday in a rural or beachside destination tend to have a much more memorable time than those who choose getaways in big cities. By vacationing in nature, your kids can experience the unique topography of a new country or region (as opposed to the same kinds of chain brands and industrial buildings they'd see in big cities). Immersing yourself in nature will allow you to get back to basics as a family unit: run or walk barefoot along the sand, and just enjoy being together.

4. Unless your kids have a specific site or place in mind

As your kids grow up and begin to learn about world history and culture in school, you might think about planning your next getaway around a visit to one of the sites they've learnt about (think Shakespeare's Globe or the Great Barrier Reef).

This is a great way to involve your children in holiday planning and is bound to make their experience one that they won't forget. They could even discover their future career choice in the process!

5. If you can, visit family

You know the saying: it's not where you are, it's who you're with. If possible, pick a vacation spot close to family. Even something as simple as cooking with a much-loved but rarely-seen godmother or going to see a local sports game with a cousin can become some of the fondest holiday memories with your kids - and you might be able to sort out free accommodation as well.

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6. Whip the camera out at every opportunity

It's been scientifically proven that if you capture your holiday with photographs, you'll remember it up to 40% better than if you didn't bring along a camera. Your children will be so glad that you captured photos when they grow into adults, so get your snap on! Better yet, arm your children with a camera and see what master stills they can capture during your days away.

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