Review : Egypt Air Ground Staff ~ A Nightmare!

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It was the worst that happened on my 4-country tour. My trip to Greece, Turkey and Cyprus were almost all hassle-free. The incident that happened at the Check-in Counter in Cairo International Airport - Terminal 1 is something that I cannot easily forget.

We arrived at Terminal 1 only over an hour before our flight due to the negligence of the hotel driver taking us to the wrong Terminal 2, and the inefficiencies of the EgyptAir Office Staff also in Terminal 2.  Now I am in a long queue in Terminal 1 holding my/our confirmed flights. Gave it to one of the ground staff at the check-in counter when I had my turn. I also gave our
passports and all our Aeroplan cards. He entered all the information and handed me our boarding passes. Although we are in a hurry to go for immigration formalities, I checked our boarding passes for correctness. There was a mistake! The staff changed our confirmed seat . They put my daughter on a seat at the back very far from us. I told him about it and asked to give back our confirmed seats. What he did....he gave it to the other ground staff on the next counter and the guy there pass it to the next and ended up to the hands of the supervisor. The supervisor said to wait for few minutes as they will fix it, which happened to be 30 minutes. Do you think it happened....No, it didn't!

I was the third one arguing with the EgyptAir Ground Staff. Before us, there was an older guy and another older husband and wife yelling for some reason regarding their checking in. I have been flying via EgyptAir several times years ago and have high regard for this airline.

Why is the customer service went down that low. Full of inaccuracies. I wrote the Chairman of Egyptair in Cairo to report the incident for remedial measures. EgyptAir representative wrote back after a month and promised it will not happen again. How can I be sure it is not happening again? Do I write them again and ask for feedback? Do you have any suggestion so that same incident can be minimized, if not eliminated?

Category: Airport
Name of Transport: EgyptAir
Address: Cairo International Airport

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  1. The sure thing to do for avoiding such disappointing situations is NOT to fly EgyptAir again.

    1. Being the third person in a queue having a disagreement with the EgyptAir check-in counter staff is intolerable. It's an indication that there is something wrong with their procedure. I don't think I am flying with this airline again, not unless a fellow traveller would tell me that this airline changed for the better.


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