Montreal is One of Canada's Best Cities

I have explored the city of Montreal a couple of times. It is pretty cool out there.

Come with me and let us re-visit the largest french-speaking city.

Montreal is situated in the south of Canada’s Quebec province and framed between its famed peak, Mont Royal and the St Lawrence River, located only 37 miles (60 km) from the country’s border with the U.S.A. If you are travelling to the U.S., you may want to come by in this Canadian city.

Notre Dame Cathedral of Montreal
Montrealers speak French at home but language is not a hindrance to enjoy your stay as most locals also speak the English language.

Montreal has its multicultural population just like Toronto, however, it has much to offer for tourists in the form of more than 30 treasure filled museums, year round cultural events and festivals like the Fête des Neiges, the International Jazz Festival and the Film Festival.

Like any urban metropolis, Montreal offers shopping opportunities like Crescent Street for hip boutiques and cafes, Rue Sherbrooke for luxury goods stores, art galleries and the famed Holt Renfrew department store, and the Rue Ste-Catherine and Rue St-Paul in Vieux-Montreal. If your visit to Montreal is to shop, the excellent venue is in Rue Saint-Catherine. It is over 11 kilometres long so you can imagine that there is a lot going on in this street.  That would mean you will have a lot of walking and spending to do.

Let's go walk to the underground pathways within the city centre. that extend over 18.5 miles and host offices, apartment buildings, stores, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, concert halls and metro stations. This subterranean city shields both locals and visitors from the cold winter as it renders the city accessible during the harsh climate.

Old Town Montreal
If you are concerned about the environment and passionate about living ‘green’ then Montreal’s famous attraction the Biosphere should be regarded as a must do on your itinerary. The Biosphere includes displays that highlight the effect of fluctuating water levels on humankind amongst other interactive exhibits that aim to make the visitor aware of the major environmental issues that plague us today.

The highly interactive exhibits are sure to interest children as well and a visit to the Biosphere can make for an enjoyable family outing during your vacation in Montreal.

Montreal’s summer park was built when the city hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 1976. It is a popular venue for concerts and ball games. The Olympic Stadium offers stunning vistas of Montreal and its environs.

St Joseph Oratory Montreal
Visiting Saint Joseph's Oratory is a great experience for Roman Catholics. It also attracts other faiths due to its historical and architectural significance not to mention the large dome and its cross which is the highest point in the city of Montreal.

The activity that is worth indulging in Montreal is hiking to the summit of the city's famous Mount Royal to take in the gorgeous vistas of the city skyline. Walking to the top of the over 200-metre tall peak is pleasant enough on summer months as it become a hub of activity with live entertainment.  Walking tours of the park and its many attractions are suitable for both children and adults and conducted in both French and English.

Though Jean-Talon Market caters mostly to locals than tourists, it is a good place for visitors for an authentic market experience. To go there by subway, get off at Jean-Talon train station and see signs that read "Marche' Jan-Talon".  It is at 7070 Henri-Julien St., south of Jean-Talon. There are other markets in the Montreal area; Atwater Market, Maisonneuve Market and Lachine Market.

Colourful Cauliflower at Jean-Talon Market in Montreal
Other attractions in Montreal that you may want to explore with me are Biodome, Old Montreal, Botanical Garden located in downtown Montreal near the Biodome and Olympic Park, Le Ronde Six Flags Amusement Park, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Montreal Summit to have a good view of the city.

Coming to Montreal is convenient either by bus, by train, or by air. Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport is connected to the city centre by way of a shuttle bus and cabs which serves most the city's downtown hotels.

Most visitors who come on vacation in Montreal choose to avail of its public transport system rather than rent a car. The traffic conditions in the city are not the most ideal as the city's streets are often congested and gridlock with traffic. That makes navigating its streets quite challenging for a visitor.

Montreal has a wide variety of restaurants that offer fine French dining as well as native Quebecoise comfort eats like Poutine, fries with gravy and Pizzaghetti, obviously, is a pizza topped with spaghetti. You may want to try SchwartzDeli's delicious smoked meat sandwiches. Find it at Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

Tell me if you have visited Montreal? If not, do you want to come and join us?  What is your favourite place here? Give me some recommendation as I might have missed important information here. Post a comment.

I hope you enjoyed our tour of the city of Montreal. Merci beaucoup.

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  1. No doubt Montreal is one of the best city for visiting. Many people came here some for vacation, some for business purpose and anything else. You have greatly explained about this city that it attract everyone to come here. And there are every facilities for the visitors are provided like staying arrangement, and what else they want.


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