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Written by Sarah Crompton
Rome is the Italian capital and one of the most affordable places to visit.  It is a city full of cultural history that dates back to 753 BC. Getting around by foot in Rome is easy as the city is divided in clear blocks.

Affordable accommodation in Rome

Affordable hotels and hostels are available with no compromise to tranquility and comfort. Many are located near popular attraction sites and public transport networks. Travellers wishing to travel cheap in groups have been considered in many of these establishments.

There are numerous hostel that offer modern facilities such as theme parties, free WiFi connection, swimming pools, jacuzzis, beach volley ball and poolside bars with DJs.  Some pleasant examples  are: Plus Roma, The Youth Station Hostel, Hotel Kennedy and Des Artistes.

Attractions in Rome

The attractions in Rome are numerous as can be discerned from its architecture which is filled with history and culture making it the most beautiful ancient city in the world. Most of them don't charge admission fees. Some of these are: The St. Peter Basilica, Chapel of Art Gallery, the Fountain, the flight of stairs and the public square, The Capitoline Museum and the Piazza del Campidoglio public square.

Watch a match between the A.S. Roma and S.S. Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico, the Pantheon, Rome Time Machine, The Teatro dell'Opera di Roma.

Shopping in Rome

Back packers have a wide variety of shopping venues to choose from that are strewn all over the city streets.  These include the shopping gallery at the Galleria Alberto Sordi building and the streets where the Via Veneto and Via del Babuino buildings are located. These offer shops, bookstores and boutiques.

Finding affordable food in Rome

Eateries in Rome for backpackers are plenty.

These offer delicious Italian and international cuisine at affordable rates. Eateries in Rome for backpackers are plenty with examples like: Navonna Notte, Piazza san Callisto, Aristocampo, Il Simeto, Sfizio pizza and Birrera peroni.

Pubs and hangout places in Rome

Nightlife in Rome is active with many pubs that offer back packers ideal spots to enjoy their evenings.

A lot of tourist organizations organize events known as Pub Crawls which offer opportunities to meet other tourists from the world over while unwinding at the comfort of a good drink.

Good example of affordable pubs in Rome are . . . 

Anima, Scholars Lounge, the Drunken Ship, Sloppy Sam's, La Botticella, Friends Art Cafe, the cheap bar, Shanti, Trinity College, Alexanderplatz and Metaverso.

For those who do not partake in clubbing or alcohol intake, the city offers spectacular views from the lighting of the churches and monuments. These are splendid leisure walking opportunities and photography moments for visitors to take home.

Travelling to Rome from outside countries is easy as there are numerous airports that have daily flights to the city.

Rome has an elaborate transport system that is composed of trains, buses and taxi cabs.

Author Bio: 
Sarah has a keen interest in developing a career in writing and enjoy articles relating to travel, health and technology.  She is a professional accountant but  has now ventured into writing because of the enormous exposure this field offers.


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