A Review: One of Those Things Not to Do in Rome

This is one of those things that we have to be aware when travelling. One of a series of observations and reviews on my trip to Rome in Italy.

The Do's and Don'ts I would say. There will be more coming after this.

Visiting Rome is a dream come true. 

You must be thinking only what has been written and what you have read in travel books and brochures. More often, you are collecting information about the things to do, must-see places and all the good things about Rome.

In this blog, you will get all the travel tips you need in each of the pages, whether good or bad. This writer believes that aside from preparing your itineraries, you need to do a research on what's going on in your destination, how to deal with the local people and what to do when you meet some kind of challenges. You cannot deny it, things happen at the least expected moment.

In Rome, the Victor Emmanuel II monument is one of those attractions that I do not want you to miss. A structure of white marble monument dominating the Piazza Venezia and overlooking great views of the city. In spite of its beauty, there is something you have to remember when you are climbing the famous steps.

This time, I have to say it the other way around.....

"When in Rome, Don't Do What the Roman's Don't!"

Yes, DON'T!. Do not make a mistake of sitting on the steps of the Victor Emmanuel II Monument no matter how tired climbing its large flight of stairs, or no matter how you feel it is more artistic taking pictures while sitting. 

On the contrary, the Italian military officers manning or safeguarding the monument think otherwise. They will ask you to move your **tt out of the steps. I have witnessed two incidents on a very short stay in this structure. For whatever reason, nobody knows.  I did not see any sign at the foot of the monument to this effect.  If there is, it should be posted on strategic location.  

In fairness to the officers and the regulations of the city, let us abide with the rules. I thought, maybe, standing in front of the monument where unknown soldiers tombs is being housed, will show our respect to them. You have no time to rest and sit. Your tour guide must have given or warned you on this.

Let us enjoy the Steps, and keep on standing!

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Freddie Miranda
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