Appreciate Art and Culture of New Zealand

Written by Brian Mcquillan

The beautiful country of New Zealand also possesses a wealth of cultural attractions with its great Maori culture, places of performing arts, museums and art galleries that makes it a perfect destination for art and culture buffs.

Tourists from around the world keep flocking to this destination to explore its various art and cultural offerings, though it is not the main achievement for this relatively young country on the map of the world.

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Here we acquaint you with the major art and culture destinations of the country.


Museum offers an authentic insight into the art and culture of the region, and museums in New Zealand are no exceptions. On their visit to these museums, the tourists can see the cultural and historical artefacts.

If you are interested to have a glimpse of the Maori and Polynesian culture, then Auckland Museum should be your pick where a large collection of artefacts are rearing to educate and entertain you.
Those who want a learning and interactive tour should visit Te Papa in Wellington. If you want a detailed understanding of the history of the South island, then Otego Museum in Dunedin should be your preferred destination.

In addition to this, there are several museums that evoke interest to tourists compelling them to board flight to New Zealand.

Art Galleries

The country of New Zealand is abuzz with art galleries that acquaint you with the creative side of this beautiful country.

Most of the prominent art galleries are situated in major cities that include Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin. On your visit to these galleries, you can come across the artworks of international, national and local artists.  Apart from appreciating the arts, you can also buy the artworks available at some galleries.

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Despite being a young country, New Zealand amazes tourists with its wealth of heritage. And tourists will be overwhelmed to see imposing mansions, breweries and old hotels.

The beautiful land of New Zealand is also home to some Victorian cities and Art Deco towns that transport you back in time.

If you want to get hold of early history of New Zealand, then you should visit Waitangi Treaty Grounds in far north where you can get a glimpse of Maori and European cultures.

Visit Auckland and you will find traces of colonial history in its old style houses. If you are still not satisfied, then you should visit Wellington old Government Buildings which are rearing to entertain you with its rare blend of architecture.

Maori Culture

No cultural tour of the country is said to be complete without having a peek into its Maori culture.

Maori are the indigenous people of the country who are living here for more than 1000 years and constitute 14% of the population. Their history, culture and tradition are major point of interest for visitors.

Visit a marae (tribal meeting grounds) to see their unique tradition in action. Auckland, Rotorua and Canterbury are major places from where you can get a guided tour to see the Maori culture.

With so much to see and do, the destination New Zealand overwhelm visitors with its wealth of cultural attractions making their trip an enriching experience.

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Brian is a writer by profession and a traveller by passion. He is a globetrotter who recently boarded business class flight for a family vacation. On return, he says that being more than a naturally beautiful country, New Zealand is also a culture buffs haven.

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