How to Pack, Save Space, Prevent Wrinkles and have a Safe Luggage

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Now that you have planned your trip, purchased a cheap airline ticket and have decided what to bring and what NOT to bring, here are better ideas on how you will pack your luggages, save space, prevent wrinkles and have a safe luggage.

Remember to bring small or travel sizes only.

How to Pack, Save Space, Prevent Wrinkles and have a Safe Luggage
Use these packing techniques to ensure that clothes will come out of your bag looking as presentable and as safe as possible. Read on....
  • Lay your suitcase flat, fully opened
  • Actually, there are only two things to remember when packing your luggage. Folding and rolling...or lay over as you deem fit. Period (.)
  • Remember that folded clothes are less likely to wrinkle but take more space
  • Remember that rolled clothes will wrinkle if done loosely. Roll it tightly and you surely save space
  • Fit rolled socks and undergarments into your shoes, then place the shoes at the bottom of the bag
  • Pack garments in plastic dry-cleaner bags or put layers of tissue paper between them
  • Lay long items such as slacks and dresses across the bags with the ends hanging over the sides
  • Place shorter pieces like shirts and blouses in the centre, then fold the ends of the longer garments back over them
  • If you have breakable or fragile items that you don't want in your carry-on bag, place them also at the centre of your check-in baggage on top of the heavy roll layer to protect them
  • Fill in corners with rolled underwear, rolled socks and rolled leggings.  Roll up also, garments such as pajamas and sweaters so that they fit along the sides
  • Put your suit and trousers lie flat at the very top of your luggage. Fold or put the sleeves on top, cover and fit the garterized belt
  • Make sure you can easily identify your luggage. Tie a ribbon, pom-pom or something that will make it stand out from others that look like yours
  • I use garter belt tied around my luggage for two reasons. One, to protect my bag from opening due to pressure. Two, I can easily spot my luggage in the baggage claim conveyor.
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