Street Hunt to Shop for Antique Beauty of Turkey

Written by Melody Cleo

There are several street hunts to do your shopping in Turkey. This Turkey’s Antique is likely to be narrower in the future due to increase of business owners in this trade who are closing up shop. The following are some of the remaining street hunt to shop in Turkey;

· Sofa
It is located on the Grand Bazaar. In fact it has all the qualities of antique shop with items showcasing beauty. Many people who have visited Istanbul and have seen this shop describe it as a museum rather than a shop. The only people who can purchase at this shop are those who are financially stable since the price of Russian and Greek pieces are high. The owner of this shop has built a collection of Islamic, Ottoman and Turkish arts that ranges from huge art books to Ottoman portraits and landscapes and to skilfully carved signet rings that contain maps of the area. No merchandise in this shop is cheap but the fact that it contains numerous collectors that venture to these parts pay a lot of reputation to this shop.

Sofa Antique Shop at Grand Bazaar in Istanbul TURKEY Photo Credit: The Guardian
· Art House
It is located proximal to numerous tourist traps in the Grand Bazaar. This shop was a secret place for those who were willing to purchase antique copper ware before the advent of tacky souvenir shops. It offers a range of antiquities. It consists goods like the water bowls that is used in the hamam and copper dishes.

· A La Turca
It has been designed to maintain the illusion of an Ottoman private which overflows with possessions. This is one of the greatest antique shops. This shop has kilims that are rolled up and stacked on shelves while tables overflow with the earthy colours of Turkish ceramics. Those ceramics that are green are from Adana and Tokat and yellow are from Balikesir.

A La Turca Antique Shop in Istanbul TURKEY Photo Credit: Architectural Digest
· Sivasli Istanbul Yazmacisi
This shop has walls which are lined with a rich kaleidoscope of antique and new, printed and woven fabrics from all over Turkey and central Asia. It consists of wonderful rolls of ikat that are tucked away in a black bin-liner under the desk. On the other hand the rolls of ikat are used to create good line Ottoman velvets and Traditional Turkish wood-block printed cloths.

· Nostalji Antik
This shop focuses on newish antiques from the mid-20th century and also art deco pieces. It consists of coffee tables, old Turkish chandeliers, armchairs and also vintage clothes that are occasionally jumbled together.

· Aslihan Pasaji
It is a large shop of second-hand bookshops hidden between the fish market and British consulate. The walls of this shop are lined with cases of Turkish rock and pop on vinyl. On the other hand it also contains many fantastic record shops with very irregular opening hours.

Have a good trip to Turkey. It is the best choice for people who are interested in learning literature and new culture. This is also a good place for those who collect vintages and other collector items.

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Melody Cleo is a passionate blogger from Turkey. In her free time, she writes articles on various topics such as technology, gadgets and travel. As of now, she is focusing on driving practical test, that will help you discover the vast culture of Turkey with your car for hassle-free driving.

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