How and Why is it Happening in Egypt

The Streets of Cairo

My advice to you: Don't ever drive a rented car in Cairo. It is dangerous for you as a tourist to drive on the street of this city.

I have seen a very heavy traffic and witnessed many reckless drivers. Mind you, traffic rules and regulations are not followed in the city and you will not see traffic lights and road signage even in strategic street that needs one.

The Street of Cairo

How to Go Around Cairo

Many places in Cairo are too historical to miss and to go around the city and its neighbouring towns, you can hire a private/rented car with a driver, a taxi, a boat, a mini bus or a tourist bus.

Hire a Car with a Driver

I suggest hiring a car with a local driver if you want to experience specific places. When you do this, make a clear arrangement on what you require and agree on the number of hours that you want to use the car. Name the places you want to see and hand the list to the driver. You better hire someone who speaks English so that he can also guide and give you brief explanation of a place you are visiting.

Tour Bus in Cairo

Better still, book for a tour bus if you want company of other tourists. There is so much to see in this Melting Pot of Ancient and Modern Egyptian civilization. The list goes on and on and on...... Some of them I listed for you to consider: *Antiquities Museum *Khan el-Khalili Bazaar *Citadel  *Nile River and the *Pyramids, and make sure these are included in the bus schedule of stops.

Tour Bus in Cairo

Do you Want to Take a Taxi in Cairo?

Seems to me that a Cairo taxi have different colours. I can see yellow, white and black & white, but the latter looks very popular especially in Giza City. If you are travelling to the Khan el-Khalili or any museum which is close or near your hotel, then I suggest you take a Black & White taxi.

Most taxi drivers are courteous and friendly -- though I guess quite a few are not. I used a private car with a driver cum tour guide during my stay in Cairo but I made use of the Black & White taxi quite a few times for short distances and to Cairo International Airport. Black & White taxi is inexpensive.

Taxi in Cairo

Ramses Train Station

I purchased my train ticket from this train station in Cairo a day before my trip to Alexandria. Not too many people are lined up. It is very easy to buy train tickets. The only not-so-good thing about coming to this station is to find a parking space. There is no spot to park the car although I chose to go there in the early evening.

Ramses Train Station in Cairo

The Ramses Railway Station is the main railway in Cairo and used to be called Misr Station. The building I posted here was built in 1892, so there is no point of wondering why it looks so old.  It is a huge building though.

Egypt Air -- "A Used to Be"

A "Used to Be", if you know what I mean! 

We fly via Egypt Air from Larnaca to Cairo and from Cairo to U.S.A.  But, flying with Egypt Air nowadays is a nightmare.

I used to fly with this airline countless of times before while I was working in the Middle East. It was always a pleasant trip. Ground and flight staff were personable and polite. Flight attendants have a very attractive uniform with a very unique headdress.

I did not see all these good qualities on my latest, and I guess the last, with EgyptAir. The pleasing personalities, the politeness and the excellent customer service are a "Used to Be." I cannot put the not-so-good experience in detail both during the flight and on the ground, as there are many, and it is hard to bear. I can't believe, until now, that I stayed at the Cairo Airport with my family for more than a day out of no fault of mine. I asked for hotel accommodation, but it did not happen. Obviously, it affected all my connecting flights.

I complained; both in person and in print. Do you think EgyptAir bothered solving the problem?

I am not sure if flying back to Egypt is still possible to discover more places that I did not have a chance to visit. I wish I could find other airlines flying to Egypt better than EgyptAir. Of course I will find a way to not fly with EgyptAir. It was an experience I will never forget. Who can? 

But, I can make EgyptAir popular. How many times did I mention the name of the airline?

In Egypt, you will experience more bad things than good. Little by little, I am going to uncover the secrets that is still in my mind up until now. What you read here are precautionary measures -- things that you should avoid while in Cairo.

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