Sweet Oberrohrdorf

View of the Alps from Oberrohrdorf
I was in Baden in the village of Oberrohrdorf very recently and it became my base on my journey to a couple of places in Switzerland.  It was so sweet, not only the hosts of this long-awaited tour of the country, but also the ambiance and the view right from the bedroom window where I was comfortably accommodated. Emotions exist from the time we were picked up at the Zurich International Airport until we reached the home with a big Canadian flag hoisted in front of their house.  The couple raised the flag in our honour and they said they want their neighbours and friends to know that this is the home where Canadian guests are being welcomed.

My Hosts - Paul, Pacita, & Jerome
Oberrohrdorf is a small village.  Statistics show that the population as of the end of 2010 was 3,880.  Most of the population speaks German, a small percentage speaks Italian and Albanian.  Record shows that Oberrohrdorf is first mentioned in 1179 as Rordorf. Around 1303-1308 it was mentioned as ze Oberen-Rordorf. The hamlet of Staretschwil was first mentioned in 1124 as Starchoswilare. In 1854 the municipality of Rohrdorf split into Niederrohrdorf, Oberrohrdorf and Remetschwil.

Flowers in Oberrohrdorf
There are quite a few of hotels in Baden but Pacita and Paul  did not have a second thought offering us a nice room and sumptuous dishes specially prepared by Pacita herself.  The possibilities of coming to this peaceful country is always there as the invitation was received more than a decade ago. I have been moving from a country to another and did not have the chance to make it that soon. Pacita was my co-employee at the San Miguel Corporation office branch at Magnolia Poultry Farms in my hometown, Santo Tomas, Batangas, the Philippines. It was then, when she met her now husband Paul when she was cruising on her way home to Mindanao for a holiday.  

Baden is a small town situated approximately 20 minutes from the city of Zurich and the international airport.  International festivals and the Grand Casino are some of its highlights complimented with the former Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) site to an experience centre with a multiplex cinema, cafe and convention facilities.

Houses in Oberrohrdorf
Wellness in Baden means much more than just physical health and well-being.  It typically embraces wellness of body, mind and soul.  This quaint and dynamic town boasts an impressively varied offering of arts and culture in a very small area.  Even the centre of town offers a number of little escapes.  Resting or exercising in several magnificent parks gives you the chance to recharge your batteries.

Author in Oberrohrdorf
Baden's history as a spa resort began 2000 years ago, when Roman legions sought relief in its thermal springs.  Now I realized why my friend Pacita decided to put up a wellness resort in her hometown in the southern point of the Philippines.  I will not be surprised if one of these days, my readers would tell me that they have been to the wellness resort of a dear friend in Mindanao.  The construction of the resort started a year ago and because of its size, it is just nearing its completion and operational in the year 2012.  I will continue blogging about my Swiss-Filipino friend as soon as I have visited them in the Philippines very soon.  

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