Most Attractive Airline staff revealed

Attractive Airline staff of Virgin Atlantic
A new poll from a flight comparison site has revealed the UK airlines with the most attractive airline staff, according to British holidaymakers. ‘Virgin Atlantic’ topped the poll, with Irish airline ‘Ryanair’ coming in last place. 

Virgin Atlantic has topped a poll surrounding the UK’s most attractive airline staff, according to a study from a flight comparison website; pipping the likes of Thomas Cook and easyJet to the post. 

The poll formed part of a study into the airline satisfaction of UK holidaymakers, conducted by flight comparison site 1,221 UK fliers aged 18 and over subsequently took part in the study, answering questions surrounding their attitudes towards flight attendants.

‘The Jetcost Airline Satisfaction Awards’, launched by the flight comparison site, asked UK fliers which UK airlines they believed had the ‘most attractive airline staff’. According to the results, the top 5 airlines with the most attractive airline staff were as follows:
1) Virgin Atlantic – 21%
2) Thomas Cook Airlines- 19%
3) easyJet- 14%
4) British Airways -13%
5) Monarch-10% 

Irish airline ‘Ryanair’ came bottom of the votes for ‘most attractive airline staff’; clinching just 5% of the vote by UK fliers.

Following the results from the Airline Satisfaction Awards, decided to conduct a follow-up poll to delve deeper into the thoughts of UK fliers when it comes to the appearance of airline staff. 

Those taking part were asked if they felt that it was ‘important’ for airlines to employ attractive members of airline staff. To this, the majority of those taking part, 57%, answered ‘yes’; whilst almost two fifths, 38%, said ‘no.’ Just 5% claimed to have no opinion. 

Those was answered ‘yes’ were asked to explain why they felt that employing attractive airline staff was important. Almost two thirds, 67%, explained that they believed that attractive staff ‘gave off a better impression of the airline’; whilst a quarter, 23%, simply explained that attractive staff made for a ‘more pleasant flying experience’. 

However, when asked if they believed that airlines should consider looks as the most important factor when recruiting airline staff; the overwhelming majority of respondents, 88%, answered ‘no’. 

Jerome Cohen-Scali, Co-Founder of, commented on the results:
“Having found out in the Airline Satisfaction Awards which airlines UK fliers believe are home to the most attractive airline staff, we wanted to take the chance to delve deeper and find out how important fliers think attractiveness really is when it comes to airline staff. Airline attendants have long been stereotyped for being somewhat ‘glamorous’; and whilst it of course should never be considered as a factor in any profession outside of modelling, it was really interesting to find out that so many fliers consider it important.” 

He continued:
“Of course, attractiveness has nothing to do with being a good airline attendant, but the majority of fliers felt that attractiveness was an important factor in giving off a good impression of the airline. Whilst we could never condone this kind of attitude, we send hearty congratulations to Virgin Atlantic for being voted the best looking cabin staff in town; and commiserations to Ryanair!” 

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  1. Hi Pa UI.
    Thanks. Enjoy reading. See you around.

  2. The story is nothing unusual for me. Why? Because I know Virgin Atlantic is owned by an English business magnate Sir Richard Branson. A man who's always looking successes and achievements. You can see how good businessman and business leader he is. Take for example Virgin Store, I don't know why there is always something in that store that other stores doesn't have. The marketing styles, displays, and the quality products they are selling. So, Virgin Atlantic awarded as "Most Attractive Airline Staff" is just so fitting and expected. :)

  3. I agree with you Filman. I see Sir Richard in the news very often, his achievements and accomplishments both in business and his charity world. He's really cool!


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