Top 10 Tourist Sites and Cheap Holidays in Costa Brava

Written by Ariana Louis

Ever gone to Costa Brava "the Wild Coast"?

It is one of the hidden gems of Spain.  There are cheap holidays in Costa Brava so take advantage of them.  In Costa Brava, there is something for everyone: busy night life, beautiful beaches with lots of people or more secluded tiny bays and private beaches, gift shops, hotels, resorts, restaurants, shopping, spa's and  more.

Hidden Gems

Developed in the 1950's to be the newest tourist destination, it grew into a place known for cheap and cheerful holidays with lots of high rises and eventually over building. For those who want something with more character and less mass tourism, there is part of the coastline north of the port of Palamos with tiny bays, small beaches and small harbours or shelters for fishing boats.
Look for cheap holidays in Costa Brava to go on an adventure for yourself and make sure you check out the car rentals as it is the easiest way to go around and explore.

Things to Do

There are lots of things to do in Costa Brava. You can choose to stay by the sea or go inland to the picturesque mountains, roam and explore the lovely little towns and villagesYou have the option from energetic to cultural activities and you will always have the opportunity to relax.

Here is a list of ideas of the activities available to do in Costa Brava:

  • Nightlife: At one of the many nightclubs and bars
  • Culture: Dali museum, small quaint towns and villages
  • Water Park
  • Lots of beaches: Swimming, snorkelling, sun-bathing
  • Landscape: Traditional mountain villages, spectacular views
  • Golf Clubs: Emporda Golf Club and many other top golf venues
  • Shopping: Lots of places. Try Begur, a little town with lovely shops
  • Restaurants: There are lots to choose from
  • Resorts: Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar and many others
  • Festivals: In July, there are a number of festivals to participate in (e.g. Cap Roig Garden Festival and the Music Festival in Torroella de Montgri. 
Best Tourist Sites

From all the choices that are available, these are the best Costa Brava tourist sites to definitely add to your list of places to visit or things to do while doing a bit of travel and leisure.
  1. Theatre and museum of Dali in Figueres
  2. Torre Galatea in Figueres
  3. Island of Ter: Wildlife refuge and great setting for environmental education
  4. Lake Banyoles: Lots of beautiful landscape
  5. El Bulli Restaurant: Famous for its cuisine which has international influence
  6. Basilica of Castllo d'Empuries
  7. Water Parks: In Lloret de Mar
  8. Club de Golf D'Aro
  9. Vila Vella (Old Town) Tossa de Mar: Only surviving walled city on the Catalan Coast
  10. Marimurtra Botanical Gardens

Playing the Tourist

When I go during summer to another country and play the tourist, I have to remember while I am on holidays, I still cannot let my guard down as far as security and safety are concerned.

So I don't bring unnecessary jewellery or electronic equipment which I'll just needlessly carry around or keep in the safe most of the time to avoid attracting attention or thieves.

I also need to lock the doors and windows properly when leaving my room. It is a deterrent against thieves.

Being safe and being aware mean that the holiday can be enjoyed without mishap. Also, knowing the local laws and ways of functioning in an emergency are very important.  So surfing the web for useful information before going would be very helpful while you are looking to book cheap holidays to Costa Brava.

For instance, it is a good way to look for cheap holidays to Costa Brava, which I already mentioned earlier.

Come and Explore Costa Brava

Costa Brava has a lot to offer waiting to be explored and enjoyed.  So take a look at booking cheap holidays to Costa Brava. There are loads of different types of activities to do there that will suit everyone of every age from water parks to golf courses, from night clubs to museums.

Don't forget that the summer months are festival months so if you book it right, you might be able to take in one of the many festivals that Costa Brava hosts.

Author Bio
Ariana is an opinionated but compassionate traveller. She has a degree in medieval history but works as a writer for the local and international tourism magazines and websites.  She likes to swim and snorkel at exotic destinations around the world wherein Asia is her true love.  

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