10 Best Destinations for Summer Holiday Breaks That Won't Break the Budget

Written by Olivia Kane

When planning a summer holiday, it is important to weigh up where you're going against your budget.  Finding a holiday break that won't break the bank can be achieved by looking into particular destinations and resorts that can offer great deals for families and all inclusive stays.  
It is also worth remembering, though, that the cost of a summer holiday break can be further reduced by exploring options for single trip travel insurance that covers children for free as part of a deal; finding these policies can make it much easier to control your budget when travelling.

What then, are some ideas for summer holiday breaks that are particularly well suited to families?

1. Turkey
One of the most cost effective places to visit in Europe, Turkey is home to beach spots like Antalya and Patara, as well as to resorts such as Kaya and Olu Deniz.  The Bodrum peninsula is particularly recommended if you want low cost accommodation and a wide range of activities for children.

2. Britanny
For a short trip over the Channel, Britanny in France makes for an excellent choice; you can get relatively low cost ferries to ports like Saint Malo, and can also get to the region by car within a day from the UK.  While there, it is worth checking out the many self catering cottage options available in small French villages, as well as resorts like Dinard.

3. Corfu
Going to Greece and Corfu on holiday has many advantages, most notably in terms of the Mediterranean climate, boat tours, and picturesque villages with access to villas and family resorts.

4. Marrakech
There are many options available for family and budget accommodation within the Moroccan city of Marrakech; you can find boutique hotels that cater to families with relative ease, while also enjoying bazaar shopping and trips out into the desert and nearby mountains of Morocco.

5. Seville
This Spanish city in the region of Andalucia is excellent as a starting point or base for camping and hiking around Spain.  If you're travelling without children, Seville also has an excellent, and relatively inexpensive, nightlife.

6. The Algarve
Consistently popular for package holidays from the UK, the Algarve in Portugal is much more than just cut price resorts and beaches, though, and can be an excellent place for renting villas, and for enjoying luxury spa treatments and private resorts away from the main tourist areas of the region.

7. Ibiza
While it may have a reputation as a centre for clubbing, Ibiza is also a family friendly destination, with only one part of the island given over to clubs.  Ibiza can be ideal for enjoying budget accommodation and affordable, all inclusive packages.

8. Slovenia
Going to Eastern Europe can be an excellent idea if you wand to find a great deal for your holiday.  Resorts such as Lake Bled can be visited as a way of enjoying a mountainous part of Slovenia, with high quality cabins and beautiful landscapes surrounding its cabins.

9. Sicily
The Italian island of Sicily makes for a good destination if you're prepared to book in advance to enjoy quieter cities like Siracusa; the tiny Ortiga island is also worth checking out if you want to sample a different side to Sicily.

10. Croatia
Another Eastern European option, Croatia is distinguished by its low cost flights and affordable accommodation, with the Dalmatian Coast being particularly popular for holiday makers seeking out Mediterranean beaches.

Author Bio: 
Olivia is a travel writer who tries to take his family away every summer for a trip.  She recommends investing in single trip travel insurance with policies for free child coverage. She can be found blogging about her experiences in many different locations around the world.

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