Travel by Bus

Written by Aleena Lois

Riding a bus is one of the most preferred modes of transport for many people.  

It is convenient and cheaper compared to other means of going around. It is also known to be the most eco-friendly and cost effective means of travelling for both short and long distances.  

It produces low amount of carbon dioxide emission and it offer travellers with great opportunity to relax and enjoy a clean environment. 

If you want to be an effective bus traveller and have a memorable and hassle-free trip, there are number of things you ought to know:

1. Decide on the bus company you are intending to use
Private bus companies offer great promotions and discounts to travellers.  

Research to find better deals that suit your needs.  After deciding on the bus company to use, it is important to write down contact number so you can consult them for further details. Remember the importance of finalizing your bus reservations in order to have a smooth journey.

2. Dig out more information about the destination
Before deciding in regard to your destination, dig out more information on the country you intend to visit.  It will be easy for you to get this information from tourism websites, blogs, leaflets and magazines and ensure you have all the details regarding:
  • Country's state of security
  • Weather
  • Currency
  • Language
  • Places of interest 

3. Plan with multiple options in mind
Decide on what variables are more crucial for your journey in terms of risk, cost, time and comfort. This will help you come up with options where you can choose the best.  Keep a list of additional bus services which are available on your intended route. This will help in case you miss the bus or breaks down along the way.

4. Packing
Ensure that your luggage is all you require during the journey. Make a list and tick off your items.  It is important to pack your main luggage separately from your hand bag.  For long journey, pack more important items handy in your shoulder bag.  These include snacks, water, medications, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, some cash and ID card.

5. Book your ticket
Ensure that you get tickets in advance for the bus going to your destination to avoid last minute rush.

6. Be extra careful. Take precautions
In case you are travelling alone, you need to be extra careful.  Be on your guard all through the journey and keep out of trouble.  If you a a female traveller, you can carry with you a pepper spray to put off trouble makers. Use it when the need arises.

7. Book hotels in advance
Finally, you should book your hotels in advance so that you will not be stranded once your reach your destination.  This will make your journey more relaxing and interesting. It is also important to get the Visa by using Esta and other documents like ID cards for identification. 

Having the documents in order make for much less hassle.  Most of these buses provide  Wi-Fi connections and accessible power ports making your journey more worthwhile. After taking care of all these, you can enjoy your bus ride comfortably.

Author Bio:
Aleena writes about travel and technology. A graduate of Computer Science and Engineering. She wishes to soak in the enormous beauty of nature has to offer and experience different cultures and habits all around the world. 

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