What to Wear and What not to Wear when Travelling

Are You Getting Ready for the Trip? Here are some tips that you already know if you are a frequent traveller -  but still very helpful for some, especially to those who are just joining us in our passion - travelling! 

Yes, hello fellow travellers! 

We are creating tips that will be very helpful when you travel. This will serve as reference before, during, and after your journey. We are categorizing each one to make it easier for you. 

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Now that you have planned your trip, purchased a cheap airline ticket and have decided what to bring and what NOT to bring, know how you will pack your luggages, save space, prevent wrinkles and have a safe luggage, here are better ideas on what to wear and what not to wear when travelling.

What to Wear
  •  Comfortable pants and shoes during the flight  
  •  Black or brown colour for easy coordination of your wardrobe 
  •  Disposable underwear for men and women 
  •  Convertible, zip-off pants to save room in your backpack 
  •  No need to purchase an entirely new wardrobe.  You may want to leave Hawaiian shirt and  beach shorts at home depending on your destination 
  •  Light casual wear is always practical when touring around the city
  •  Bring warm garments during rainy days or when visiting mountainous areas where nights can be  cool and chilly
  •  On hot summer months, it is best to wear a hat, a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen
  •  Expect to get wet on your trip to island hopping and other boat activities, so wear shorts and  sandals
  •  Always carry a shawl or scarf in your bag if you are entering a place of worship
What Not to Wear
  •  Flashy jewellery as there is no need to impress anyone that much on your trip abroad. Better  leave valuables at home
  •  Religious jewellery like crosses and necklaces
  •  Stay away from bold colours, loud patterns. You don’t want to draw unwanted attention by  wearing a neon shirt, do you? This is one mistake I made on my latest cruise. I brought a couple  of shorts, although they are light but matching bright coloured shirts. I did not wear any of  them out in the city tour 
  •  Inappropriate clothing. It is advisable to wear conservative dresses in countries that holds  deeply on religious customs (e.g. Middle East) 
  •  The following should not be worn in churches, mosque, temples and other place of worship:  For Women; short sleeved shirts, shorts or capri, mini-skirts, tank tops, bra tops. For  Men;  Sleeveless shirts and shorts
  •  Revealing clothes for women (tight pants and cleavage-bearing necklines)
  •  Extremely high-heeled shoes
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