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Julien Heron is the co-founder of Outdoors Generations, a multi-generational website about all things outdoors. As a passionate hiker and outdoorsman, he hopes to inspire, motivate others to share the benefits of being outdoors at any age, promote responsible behavior, and respect for nature.

Articles by Julien Heron

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Gaby Pilson from Outdoors Generations is a mountaineering and climbing guide, as well as a professional outdoor educator. She split her time between working in the polar regions as an expedition guide, working as a climbing instructor, and pursuing her other passions of travelling, writing, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

Articles by Gaby Pilson

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Alexia Wolker is a blogger and works as an editor. She has a Master's Degree in literature and love both reading and writing about books and literary topics. Alexia also help students with their literary assignments - articles, essays and summaries of books like the great gatsby character analysis.

Articles by Alexia Wolker

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Ray Chin is a blogger for Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting, which offers two fun NYC food tours: Chinatown & Little italy Food Fest and Taste of Mulberry Street. He loves exploring New York City and is always looking out for exciting new restaurants to try. He loves board games and is on almost every social network out there.

Articles by Ray Chin

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Miriam Cihodariu is the editor of BookYogaRetreats, an avid world explorer, and a yogi. She's also into exploring world cuisines and reading fiction from all over the world. When she's not doing marketing stufff, she expands her collection of teas and spends some time petting the neighbourhood cats.

Articles by Miriam Cihodariu

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Kyle Doran is a writer for B&B RV Inc, an RV sales and rental dealership in Denver, Colorado. He loves travelling to new and interesting places and spends most of his time exploring the wild outdoors that Colorado has to offer. When he isn't writing content, you can find him mountain biking, hiking trails and finding any excuse to soak up the sun.

Articles by Kyle Doran

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Cloe Matheson is a freelance writer based in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a travel enthusiast and food lover who also loves to write about lifestyle, fitness and health. She often spends her weekends lifting weights or go hiking with friends on an unplanned adventure. Read more of her work here.

Articles by Cloe Matheson:

Himanshu Agarwal is a compassionate social worker and a traveller who has toured various places all over India, due to work and also because of his travelling instincts. He is an active contributor to PearlsIndiaTour and in his free time, likes to play chess and read books or travel magazines.

Articles by Himanshu Agarwal:

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Cris Puscas hails from Europe where she is a social media specialist by day and blogger by late evening. She is a passionate photographer, with a love for nature and travel. She constantly looks for new places to explore and write about. For more information on Cris' writings, you may visit her @ BookAllSafaris

Articles by Cris Puscas:

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Jason Gordon hails from New York City where he is a marketing associate by day and blogger by night. He is a diehard sports fan that loves to travel, and tries to combine the two as much as possible. One summer, Jason road tripped across the U.S. attending as many baseball games as possible. He ended up making it to 28 of 30 MLB stadiums.

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Rohit Agarwal is an explorer and a writer at heart. He has travelled around India and other countries. Rohit believes that acquiring the right information is the key to sustaining within the city even for a short period of time. He also blogs at Trans India Travels, a blog that shares useful information about his country.

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Donna Cederstrand is not afraid to take the road less travelled and head off the beaten path. She has learned to seek adventure while totting around toddler and always in high-heels. Donna is a unique traveller with a style all her own that sometimes results in mishaps and misadventures that can be shared and laughed about with friends and family for years to come.

Articles by Donna Cederstrand:
The Beasts of Boca de Guama
A Piece of Paradise
Fact or Fiction: The Okanagan's Legendary Ogopogo

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JP Chartier is my name and I write for Gutter Pup where you can expect to read well-written and entertaining articles about the people and places that often get overlooked at many popular vacation destinations around the world.

Articles by JP Chartier:

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Tomasz Lisowski is a passionate traveller and blogger who explore mainly forgotten, hidden and unknown destinations in the world, usually omitted by bloggers and travellers. Visit his blog, Adventurous Travels, and discover the unknown parts of our beautiful world.

Articles by Tomasz Lisowski:

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Melody Cleo is a passionate blogger from Turkey. In her free time, she writes articles on various topics such as technology, gadgets and travel. As of now, she is focusing on, which helps with each client specific needs to assist them passing the driving practical test. 

Articles by Melody Cleo:

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Slayton Jacob lives in Bedford way, UK and is an avid reader and blogger. He is also fond of writing. Since his early years he's had a passion of writing. His articles have been published in several Blogs. He works as a guest blogger on his chosen areas of interest and currently writes on behalf of Turkey Visa.

Articles by Slayton Jacob:

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Stephanie Lynch is from, a large resource with more than 4,500 cost helping guides helping consumers find out what unknown things cost in life. When she has free time, she loves to backpack, go on cruises and explore the United States by car. Feel free to reach out to her on Twitter.

Articles by Stephanie Lynch:

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Douglas Arvidson is an American writer and traveller whose international prize-winning short stories have been published in Paris, Prague, and in literary magazines in the United States. His novel, Brothers of the Fire Star, is the recipient of four literary awards including a Finalist award in the ForeWord Reviews 2012 Book-of-the-Year competition. Find him on Twitter and @ofthefirestar

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Jessica Socheski is a freelance writer and editor who loves exploring new destinations. According to her, one of the best parts about writing is getting to share and publish her work. No matter where she is at on the map, you can always find her on Google+.

Articles by Jessica Socheski:

Zoya Jazmin is a young professional writer on travel and tourism topics based in Islamabad. She has written many articles to share her wonderful experiences in and outside Pakistan. She really love nature, visiting new places and write about new adventures, destinations and travel tips.

Articles by Zoya Jazmin:
Jesse Cadena is a 26-year old travel blogger based in Northern California who enjoys trying new restaurants in new places, searching for new adventures. A restaurant and adventure seeker that is! A travel and vacation guru who love animals and addicted to chocolates. If you are interested to communicate and follow her, check out her site for the best travel tips.

Articles by Jesse Cadena:
Ruth Sheffer was born in London, UK, lived in France for a year and got bitten with the travel bug. Lived in Israel for 30 years as a High School teacher of English, a career which fuelled the travel obsession by allowing long summer trips every vacation. Visited most of Europe, Asia and the U.S.A. Now living in China where she teaches English while exploring more of Asia and always planning her next trip. Follow her on virtual tourist page.

Articles by Ruth Sheffer:

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Antonis Iordanoglou is a travel writer, cartographer, and journalist for over 15 years. He worked as travel writer and travel editor in chief for the biggest Greek newspapers and travel magazines. He has created many travel guides for the unexplored Greece and for the Greek islands, many coffee table books and maps for many editor. Today, he owns and runs a travel blog, The Greek Traveller. See more of Antonis in his Twitter page.

Articles by Antonis Iordanoglou:
Autumn in Patroklos Island

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Kate Power is from Ireland but is based in Athens, Greece right now and is happily exploring her adopted country.  As community manager and blogger for Purple Travel, she's had a lot of opportunity for writing about film inspired travel, where to eat and the great and good of Greece and Ireland. Connect with her on Google+

Sylvia Cates has been an event planner for fourteen years. For information and advice on the range of corporate venues available in the UK, she recommends amazing venues website. She can usually be found at various conference venues throughout the United Kingdom.

Articles by Sylvia Cates:
Shezaa Nehal is an enthusiastic travel and leisure content writer based in Dubai, U.A.E. She has a grip on the core areas of entertainment in the city like fishing, boating, swimming, etc. Her main focus are the great ocean of Dubai that will let you avail the extraordinary pleasure along with boating and several other means of fun. Find more of her on Google+

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Glenn Asher-Gordon is a professional photographer and a 'non-professional travel writer' from Leicestershire, England. He shares his skill on all things photography, travel, wildlife and a few other things.See more of Glenn's work at and get inspired on all things at

Articles by Glenn Asher-Gordon:
Where D.R. Ransdell is concerned, no excuse to travel is too small. Whether it's visiting friends in Natal, Brazil, relatives in Zurich, Switzerland, or hitting new territory, she jumps at every chance. These adventures often turn up in her fiction. Inher recent YA-novel, THAI TWIST, Wat Pho is the protagonist's very first stop.

Articles by D.R. Ransdell:

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Brian Mcquillan is a writer by profession and a traveller by passion. He is a globetrotter who recently boarded business class flight for a family vacation.  On return, he says that being more than a naturally beautiful country, New Zealand is also a culture buffs haven.

Articles by Brian Mcquillan:

Kit Cruz is a blogger from the Philippines whose hobbies are travelling and photography. Kit write articles about Boracay beach of the Philippines and share what this world class beach can offer ~ sharing some travel tips, latest news and updates, reviews of Boracay Resorts & Hotels and boracay beach real estate.

Articles by Kit Cruz:

Abbas Hussain is a blogger who researches and talks about the vibrant city of London. He writes article on hotel accommodation, places to eat, places to see and many more. Please come and join me in welcoming Abbas as he starts blogging useful tips on hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions in London.

Articles by Abbas Hussain:
The Best Places to Visit in London

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Jane Hudson is a passionate writer and a student at the University of Penssylvania.  Now she is writing to help people save money on travel, flights and more. She hopes to share useful and interesting experience for anyone who loves Spain and travel in general. Please join me in welcoming Jane as she continue writing articles about her travel experiences.

Articles by Jane Hudson:
Amazing Tips for Student Travel in Spain

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Alex Siborn is a freelance writer in advertising and marketing based in Moldova. He enjoys travel and photography and loves travelling with his wife to different parts of the world. "I have seen two oceans, so there are only three left to explore", he says. Alex is a beginner in travelling and that must be the reason why he is always on the go to see as many places as he can.

Articles by Alex Siborn:
Top Trips this Summer

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Jerome Franco is a freelance writer from Belgium, digital marketing consultant and a travel enthusiast. He loves travelling alone and experience nightlife of different countries. He's currently working with CityTripPlanner to help reach audience online. His biggest dream is to visit Nepal and reach the top of Mount Everest!

Articles by Jerome Franco:

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Adrienne Erin is a freelance writer and Francophile whose love of travel was ignited by her experience studying abroad in Paris.  While there, she was able to explore the city and see some of its hidden gems.  She travelled extensively in France to practice her language skills, and also travelled abroad to a number of European countries to visit friends, family, and sites that had interested her for years.  Read her personal blog, Pongra, to see more of her work.

Articles by Adrienne Erin:

Ariana Louis is an opinionated but compassionate traveller. She has a degree in medieval history but works as a writer for the local and international tourism magazines and websites.  She likes to swim and loves to go snorkelling at exotic destinations around the world wherein Asia is her true love. See more of Ariana's writings at Built For Travel.

Articles by Ariana Louis:
Zara Jones is an adventure and professional writer. She loves travelling and sharing her experience with her followers.  She is always looking for new cities to add to her 'visited" list and is happy to make new contacts around the world. You may follow Zara in G+ for more information about her adventures.

Articles by Zara Jones:
River Rafting Rishikesh
River Rafting in Ladakh Zanskar

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Robert Oakden is a freelance writer and an experienced traveller based in United Kingdom. He writes mainly about his travel experiences as an English teacher overseas mostly in undeveloped countries. Robert is connected with ICAL TEFL who offers online TEFL training courses as well as other resources to help aspiring teachers get started with a career in TEFL teaching. 

Articles by Robert Oakden:
Aleena Lois writes about travel and technology. A graduate of Computer Science and Engineering. She loves to travel and write about her experiences. Her other interests are playing guitar and writing songs. She wishes to soak in the enormous beauty of what nature has to offer and experience the different cultures and habits all around the world. 

Articles by Aleena Lois:
Travel by Bus

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Pamela Walker is a content writer and a passionate travel blogger. She has long experience in Toronto luxury furnished apartment and is always willing to share her professional experience with any traveller. She regularly writes guest posts & articles about apartment accommodation and assist in finding comfortable accommodation in the city.

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Olivia Kane is a professional Alps tour guide.  She recommends staying in the alps for affordable holidays in the French Alps.  She is an avid traveller and have written many journals on travel for various sites and blogs.  She can be found online blogging about her experiences in many different locations around the world.  She is married to a Colonel in California and stays with him and her twin daughters.

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Amna Alam is a London-based freelance writer who enjoys exploring cities around the world. Amna lived in London for 4 years and has travelled to Dubai, Southeast Asia, Pakistan, Turkey and all over the UK.  She also frequents home in the States, where she calls Chicago her home.  She enjoys experiencing different cultures and trying world cuisine.

Articles by Amna Alam
Sarah Crompton has a keen interest in developing a career in writing and enjoy articles relating to travel, health and technology. She is a professional accountant but has now ventured into writing because of the enormous exposure this field offers. Join me inwelcoming Sarah to our growing community of travel writers.

Articles by Sarah Crompton
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Sanjeewa Padmal Punchihewa is a freelance software engineer, national tourist guide lecturer and part time blogger from Colombo, Sri Lanka.  He has been travelling around Sri Lanka since 2000 as a licensed tourist guide and want to share his knowledge about his country. "I invite you to come visit us. I offer my humble services to you for a memorable holiday in Sri Lanka," he says.

Articles by Sanjeewa Padmal Punchihewa:
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Alicia Avory is a passionate guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Her interest is in Finance, Technology and Travel. "Travelling abroad is expensive so budget travellers cannot afford. One needs to be aware of the visiting packages available", she says. 

Articles by Alicia Avory:

Amrita Barnwal is a writer and blogger. Travelling and writing are her passion and she wishes to explore each beautiful destination of the world.  She has written for several online sites and magazines and recently found a new passion for writing about travel and tourism. She share innovative travel experiences and outstanding travel destinations in her travel blogs.

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Cindy Chang is a physiotherapist from Australia. She was born in Hong Kong and moved to Australia when she was ten months old.  She has no previous writing experience and has only just entered into the world of blogging, but is incredibly excited to be able to share her travel experiences with us. Join me in welcoming Cindy to our team as she starts writing from her base in Adelaide, Australia.

Articles by Cindy Chang: 
Shaiya Ong is a freelance writer based in the Philippines. She is enjoying moments travelling to places she dreams of visiting and cherishing precious time with her family. She wishes others would be bold enough to follow their dreams and not be dictated by the norms of society.  Read more about her thoughts and what it has to offer by visiting her blog, BootsNCandies.

Articles by Shaiya Ong: 

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Trish is a newly inspired writer who contributes for blog onetravel along with maintaining a onetravelbloggers. Travelling is her passion and she wishes to visit other places on earth.  She is also a movie, music and book aficionado. Trish will be writing for our blog to give tips on best destinations and other good deals on flights and accommodations. 

Articles by Trish:
Water Discus Hotel ~ Underwater Hotel in Dubai
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Angel de la Flor is a writer, blogger who hails from Iloilo City, the Philippines. Angel is willing to share her favourite exotic getaways and perfect spot for delight and serenity that most do not know about. She travels not only to enjoy her life but at times take a trip 'for a cause'.  Read more of Angel's journey in her travel blog Treasured.
Jeroen Ensink hails from Hoogeveen, The Netherlands. A passionate traveller who don't go on a trip without his two kids, Sam and Iris. "In my personal travel site, I like not only to undertake the journey, but also write about it. My "Diary of a Madman" contains valuable information with pictures like entrance tickets to museums, national parks and bus tickets. Read it when you get the chance".

Articles by Jeroen Ensink:

Dez Miranda-Tuazon is a Toronto-based freelance writer, blogger and editor. She is a bachelor’s degree graduate of the University of Toronto, Class 2003. She has travelled places in Europe, Asia, Australia & Oceania and North America, including the USA. Come and join me in welcoming Dez as she starts blogging her travel memories.

Articles by Dez Miranda-Tuazon
Renante Arcillas is a writer, director, blogger, municipal councilor and a local TV show host based in Batangas, the Philippines. He writes and directs event and travel coverages for a local cable company, Galaxy. He travels to most part of the Islands with his crew to document tourist destinations. Ante is the creator of a character "Super Talipa" shown for the viewing public of his hometown of Santo Tomas, province of Batangas. 

Articles by Renante Arcillas:
Trekking and Thrills in Laurel Batangas
Trekking Mount Pinatubo             

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Noreen Nanz is a Cologne-based author. She is an American of Cornish origin, married to a German and living in Germany. Being of Cornish heritage, her stories has a bit of fantasy ~ a combination of fact and fiction. Noreen has published a book entitled, "Betsy's Goodbye" which is now available and can be ordered online. Visit her blog, masterpiece in progress, where she shares her thoughts about Egypt. 

Articles by Noreen Nanz:
Finding Rest for the Soul

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Marie Rea is a Tasmania-based Journalist/Columnist. Her work 'If I were a Flower' was judged the 'winning entry' in a writing competition held in Melbourne Australia.  She is the founder of Global Citizens Care Movement helping needy children of her native country, the Philippines. Marie's travel is featured here, please read the full story.....

Articles by Marie Rea: 
Your Guide to a Family-Friendly Travel
Our Family's Italian Odyssey
Cruising Sydney Harbour
Palawan is a Nature Lover's Haven
Making the Most of Your Museum Visit

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