An Interview with the QVIClub in Singapore

I was on my 5-Asian country tour of the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Japan when I decided to stay in Singapore to explore the city for the second time.

Another reason why I decided to re-visit Singapore is to meet the Customer Care staff of Quest Vacation International to further familiarize myself with the club and personally thank them for the job well done. QVIClub also had the chance to know more about my travels in the interview conducted by the Manager of their Singapore Office.

Their office had been very supportive and efficient in taking my hotel and resort bookings from the time I first used my membership up until now.

My first QVI Club trip ~ Ayutthaya THAILAND
Todate, I have been with the club for almost 10 years and will continue enjoying the benefits for the next 20 years of my membership. 

Through the years, I willingly provide the club with my testimonials as my way of recognizing their hard work. The club gave me a good impression from the very first time I used my membership thus agreeing to submit myself for an interview for their Navigator magazine. Read the interview in the link below.

Navigator travel magazine has good news in store for you if you are into travelling. After reading the information, you may be interested to be a member of the QVI Club; something that I can highly recommend to you.

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The Transit Lounge
Grand Tower Inn Hotel ~ My first QVI Club accommodation in Bangkok THAILAND
Page 23 of 28 Pages Magazine .....

This time round, we had a chance to chit chat with one of our Platinum Members, Mr. Efren (Freddie) Miranda. Despite the fact that he has only been a QVIClub member recently, the easy going gentleman has already travelled to five Asian countries including Thailand.

Q: What attracted you to becoming a QVI Club member?

QVI Club membership is affordable and it is very easy to make a hotel/resort reservation.  In addition, the QVI staff are accommodating and supportive and the customer service given is exceptional!

Q: Using your QVI Club membership, where have you travelled so far?

I recently travelled to five Asian countries and I've just come back from a holiday in Bangkok, Thailand.

Q: What is your most memorable holiday experience and why?

We were very touched with the hospitality of our new Thai friends whom we met during our recent trip to Bangkok.  They took me and my family on a free sightseeing tour for 13 hours!

Q: How about your worst holiday experience and why?

I have always enjoyed every one of my holidays and I haven't had any bad experience so far.  If ever, I have to encounter one, I'll make sure I learn something good out of it.

Q: What do you like to do most when on vacation?

Island hopping and snorkeling!  I really enjoy the times when I can marvel at the beauty of nature.
Q: What are your favourite destination spots?

Any place where I can find beautiful scenery and historical architecture.

Q: What is your idea of a perfect holiday?

To be near nature and be able to meet local people and new friends!

Q: Which of the countries you have been to, left you with the strongest  impression?

Without doubt Thailand!

Q: Name at least 3 essential items you always take with you when travelling overseas?

Camera, medicine, sun block.

Q: If you were to be exiled to a desert island and could only take one person and one personal item with you, who and what would you select and why?

My wife and a survival kit!  With my wife around, I don't need to worry because she is like MacGyver that can make impossible things possible!

For information and sponsorship with QVI Club, you may send email to We will assist and direct you to the department who will attend to your inquiries and registration.

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Freddie Miranda
A blogger and a Canada-based freelance writer. He shares the value of his travel experiences and discoveries with his friends and fellow travellers. Share your passion, join and visit him. Send a message @ fromatravellersdesk(at)gmail(dot)com.

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