Review: Himeji Castle is beautiful ~ but be prepared!

Yes, this is either a good review or not-so-good situation to any tourist. Himeji Castle is a castle in its own right. There are so much to see and explore. You will spend so much time going around depending on your curiosity and interest. Prepare yourself for a minimum of an hour and a half to complete your tour. You need to walk a lot and climb the stairs. Not a single elevator is installed within the castle as almost everything you will see are preserved and original.

Moreover, as I mentioned above, it takes more than an hour to spend in the castle. You will spend another one and a half hours wandering around the vicinity like the Nishioyashiki
Garden, Shirotopia Memorial Park, and the three museums namely, Literature, History and Art.

You need to allot ample time for Himeji Castle and its vicinity. It will be very tiring if you don't. Part of the castle is under renovation as of this writing. It means some of the areas are restricted to visitors....and this I learned is scheduled to finish in March 2014.  Inspite of what's going on in the castle, is a must-see.

Category: Tourist Attraction
Name of Tourist Attraction: Himeji Castle
Address: Himeji Japan
Rate: 8

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  1. Wow! I wish I could visit Japan, too. This is exciting! :)

    1. Thanks Cris.
      Japan is one of the best countries I have visited. Come to Japan in late March or early April as this is the most attractive season of the year for the Cherry Blossom flower festival. It will be exciting and memorable.


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