Safety Tips for Children While on a Cruise

Cruising is more often luxurious with awesome onboard activities, delicious dining choices, nightlife, and the chance to explore one destination to another.  We hope you will keep your cruise pleasurable with lots of unforgettable memories. 
While on a cruise, parents cannot rely solely on the security measures that is implemented on the cruise ship.  They should be vigilant especially to their children's safety so as to fully enjoy their vacation.
I am sharing these tips as precautionary measures to fellow travellers.  I am obliged to remind those who travel with their children as a result of an incident that happened very recently aboard Carnival Sensation cruise ship.  You may read details of the news that came out today in the Toronto Star. 

Tips while at sea and on land destinations
  • Children of any age should not be allowed to wander alone, especially in unfamiliar areas or venues.
  • Parents should be aware of whom their children are socializing with and their activities.
  •  Children should not socialize with venue employees or share personal information with them.
  • Children should never use public restrooms without parental supervision.
  • Children should be instructed to never accept beverages or food items from strangers without parental approval.
  • Parents should consider bringing their own hired babysitter.
News article by: Amy Pavuk of The Orlando Sentinel
Published in : Toronto Star Newspaper

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