September: The Perfect Month to Visit Sabah

 Written by: Shaiya Ong

Sabah is quite close to the Philippines, so it only takes a few hours before you reach it by plane. If you are more adventurous, then you may wish to go to Labuan, Zamboanga in the Philippines and take a boat trip to reach Sabah.  It is a perfect destination for anyone residing in Southeast Asia and a trip worth engaging for anyone who loves adventure and nature.  You will appreciate the beauty of the wildlife more once you set foot in the island.  It may be small, but it is an advantage to anyone who wishes to explore several areas offered by the region.

Sabah in September
Why visit during the month of September?
Sabah tourism recommends the month of April to September for any travellers because it falls within the dry season, which means lesser chances for rainfall and more opportunities for you to go explore its rainforests and beaches.  However, September is by far the best choice of month because temperature would be manageable ranging between 23°C  to 25°C in comparison to the 30°C to 33°C you may experience during the other months of the dry season.

 The Magahavat Festival

Sago dessert in Sabah
This is a special food festival celebrated during the first week of September, but for this year, it will be done on the 8th.  Monsopiad Cultural Village typically located at Kampung Terawi, Penampang typically hosts the event.  It features the staple food of the region, "sago", which is a sticky porridge eaten in small portions combined with sour soup producing a sweet and sour combination.  At times, it is cooked into a pancake and eaten with sugar and grated coconut.  The event offers a good opportunity for visitors and guests to have a taste of this staple food and learn how it is cooked.  In addition, traditional dances including Sumazau Penampang, Angalang-Magunatip and Papar will also be featured.

The Flower Festival

Orchids in Sabah
This is the ultimate reason you would love to visit Sabah during September.  The event takes place on the same week at Sabah Agriculture Park, a dream paradise for anyone who loves nature because it is set in a picturesque natural landscape with lush greenery.  It is the moment of the year where you will find all the beautiful orchids and flowers of Sabah on display and since you will go and visit the place, it is worth exploring the different areas offered by the park like the Ornamental Gardens, the Animal Park, the Tropical Rainforest Plot, the Hybrid Orchard Garden, the Native Orchid Centre, the Stream Garden and many more.  You may even consider it the perfect accommodation because of the variety it offers charged reasonably.

Other activities offered by the park include camping, fishing, boating, bicycle tour and trekking.  It is the perfect get-away for the entire family and is cheaper compared to other holiday destinations in the world.

Both festivities are enough reasons to rush to Sabah this September, It is worth the travel and the pictures you will take will be perfect because of the uniqueness offered by the place.  In any case, you are always free to visit the place anytime of the year and enjoy its unique culture and warm hospitality.

Market in Sabah

Author Bio: 
Shaiya is a freelance writer in the Philippines who once endured the extreme task of becoming an educator to university students.  She is now enjoying moments travelling to places she dreams of visiting and cherishing precious time with her family.

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