The Truth About Travel, Chocolate & Wine

Have you considered travelling to Canada for a wine tasting adventure?

Let me tell you that wine tasting has gained distinction in recent years in this part of the world. Wineries are spread all over this country. Hundreds of wineries can be found in British Columbia, Niagara-on-the Lake, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

In Ontario, one of the best wineries is the Holland Marsh owned by Roland Nersisyan who shares the winemaking experience with fellow wine enthusiasts.

Roland selected his team of professionals from different parts of Europe in an effort to bring the highest quality of wines and services to anyone who walks through their winery.

A green landscape of grape vines which is an expression of a tranquil life in the country is all at Holland Marsh. It is a perfect fit for wine enthusiasts.

If you are a beginner or do not know much about wines, go ahead and join one of the tasting tours at Holland Marsh. You will never be out of place, I can guarantee that.

I drove down to the Holland Marsh Wineries, a 22-acre piece of land in Newmarket, Ontario to have a taste of their wines. I arrived early and so I have a glimpse of its luscious vineyard and scenic pond with rustic gazebo.

It is so relaxing to be in this tranquil atmosphere. This wonderful experience actually starts half an hour before the wine tasting tour proper.

Holland Marsh Wineries is a perfect venue for special events. They host weddings which entails a romantic setting for tying the knot.  I spend time sitting between the pond and the man-made waterfalls which is a combination of peace & quiet environment.

It is 11:00 a.m. and we are getting ready for the tour. We are 12 in the group, an ideal number of people for wine tasting tour according to the very accommodating Norie Nersisyan. He gives a short orientation on how the tour and the tasting will go.

Norie started the tour of the facility, the step by step process and how it is being aged in huge containers. He then directed us outside the building and headed to the wide blanket of grape vines that has been there for a couple of years.

I have learned that the life of the vines will lasts for fifty years or longer and the fruit will improve with each passing year. "The older the vine the better the wine,"  Norie says.

More information were discussed which is detrimental to the life of the plants, things like bugs, the wind blows, the soil used, the four season and the staff who man its growth. The discussion that was conducted in front of the Marsh plantation was a learning experience for me.

So then, we are heading back to the Wine Club House for the highlights of the tour, the wine tasting. The building is so cool with its rustic style overlooking the magnificent view of the vineyard.

The wine tasting started and ended with 6 glasses of different wines carefully processed from vines handpicked from the vineyard outside. Believe me, every glass of wine I had is of high quality, both the red and the white.

Out of the six wines, I liked the last two I tasted, the Semi-Sweet White Wine and the Semi Dry Red Wine. They are both perfect for my taste. The semi-sweet white wine is a good pair with Thai food and after dinner chocolate-covered strawberries.

And here is the beautiful thing about my other favourite, the semi dry red wine. It is a perfect pair with spicy foods, curries and.....dark chocolates. Wow, dark chocolates, another favourite!

As dark chocolate is also gaining popularity for health and wellness, I find myself seeking for answers on how chocolates have anything to do with wines. How in the world can a sweet dark chocolate be a perfect pair for the semi dry red wine, I asked myself. I succeeded in just one try when I read an article that proved the real food of love is dark chocolate and red wine.

You too can have the feeling of having a favourite among the fine wines just in front of you. It is indeed, a fascinating experience to be in the company of tasters who are more experienced that will enhance your interest.

The writer at the Holland Marsh
More importantly, if you are a wine enthusiast, you may consider signing up to their exclusive Wine Club that will bring you closer to Holland Marsh and other club members that will make you a true wine aficionado.

Don't miss the chance as there are exclusive benefits provided for being a member, some of which are; quarterly shipments of your favourite wines, access to their club room for private functions, complementary tasting and tour for up to 5 guests and discounted winery experiences.

Other information about Membership with Holland Marsh Wine Club are provided.

Now it can be told ~ wine, chocolate and travel blends, and a perfect threesome.

Travel, chocolate & Wine - All in four corners of Holland Marsh Wineries.

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