Pack Right So That You Don't Miss Out on the Fun at Sea and on the Shore

Written by Ariana Louis

When you go for one of the many cheap cruises deals Australia style, you know you are going to have a great time, but you don't want to feel out of place, so you need to pack enough clothes that don't need expensive laundering.  Most items on board are pretty pricey; they won't be cheaper on shore either. What is worse is that if you need something important, you may waste time and money trying to find it!

Before you make your packing list, do your research regarding the expected temperatures at the places you will be going to, the activities and excursions you want to join, the dress codes that prevail on many cruises.  Packing essentials are even more important if you have to catch a flight before you go on cruising as you have to pack both for your flight and for your cruises ~ airlines and airports have security and baggage restrictions ~ in which case, it is best to travel as light as you can.

Essentials to Take on a Cruise
1. Clothes - The number of clothes you take will depend on the days you are travelling and kind of liner you are travelling in.  Most people do like to dress up a bit for dinner, but usually smart casual is the way to go.  If it is a formal occasion, you may be able to hire a tux or evening clothes on the ship.  Regular clothes you can take include jeans or cotton trousers, shorts (if travelling in warm weather), some tees, casual clothes, a pair of formal or semi-formal pants that will take you everywhere, cropped pants, dresses, swimwear and sleep wear.  If you are travelling through different time zones, your best bet is to choose the layering option, carrying a cardigan or jacket and perhaps a wrap or shawl. Footwear like sturdy walking shoes, dress shoes and flip-flops for the beach are also must-haves.

2. Medicines - You must have your medicines that you take regularly in the required quantity. Apart from this, you may want to carry an antihistamine, a cough syrup, lozenges, paracetamol tablet or syrup, aspirin, anti-nausea pills, antacids, band aids, and an antiseptic cream. Don't forget sunglasses, prescription glasses and contact lenses.

3. Bags - A large tote or small backpack will be useful when you go on a day or beach excursion to carry all your essentials with you. Apart from that, you may want to pack in an evening bag and a capacious day bag enough for your travel and daily needs.  If you cannot be separated from your Tablet or Kindle, your bag should be big enough to fit.  

4. Electric Points and Adaptors - With just one or two points in your cabin and bathroom, you ought to pack in a multi-point plug or a power board so you can charge more devices all at once.  Adaptors or a multi-plug that is convertible will be of use if the ship does not originate in Australia or you are coming from another country that uses different power plugs.

5. Toiletries and Cosmetics - While the ship will provide you with essential toiletries, you may want to carry your own bath sponge or loofah, a nail brush, sunscreens, moisturizers, branded toiletries like shampoos and conditioners, hair products and others. You can also carry your own travel size cosmetic packs and perfumes.

6. Documents - Don't forget your essential paperworks. Your passport and visas, identification cards, tickets, driving license (if you want to rent a car in your destinations), excursion tickets if you have pre-booked, your travel documents like credit cards and some cash. Print-outs and photocopies of all documents are a good idea, but you need to pack them in a different suitcase. You will also want to carry your other travel documents with you in originals and photocopies like travel insurance, medical travel insurance or medical insurance (if you are a citizen and travelling within the country).

Those are some essentials that you ought to carry with you when going on cheap cruises deals in Australia.  However, you may want to optionally carry:

  • Hair Appliances - you may want to carry with you a hair straightening iron or curling wand if you use one regularly.
  • Skin Products - you could carry your favourite skin product with you, particularly if your skin is prone to breaking out or you have sensitive skin.
  • Fragrances - a light day one and a stronger evening one should do the trick; and you can get these in small sizes.
  • Jewellery - keep it light and avoid carrying or wearing valuable items and precious gem and gold.
  • Exercise Clothes - if you are planning to take part in exercise classes or go gym-ing, you will need your exercise gear.
  • Hat or Cap - when you go to places where the sun blazes, you ought to consider protecting your head.
  • Detergent - if you need to wash essential underwear or other items.
  • Duck Tape - this is an extremely useful item for minor repairs or to add reinforcement to luggage or if you have a mishap with your bags.
When you are on the ship, you are cut off from the rest of the world so it is doubly important to pack all the required items that you need for the cruise.

Author Bio:
Ariana is an opinionated but compassionate traveller. She has a degree in medieval history but works as a writer for the local and international tourism magazines and websites. During her visit to Australia, she joined a cheap cruise deals with her relatives

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