Travelling on a Budget? 5 Cost-Cutting Ideas

Written by Olivia Kane

Have you been postponing your family vacation due to insufficient funds? Have your family holidays have been sidelined in favour of more pressing monetary commitments? 

Do not overlook the benefits of relaxation because of budgetary constraints.  It is important to remember that you needn't spend vast sums of money to have a good time. With careful planning and shopping beforehand, you may save thousands on the overall price of your holiday.

When looking for cheaper vacations, please don't pass on family travel insurance. Anything can happen, and it is best to be prepared for the worst eventuality.  That said, read on to discover five valuable pointers for cost-effective getaways.

1. Stay at Home

Who said you can't have a wonderful vacation at home? If you are able to ignore the everyday household chores, a stay-at-home vacation can be very relaxing.  Families with small children often benefit from a home vacation as sleep and other routines remain unaffected.  Children do not need a fancy holiday, they are happy to spend quality time with you!

2. Plan, plan, plan!
If your children are young, and you are not yet a slave to the school holidays, plan to take a break out of season.  Do some research on your destination, and try to find the best possible package deals.  Planning ahead for traveller's cheques, foreign currency, car hire and family travel insurance, usually ensures that you get these at discounted rates. 

It is also prudent to book your airport parking in advance, or you may be in for a nasty shock.  Pack lightly to avoid being charged for additional baggage.  Plan to leave your mobile phone at home, unless you don't mind the additional charges levied by your service provider. Make sure that you purchase all your necessities beforehand.  It is shocking what basic toiletries can cost in a resort kiosk.

3. Getting Around

Where possible, avoid flying direct. Airline prices are significantly cheaper if you are willing to endure a stopover.  Train fares are also more budget friendly when purchased in advance.  If you plan to rent a car for more than a week, do remember to check the weekly rental prices, as opposed to the daily rates. This can save you a pretty penny.

4. Rest easy

Sharing accommodation with friends or family can save you a lot of money. If this idea doesn't fill you with delight, consider doing a home swap. Camping is a brilliant, no frills way of taking in the sights. Youth hostels are also an option; however, some are age restricted.

5. You must eat!

Self catering accommodation literally saves you a fortune, especially if you are travelling with a large family. Always try to shop for your own food from a local supermarket. If you must use the restaurant at the hotel, try to have children split their meals. Make an effort to book into accommodation that allows children to "eat free" or that offers a free breakfast.  Never be tempted to snack from you mini bar.

Travelling on a budget is achievable, especially when taking advantage of coupons and special offers. Have fun!

Author Bio
Olivia is a freelance travel blogger. She recommends getting family travel insurance to help keep the costs down when holidaying together. She is an avid traveller and have written many journals on travel for various sites and blogs. She can be found blogging about the many places she has visited on a shoestring budget.

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