6 South American Snowboarding Hot Spots

Written by Jessica Socheski

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North America and Europe are not the only places to shred some serious powder. South America contains some of the world’s most diverse snowboarding terrain. And, for serious snowboarders, South America’s ski season is during the southern hemisphere’s winter. This means that the prime time to snowboard actually falls during the traditional summer months when it is hot and sunny in the northern hemisphere.

For any of the nomadic boarders who follow the snow, check your snowboard gear guide and get ready spend the summer and early fall in South America after a full winter and spring in the north for year round snowboarding. When in South America, check out these six hot spots (or should we say cool spots) for the best mountain snow all “summer” long.

1. Portillo
The oldest resort in South America, Portillo is an isolated area in the Patagonia. Legendary for its 14,000 acres of available terrain, boarders must commit to a full week at the lodge if interested in snowboarding this mountain. Because of this requirement, the mountain is almost always quiet making the experience feel as if the mountain has never been explored before. Plus, the area is so expansive that to fully experience the mountain, one week is barely enough time.

2. Nevados de Chillan
Hidden in the southern Andes, this resort rests on the slopes of the Chillan volcano. This place is always filled with fresh powder, unexplored backcountry, and plenty of trees. Because of its span of backcountry (24,700 acres to be exact), this resort is where the locals go to show off their advanced skills.

3. Los Penitentes
While this Argentinean resort is small in comparison to the larger resorts, it offers some of the most exciting, untouched side country. It is located in an extreme avalanche area so anyone who ventures out to explore should be avalanche certified. Because of its location and smaller size, most people shy away which means that all of the snow is pure and ready for some serious boarding.

4. Cerro Catedral
This resort offers such a diverse terrain that snowboarders could spend the entire season exploring its new peaks and wide backcountry. It has immediate access to backcountry sweet spots that will entertain all skill levels and keep you occupied for days. Catedral caters to every need with its massive mountains, steep cliff drops, and bottomless powder.

5. Arpa
This area has gained popularity in the past few years because of its amazing natural conditions. With 3,000 vertical feet of untracked snow, the mountain is an awesome experience for advanced riders. With plenty of free riding and free styling, there are numerous areas to explore while enjoying the breathtaking views.

6. Las Lenas
Argentina’s largest resort, this destination offers steep, big mountain terrain with high elevation that ensures deep powder fluff. It has become an attraction to many pro-riders because it is one of the most challenging slopes to ride on. Because the altitude is high above tree line, the snowfall can be sporadic. However, when it does snow, it dumps. So be ready to ride on over after a good snowfall for exploring its 40 miles of piste terrain.

With these six amazing spots, you can spend the summer and fall in some of the deepest, freshest powder that South America has to offer.

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