Are You Travelling? Here are SomeTravel Tips ~ Planning Your Trip

Hello fellow travellers! 

We are creating tips that will be very helpful when you travel. This will serve as reference before, during, and after your journey. We are categorizing each one to make it easier for you. 

The same is true with the deals that we are posting on a daily basis. Deals and offers that will help you plan your trips, now and in the near future.....

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This will be the first of a series of our Useful Travel Tips. Stay tuned!

Planning Your Trip

  • Do your research. Don't buy a guidebook and assume you are prepared
  • Don't follow the map: sometimes getting lost is a great way to find amazing places that are not mentioned in tourism guides 
  • Read travel tips and reviews online and post questions to travel forums
  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations of safe places/areas to visit, as well as areas to avoid
  • Don't even think of packing too much stuff. Travel light.
  • Make sure your passport is not expiring within a six-month period
  • Make sure you have tourist visa as required to your destination
  • Plan for a non-stop flight
  • Make copies of your passports and airline tickets 
  • Learn about your destination 
  • Leave travel plans and travel itinerary  and appropriate contact details to friends or family
  • Designate someone you can call or email once you arrive and provide them with a general guideline on how often you will be checking in
  • Have someone pick up your mails and check your home while you are gone
  • Secure your house or flat and have automatic timers set up to turn lights on and off
  • Arrange for someone cut grasses, water plants, open and close curtains daily and shovel the driveway
  • Decide on what kind of entertainment you would like to bring on the flight; iPad, iPod or e-Book reader
  • Do not wear jewellery or belts so that you can zip through security. The less valuables you bring, the less delays and worries you have
  • Bring some snacks that you like for the trip should you need it during the flight
  • Make sure all financial responsibilities are settled before travelling
  • Alert your bank and credit card companies of dates and locations of travel
  • If you are travelling quite often, keep your 'things to do' list handy and add as you travel more
  • Discover the essence of Do-It-Yourself-Travel.

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