Nelieta Mishchenko of Cordoba, ARGENTINA

10. Featured Traveller

 Nelieta Mishchenko
Hostel Owner
Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Cordoba, ARGENTINA

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things"

Words from the Publisher:
I had the chance to interview a very interesting person known by her nickname Neliets.  She is our traveller from Argentina who hails from Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, a town located on the banks of Santa Rosa River in the Calamuchita Valley.

Neliets love to travel and take photos.  She enjoys photography so much that at times she sits on a bench and watch the world go by.  "Aside from travelling, this is one way of taking a break from my work in the hostel which is rough and too busy most of the time", she quips. "Owning and managing a business like a hostel is not that easy to pack up and go", she added.

She has travelled to South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mauritius, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands (two times), Germany (three times), Poland, Russia, Italy, Vatican City, Austria (three times), Thailand and Egypt.  Inspite of the many countries she has visited, Czech Republic, Greece, and Vietnam are on top of her list to be explored in the near future.

When she is on a trip, she uses all types of public transport.  She believes that buses are best to meet people.

As to her photography, check her collection of Artworks and discover her specialties in taking photos of Street and People. If you plan to travel to Argentina, it is a good idea to check and try her Hostel ~ it's the best place to stay while you are in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita. I usually leave a space for our featured traveller to tell their incredible memories and travel experiences and Neliets is not an exception.  It is an honour to have her be a part of our blog. 

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I am a born and bred South African girl, married to a Russian man and now live in Argentina.
South African Flag
My travelling adventures started when I was a teenager when my parents bought a caravan. We used to go camping a lot over weekends but once a year we took a family vacation to some exotic destination.

At the time I did not like camping. What teenage girl does? My parents liked to go to places where they could rest and I wanted to be surrounded by people. Young people my own age! Today I can understand their reasoning because stress wears you out completely. Thinking back to those days I can still remember clearly how we used to explore every inch of the camping ground…and beyond! I was a little explorer.

Then life takes you on a journey and my life took a different path. I got married and started to build a family and career. But in 2002 my life took yet another turn when I got divorced after 10 years of marriage. Over the years the little explorer inside me was dying a slow death. But all was not lost, she was not dead yet. I promised myself that I was going to see the world and nothing was going to stop me. It was the best decision ever.

My first major trip was to the United Kingdom. I can still remember the mixture of fear and excitement when I landed at Heathrow airport. I was totally on my own and it was my first overseas trip. I came back a changed person. The world has opened up and I felt alive again.

Flag of Argentina
In 2007 I met my husband Andrey when I back packed in South America. We married that same year in South Africa and then I moved to Argentina.

People often think that you need a lot of money to travel. This is not the case. If you save money every month you could reach your goal in a year. I want to share with you some tips that I have collected based on my travel experiences:
  • Look for other accommodation types including: Hostels, Coach Surfing, AirBNB. 
  • Don't splash out in luxury hotels. Find accommodation where you can cook. Eating out in restaurants cost you a fortune. 
  • Find the best flights on sites like: Kayak,, CheapFlights, etc. 
  • Use local transport and not only taxis to get to places. 
  • Read blogs and travel forums. Experienced travellers know how to travel light, safe and economically. 
  • You can never take enough photos! Invest in a good camera and take as many photos as possible. Not only of nature but also with yourself in the photo. 
People often ask me how I choose my next destination. “I don’t”, I answer them, “it chooses me”.

As to the country that I call home, there are many things that you can do in Argentina aside from exploring its beauty.  

Buenos Aires
People here love coffee, particularly in Buenos Aires which is one of the cities with the most coffee shops in the world.  The coffee in itself is an experience but what adds even more to this is the atmosphere. People talk long hours, read the latest newspapers, and enjoying the time with friends.  Most of the coffee shops are in old buildings with some places that almost look like museums with incredible decor. If you love old buildings and architecture then this will add even more joy to your early morning coffee. I love coffee, I really do.  If you are visiting my country, then this is one experience that you do not want to miss.  

Coffee in Buenos Aires

Casa Rosada or the Pink Palace
There are a lot of interesting places in the city like the architecture in Russian Orthodox Church in San Telmo, the beautiful monument Floralis Generica and Casa Rosada or the Pink Place, just to name a few.

Buenos Aires is in general not a dangerous city but like any big city, some places are not safe and criminals are lurking around every corner to mug the unsuspected tourist. These guys are professionals and operate in groups of two or more.  The places are normally surrounded by poverty stricken areas where there is a lot of crime.  The places that you have to avoid are:
  • Retiro or Main Bus and Train terminals
  • El Caminito in the La Boca Neighbourhood
  • Calle Florida
  • Subte or Metro
I invite you to find more detailed tips while in Buenos Aires by clicking here.


There are not too many locals who speak English in this city and in Argentina in general.  Spanish is the official language of most countries in South America but you can get by with hand signals as the situation calls for it.  

Some of the places that you can spend time discovering are; Museo Manuel de Falla ~ Chalet Los Espinillos, the Clock Tower in Alta Gracia, art exhibitions which can be best visited on Sundays, Palacio Ferreyra with its impressive Entrance Hall and the Museo Superior de Bellas Artes EVITA.

Entrance Hall at Palacio Ferreyra
Museo Superior de Bellas Artes EVITA
It is a great way to take The City Tour Bus to see more of city's tourist attractions.  Over the years, I begin to like city tours.  You see most of the highlights and maybe something that you would like to explore in more detail. The tour guide speaks English and Spanish.  The places that you will see on the city tour are the following:
  • Intendance Square with a huge glass structure
  • Paseo del Marqués de Sobremonte
  • La  Cañada Stream
  • Italy Square
  • Angela Tower
  • Founder Monument
  • The City Hall and other Government buildings
Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
Santa Rosa de Calamuchita is a beautiful town in the Calamuchita Valley which is approximately 80 kilometres from the city of Cordoba.  When you are in my town for a visit, you have the chance to experience our hospitality and will leave the place with good memories.

Religious Art Museum or Old Chapel (Museo de Arte Religioso o Capilla Vieja)
This chapel has a very interesting history.  Built in 1784 on one of the largest farms in Calamuchita Valley, Santa Rosa where the first baptism was recorded in January 1784.
It stood directly in the middle of the undeveloped land that appears to have given birth to a town.  This Chapel is not only valuable in terms of the architecture but is also formed the focus point of the town.  It was the core of the centre.

In 1997 after being repaired, it became a museum of religious art Santa Rosa de Lima, and part of the cultural heritage of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.  It is a place that cannot be missed by all tourists visiting the area.

Capilla Vieja Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

Sheik Restaurant ~ Delicious Food in an Upmarket Restaurant
Sheik Restaurant in town is a new and upmarket restaurant. The owners are Turkish and the waiters dress in traditional clothes. This is a little strange for a small town in Argentina but people love it.

You will like the atmosphere at Sheik both indoor and outdoor dining areas that is never crowded.  An ideal restaurant for a romantic evening.  They offer big portions of delicious 'tostadas' ~ toasted bread with ham and cheese

Sheik Restaurant ~ Outdoor Dining
Lep Bus ~ Affordable bus services and shuttles at Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
Going around Santa Rosa de Calamuchita and its neighbouring towns is very easy.  The new models of Lep bus and shuttles are all fitted with air conditioner, GPS, reclining chairs and DVDs. They mainly travel to and from the following destinations:
Cordoba, Embalse, Villa General Belgrano, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Rio Cuarto and Almafuerte. I believe they also do longer travels but you need to contact them for more details and information.

Lep Bus in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
Hostel Tinktinkie ~ Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
If you are travelling to Argentina and want to explore the province of Cordoba, then Hostel Tinktinkie is the ideal home for you.  It offers quality accommodation for families, couples, backpackers and solo travellers.  Hostel Tinktinkie has private rooms and dormis with individual entrances and private bathrooms.  The kitchen is fully equipped.  Amenities like TV-DVD, Internet and Wi-Fi are also available.

The hostel is 300 metres from the Santa Rosa river in a tranquil environment close to nature where you can cycle, hike, swim and do some horse riding.  The owners will be at your service and will cook on request. Great hospitality indeed at Hostel Tinktinkie.
The hostel is situated at Corner Enrique S Discepolo and Hugo Del Carri, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Cordoba X5196 ARGENTINA with telephone # (549) 354 643 7721.

Playa Miami Verano
 Guests at Hostel Tinktinkie

 Guests at Hostel Tinktinkie

Are you a traveller who would like to share your travel story with our blog and our readers?  Then, I'd love to hear from you!
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