Angel De La Flor of Iloilo City PHILIPPINES

15. Featured Traveller 

Angel de la Flor
Student  : Blogger

(Iloilo City, PHILIPPINES)
Step out of the door. Adventure awaits

We are lucky to have Angel as our feature. A lass from Iloilo City find time travelling around her native Philippines whenever she is on break from her studies at the De la Salle University - College of Saint Benilde. The wonders of nature never fail to take her breath away and even commonplace activities become an extraordinary adventure for her. Angel is not a "world trotter', but she would settle to that when the right time comes. With this in mind, she hopes to start her journey to exotic, culture rich and historical countries not to mention her desire in exploring small islands and impoverished places.  The countries in her wishlist include India, Maldives, Palau, Mauritius, South Africa, Morocco and France.


I travel with my Kids

Travelling with Iris and Sam to Austria (by car)
Written by: Jeroen Ensink

Are you scared on taking your children on a plane trip? You are not alone ~ most parents are nervous about it.  

I also do get questions whether I am nervous about taking my kids on a (car) trip. Their excuse for asking is that they really are,  and won't undertake any journey at all. Honestly, anything can happen but I would never deny myself a holiday, or anything for that matter especially with my two lovely kids, Sam and Iris.  I can only say to you, Just do it!  You don't have to be afraid that something might go wrong.  I have learned a lot of things because I have been travelling with both of them from the very beginning.  Iris was only six weeks young when I had my first short vacation and have stayed in a hotel. Sam and Iris are used to it now. When I go for a journey, they are always with me.


Jeroen Ensink of Hoogeveen The NETHERLANDS

14. Featured Traveller 

Jeroen Ensink
Product Manager : Traveller

(Hoogeveen, The Netherlands)
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans

My early days in Sydney Australia
Jeroenos, as he is fondly called, is a frequent traveller and a virtual friend of this writer.

He has travelled to many parts of the world with the following places worth mentioning; U.S.A., Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Suriname, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Thailand, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Republic of Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Andorra and Liechtenstein. Aside from these countries, he has plans of exploring Egypt, South Africa, Argentina, Mexico and Poland, to name a few.

Flag of The Netherlands
Jeroen travels with his two kids from the very beginning. "Iris and Sam became used to it rather fast and have always been easy to get and travel along with", he says. He makes sure a car is available and don't have to waste time waiting for a ride.

Jeroen has many interesting travel stories to tell.  I am sure it will serve as an inspiration to all fellow travellers especially those who travel with children.

Read on.....


Review : Via Rail to me is a Perfect 10

If you're destination oriented,  take the plane.  If you want a real TRAVEL, take the VIA Rail train ~ Freddie Miranda 2012

I have travelled on VIA Rail quite a few times between Toronto, Kingston, Montreal and Ottawa and will continue to use their services in order to get between these cities.

I really love this train. I can shell out the extra money for the comfort, the service, the speed, and the free WIFI. Personally, I prefer purchasing my train tickets online with VIA Rail. Their website, is user-friendly and easy to understand.  The staff at the Union Station in Toronto are polite and very efficient whenever I pick up my tickets. The VIA crew are friendly, cheerful, helpful and very professional.  Excellent job! Keep up the good work guys! What else can I say?

Trip to Athens: An Inspiring Destination

If you are planning a visit to Greece, you must be thinking a variety of things like the Mediterranean culture, the Greek lifestyle, the climate, the food and the Greek history. I can tell you there is more history in other parts of this country that you have to see.

Daytime view of the city of Athens

You will also think of the historical places like Athens, Acropolis, Corinth, Delphi, Knossos in Crete and Thessaloniki. But then, let's start the journey while we are in Athens.

I sit and gaze at people around the Syntagma square and see them waiting for the changing of the guard ceremony at the Parliament Building. It is worth watching so make sure you are part of the crowd at 11:00 a.m. one morning, better still, on a Sunday which is more dramatic than the others.

Nightime view of the city of Athens
Oh well, I have seen the changing of the guards in London and Prague but this one in Athens made me look closely at the costumed guards. Obviously, they are different with their pleated kilt, a shirt with flowing sleeves, wool leggings and pompom decorated hobnail footwear.


Review : The City Lights Cruises is not worth remembering

 Now that summertime is fast approaching, it is about time to post a review of my worst cruise experience right in my own city of Toronto.
Empress of Canada cruise ship
I was so excited when I got 16 tickets to go on a City Lights Cruises one end of summer. It's not my first time going on a cruise,  but because it's sponsored by a company I work with, I am tempted to go for it.  This cruise ship operates and offers dinner cruise in big cities in the US and Canada; New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle, Boston and Toronto. Being a resident of Toronto and works in the downtown core, I opted to join the one offered in my city.


Cris Reyes of Valenzuela City, PHILIPPINES

13. Featured Traveller 

Cris Reyes
Industrial Engineer : Traveller : Thrillseeker

(Valenzuela City, Philippines)
Love conquers all. Love travel, and you’d be amazed of the experiences you’d conquer

We are featuring a unique traveller from the Philippines who have taken up extreme adventure seriously.  This writer was inspired with the way she takes risk in her journey and seeking thrills in her adventures.  Cris has travelled to other Asian countries; Hongkong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia and so excited on visiting New Zealand, South Africa, Japan and Ireland in the future.  There are a lot of travel stories that Cris wants to share with us, so here she is, fellow travellers....


Travel Alert : Toronto's Breaking News - Higher Duty-Free limits expected to save Shoppers

Higher duty-free limits expected to save shoppers

Canadian bargain hunters and communities within easy reach of the U.S. border are beginning a new chapter in their relationship with U.S. retailers with new rules on duty-free shopping that went into effect Friday.

The changes -- previously announced in this year's federal budget -- put increased pressure on Canadian retailers and other businesses that have long watched their customers lured Stateside by their rivals' relatively low prices.
In most cases, the increases to the duty-free levels are substantial.