Flying Comfortably to China

Written by Ariana Louis

Travelling on Long Flights

First rule if travelling on a long flight - try to get comfortable seats. Ask your travel agent for airlines that have good seats. I travelled to Asia a couple of years ago and was very glad to have listened to a friend's advice to book the most comfortable seats with better leg room. Even better, if you can afford business class. But since not everyone can, let's look at some ways to prepare for a long flight.

Great Wall of China
Tips on How to Prepare for Long Flights

If it is a long haul flight, chances are you will be staying longer so will need to plan how everything at home will be taken cared of. Also, you will need to plan what to bring for the long journey and your stay.

Here are some things to think about when planning for this.

1. Are all financial responsibilities settled before travelling?
2. Do you have enough money to take and access to it if you need more when travelling?
3. Make sure your bank knows that you are travelling and that you may use your credit card or debit card abroad so they know that they are legitimate transactions.
4. Secure your house/flat and have some automatic timers set up to turn lights on and off. You might want to think about having a local friend or family member check on the house and cars at least once while you are away.
5. Find an airline that has comfortable seats with some leg room.


The Truth About Travel, Chocolate & Wine

Have you considered travelling to Canada for a wine tasting adventure?

Let me tell you that wine tasting has gained distinction in recent years in this part of the world. Wineries are spread all over this country. Hundreds of wineries can be found in British Columbia, Niagara-on-the Lake, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

In Ontario, one of the best wineries is the Holland Marsh owned by Roland Nersisyan who shares the winemaking experience with fellow wine enthusiasts.

Roland selected his team of professionals from different parts of Europe in an effort to bring the highest quality of wines and services to anyone who walks through their winery.

A green landscape of grape vines which is an expression of a tranquil life in the country is all at Holland Marsh. It is a perfect fit for wine enthusiasts.


Pack Right So That You Don't Miss Out on the Fun at Sea and on the Shore

Written by Ariana Louis

When you go for one of the many cheap cruises deals Australia style, you know you are going to have a great time, but you don't want to feel out of place, so you need to pack enough clothes that don't need expensive laundering.  Most items on board are pretty pricey; they won't be cheaper on shore either. What is worse is that if you need something important, you may waste time and money trying to find it!

Before you make your packing list, do your research regarding the expected temperatures at the places you will be going to, the activities and excursions you want to join, the dress codes that prevail on many cruises.  Packing essentials are even more important if you have to catch a flight before you go on cruising as you have to pack both for your flight and for your cruises ~ airlines and airports have security and baggage restrictions ~ in which case, it is best to travel as light as you can.

Essentials to Take on a Cruise
1. Clothes - The number of clothes you take will depend on the days you are travelling and kind of liner you are travelling in.  Most people do like to dress up a bit for dinner, but usually smart casual is the way to go.  If it is a formal occasion, you may be able to hire a tux or evening clothes on the ship.  Regular clothes you can take include jeans or cotton trousers, shorts (if travelling in warm weather), some tees, casual clothes, a pair of formal or semi-formal pants that will take you everywhere, cropped pants, dresses, swimwear and sleep wear.  If you are travelling through different time zones, your best bet is to choose the layering option, carrying a cardigan or jacket and perhaps a wrap or shawl. Footwear like sturdy walking shoes, dress shoes and flip-flops for the beach are also must-haves.


Amazing Tips for Student Travel in Spain

Written by Jane Hudson

Spain is a terrific country for student travel with so many interesting but inexpensive places to visit and numerous backpacker hostels across the country.  Further, transport is reliable, efficient and easy, making it so straight-forward to move around.  Then the vibrant nightlife in many top destinations, along with a rich culture, fascinating history, delicious food, and, of course, the famous fiery Spanish passion, make Spain even better travel destination!
Foods and Beverages
When it comes to food in Spain, lunch is significantly cheaper than dinner. So it pays to eat well in the middle of the day and have a lighter bite in the evenings. A good sign to look for is Menu del Dia. This is a filling and delicious three course deal that will set you back less than Euro10. Remember to eat at an inside table instead of on a terrace or balcony as it is often cheaper. Tapas bars are usually a reasonable option, and standing at the bar with a drink and tapas will cost less than sitting at a table.

A big part of student travel in Spain usually involves sampling the local beverages. Try the local beers, spirits and wines. As they will be kinder to your wallet, and give you a more authentic drinking experience than imported brands.

Travel Destination
Tip: Don't forget your student card. Showing proof of your student status can often save you money on entrance fees, and sometimes on travel.

The capital city of Madrid is often the first travel destination of many students. Weekdays are the most favourite time to come as many places offer discounted entry and accommodation often cost less in the days. Go there, look for night time spots that offer free admission, buy a drink, and enjoy live bands, flamenco, and more! Take for example, Reina Sofia and Museo del Prado, two of Madrid's most famous attractions, offer free entry most evenings. And there are many other interesting places that student can enjoy freely there. Come and discover!

For artsy students, Barcelona is the best place to go. Gorgeous buildings by Gaudi create a complete visual feast, and many can be admired from the outside with no costs. The renowned La Sagrada Familia is a must-see when in Barcelona. Picasso's masterpiece will also fascinate you. The beach is close by. The Football Museum is another top spot for students travelling in Spain and trips to Montserrat allow you to walk in the stunning scenic areas.

In Andalusia, be sure not to miss Almunecar and Granada. From each place, it is easy to get the soaring snow-capped mountains, national parks and heavenly beaches. 

Alicante on the Mediterranean Coast is full of energy and life. Students will love the beaches, the parties, the white washed buildings and the city.

And, finally, no Spanish travel is complete without a visit  to one of the stunning Costas, each with its own charm and attractions. Whether you choose Costa del Sun, Costa Dorada, Costa Brava, or other seaside areas, you can enjoy lazy days on the splendid beaches, swimming in the clear sea, great nightlife, cute fishing villages, souvenir shopping, and the different exciting beach and water sports that are on offer.  Try your hand at beach volleyball, banana boats, jet skis, parasailing, snorkelling and more.  And, beach bumming costs you nothing. Rather than paying to rent a sun bed, carry a thin sarong to lie out on the golden sands. Many organizations offer bar crawls and boat trips which are not only heaps of fun, but allow you to meet other travellers of same age.

Student travel in Spain is a lot of fun, allowing you to see many things, have great experience, sample the local culture, and meet new friends, and, it need not be very expensive. Try now!

Author Bio
Jane is a passionate writer and a student at the University of Pennsylvania. She is writing for a great site that helps people save money on travel, flights and more. She hopes to share useful and interesting experience for anyone who loves Spain and travel in general.


Travelling on a Budget? 5 Cost-Cutting Ideas

Written by Olivia Kane

Have you been postponing your family vacation due to insufficient funds? Have your family holidays have been sidelined in favour of more pressing monetary commitments? 

Do not overlook the benefits of relaxation because of budgetary constraints.  It is important to remember that you needn't spend vast sums of money to have a good time. With careful planning and shopping beforehand, you may save thousands on the overall price of your holiday.

When looking for cheaper vacations, please don't pass on family travel insurance. Anything can happen, and it is best to be prepared for the worst eventuality.  That said, read on to discover five valuable pointers for cost-effective getaways.

1. Stay at Home

Who said you can't have a wonderful vacation at home? If you are able to ignore the everyday household chores, a stay-at-home vacation can be very relaxing.  Families with small children often benefit from a home vacation as sleep and other routines remain unaffected.  Children do not need a fancy holiday, they are happy to spend quality time with you!


Top Trips this Summer

Written by Alex Siborn

If you're planning a holiday 2013, no doubt you have already thought long and hard about where you want to go.  

Are you a Greek islands type of person, where the laid-back lifestyle and sizzling beaches call you back every summer?  Or do you prefer full-on family holidays, with a lively resort and non-stop activities?  Whatever you're after, there is a holiday 2013 with your name on it.

Kids Enjoying the Beach at St. Hilaire de Riez ~ Photo Credit to Jeroen Ensink of Travel with Kids

The industry is full to the brim with sizzling destinations and summer holiday experiences.  If you've got the kids in tow, you'll really have the world at your feet, thanks to the range of child-friendly hotels and kids' clubs available.


5 Must-Sees in Nantes ~ France

Written by Adrienne Erin
When most people think of France, their first thoughts are of Paris and the many historical landmarks and legendary art pieces that fill its streets. But Paris is barely the tip of the Eiffel Tower.  

France is, in fact, home to a number of treasures, including Nantes, one of the country's largest cities.

Located along the Loire River in Western France, Nantes is a city steeped in history, with beautiful parks, gardens, museums, and beaches that make this a place worth visiting. While there are many things to see in Nantes, including various festivals held throughout the year, like the Three Continents Festival, here are five things you will not want to miss:

1. Châte Au Des Ducs de Bretagne

The Castle of the Dukes of Britanny is a 13th fortress that served as the home to the Dukes of Britanny for 300 years. Now, it houses the Nantes History Museum, which takes visitors through 32 rooms of the beautifully restored castle and displays over 800 historical artifacts.

2. Machines de  l’Île.

No trip to Nantes is complete without experiencing the Machines de  l’Île. A cross between a museum and a zoo, this landmark is the home to three extraordinary exhibits.

The first is the Machine Gallery, where giant machines take the form of animals and plants and move about, sometimes with passengers.

Then there are the Maritime World's Carousel, a three-story merry-go-round that features stunning mechanical representations of ocean wildlife, and the Great Elephant, a monstrous contraption that can carry up to 50 passengers. 

3. The Botanical Gardens

Nantes also boasts two beautiful botanical gardens.

The Jardin des Plantes, which dates back to the early 1800s, is one of France's most beautiful gardens. It contains close to 11,000 different types of plants, all of which are laid out within a series of waterways and ponds.

The Jardin Japonais de l’Ile de Versailles (the Japanese Gardens of the Isle of Versailles), takes the form of an authentic Japanese garden, complete with bamboo and a waterfall.

You won't experience tranquility like this anywhere else, unless maybe your garden at home has been installed with the top mosquito traps.

4. Le Passage Pommeraye

The setting for many a Jacques Demy movie, the Passage of Pommeraye is a scenic upscale shopping mall. Named after its developer, Louis Pommeraye, this shopping centre is built around an alley between two streets and opens up in the centre to a gorgeous indoor courtyard lined in shops and a balcony.

Though the prices may be a little high, it's still worth a visit to see the high fashion side of Nantes.

5. Musée Jules Verne

The Jules Verne Museum is the perfect place for any literature buff or science fiction fan. Though not his actual home, the museum building is set in a location that inspired much of Verne's work.

On display are a number of artifacts and memorabilia that celebrate his writing, including representations of his inventions and some of the author's actual belongings.

Author Bio
Adrienne is a freelance writer and Francophile whose love of travel was ignited by her experience studying abroad in Paris. She travelled extensively in France to practice her language skills, and also travelled abroad to a number of European countries to visit friends, family, and sites that had interested her for years. Read her personal blog, Pongra, to see more of her work.


Zurich Experience ~ It's Worth Riding the Trolley

Zurich is worth remembering. There is no doubt, it's beautiful! There is more into it other than the tourist attractions.

A dear friend made our stay more pleasant from the very first day of our travel. We travelled by train from our hosts in Oberrordorf to the city of Zurich. It did not happen once. She showed us around Zurich for the second time.

The first was with fellow travellers from around Switzerland and other countries who came over to Zurich to attend this particular meet. It was Julz who made us comfortable and end the event with a bit of success. She toured us around like a pro. A very pleasant person, indeed.

Limmat River
During the tour, I was amazed on how huge this city and how large the number of financial institutions and banking giants it has. No wonder, it was once named the city with the best quality of life in the world as well as the wealthiest city in Europe. What I saw is exactly what I had in mind prior to my trip.


7 Things You Must Do in Barcelona

Written by Jerome Franco
Barcelona is one of Europe's popular cities for tourists and visitors of all kinds, and is the cultural and economic centre of Spain's distinctive Catalonia region. It's important when you're planning a city break that you try to see as many of the things the city has to offer as possible, so we picked out some of the best.

La Seu Cathedral ~ Barcelona
Check Out the Architecture

Barcelona is arguably most famous as the home of Antonio Gaudi, who was born in nearby Reus and was responsible for designing many of the city's most stunning structures in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.