6 South American Snowboarding Hot Spots

Written by Jessica Socheski

Photo Credit: Pantherfile
North America and Europe are not the only places to shred some serious powder. South America contains some of the world’s most diverse snowboarding terrain. And, for serious snowboarders, South America’s ski season is during the southern hemisphere’s winter. This means that the prime time to snowboard actually falls during the traditional summer months when it is hot and sunny in the northern hemisphere.

For any of the nomadic boarders who follow the snow, check your snowboard gear guide and get ready spend the summer and early fall in South America after a full winter and spring in the north for year round snowboarding. When in South America, check out these six hot spots (or should we say cool spots) for the best mountain snow all “summer” long.

1. Portillo
The oldest resort in South America, Portillo is an isolated area in the Patagonia. Legendary for its 14,000 acres of available terrain, boarders must commit to a full week at the lodge if interested in snowboarding this mountain. Because of this requirement, the mountain is almost always quiet making the experience feel as if the mountain has never been explored before. Plus, the area is so expansive that to fully experience the mountain, one week is barely enough time.

Antonis Iordanoglou of Athens GREECE

33. Featured Traveller 
 Antonis Iordanoglou

 Travel Writer : Journalist : Product Manager : Traveller
 Athens GREECE

"A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it" 
~ John Steinbeck

It is amazing to have Antonis a part of our travel blog. A seasoned traveller and a journalist in his own right. 
Flag of Greece
He has travelled to Italy, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey, Gibraltar, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, USA (East Coast, South Carolina, Jacksonville, Miami , Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Gulf of Mexico, New Orleans, Florida Keys, Saint Augustine, Orlando) Cuba (Avana, Guantanamo bay), Bermuda, Azores, Gibraltar, Atlantic Ocean onboard and will continue travelling to ChinaAustraliaArgentina and Russia.

Although Antonis has already wandered the four corners of the world, he still believe that the beauty is in his own backyard. And yes, there is no denying that he will not stop promoting his country to travellers whose goal is to discover places that they have not seen before.

Antonis travels using almost all means of transports and you will see him mostly on motorbikes and on foot. To him, budget is the most important thing although he usually travels on assignment or with invitation from local authorities.

Paleochora GREECE overlooking the shore of the Libyan Sea
Curiosity lead him to find more places to explore.....

He is obsessed in discovering the off-the-beaten-track and always choose the road less travelled to make his every trip worthwhile.


Tips for Buying Great Travel Luggage

Written by Jesse Cadena

Do you ever stand at the travel luggage carousel while black suitcase after black suitcase passes, and it takes you forever to figure out which one is yours? Or maybe you pick up
your bag only to see a hole formed in the top pocket and now half your underwear is missing? If this has happened to you, you may need new gear. Following a few guidelines can ensure you get a great bag to fit your needs.

If you travel light, consider a backpack. You will not have to check it in, and many can be purchased with wheels and a retractable handle. These are also a good fit if you are planning on camping or hiking while on your trip. You can also find duffel bags equipped with similar gear, and they can fit nicely into overhead compartments.


Peek Inside for the Weekly Deals - Flights & More!

I got hold of an offer from Orbitz about their Weekly Deals that I want to share with you. You may be interested. One of the offers will take you to New Zealand, the destination that you'd been dreaming of. I have explored NZ, and really, you do not want to miss the beauty of this island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. 

Bay of Islands NEW ZEALAND : Photo taken by Freddie of FromATravellersDesk
Treat yourself for a holiday that you will treasure forever. Take a peek on New Zealand and the rest of the world. You will find big savings in their Weekly Deals. It's 100% New Zealand!


Brad Bernard of Georgia U.S.A.

32. Featured Traveller 
 Brad Bernard 

 Management Consultant : Traveller
 Georgia USA

"Travel Curiously"

Flag of the USA
Brad’s humanitarian projects in Africa and the Middle East have enabled countless trips to far-fetched places. He seeks out freshest off-the-map experiences and pushes his own personal boundaries by travelling experimentally. His personal quest to find the most extreme and bizarre in travel has bred misadventures and moments of enlightenment alike.  His travel stories aim to illustrate how he overcomes personal fears and vulnerabilities while seeking a deeper meaning in the unfamiliar. 

He has explored eighty three countries as of this writing and he will never stop. He wants to continue discovering countries that he will see for the first time. Panama, Laos, Yemen, Democratic Republic of the Congo and New Zealand are on top of his list. 

Brad wants to discover and travel more deeply and look beneath the surface of the tourism infrastructure. He prefers to explore beyond the guidebooks to ask directions from locals. "You don't necessarily have to break into a Bolivian prison or find a priceless artefact or survive a life-threatening situation like me, find the best hawker stall in Singapore, the best place to see the sunrise in Bagan, the best Shisha bar in Istanbul", he confesses.

His biggest advice to you when travelling is simply to smile.  Nobody wants to rob a nice guy and you'll find yourself surrounded by unexpected friends who will teach you things you never expected.  "Exploration and learning works both ways, and you'll quickly find the locals are much more curious of you than you have them.  You are an advocate for your country and the impressions you leave will be long-lasting", he says.

Are You Ready for a Trip? Here are some Tips on What to Bring and What Not to Bring

Hello fellow travellers! 

Photo by Tumi
We are creating tips that will be very helpful when you travel. This will serve as reference before, during, and after your journey. We are categorizing each one to make it easier for you. 

The same is true with the deals that we are posting as we get them. Deals and offers that will help you plan your trips, now and in the near future.....

If you want to share quality tips and deals with your fellow travellers, feel free to send an email to: fromatravellersdesk(at)gmail(dot)com.

This will be the third series of our Useful Travel Tips. Stay tuned!

Now that you have planned your trip and purchased a cheap airline ticket, here are better ideas on what to bring to keep your journey as smooth as possible. 
Remember to bring small or travel sizes only.

What to Bring
  • Bar of Soap
  • Brush, Comb, Hair elastics
  • Camera and Camera charger
  • Carry-On Bag
  • Deodorant
  • First-Aid kit; Bandaids, Antibiotic cream, Scissors, Gauze
  • Flashlights
  • Ginger Root for motion sickness
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hats
  • Healthy Snacks like Granola bars and Dried Fruits
  • Inflatable Travel Pillow
  • Insect Repellent - if visiting remote and forested areas
  • Kleenex and Facial wipes 
  • Laptop with an Auto/Air Adapter
  • Laundry plastic bag
  • Liquid Make-Up
  • Magazines, Book, Reading Materials
  • Moisturizer
  • Nasal spray and Ear Ache relief 
  • Pair of sunglasses
  • Passport and Travel Documents
  • Perfumed Cards and Strips found in Magazines – put in your luggage


Tips for Keeping Travel Expenses Under Control

Written by Jesse Cadena

Most people agree that travelling is worth the cost, but still, there is no denying that vacations can be pricey.  While you do not want to be overly frugal on a trip and regret missed opportunities later, you do need to strike a balance between depriving yourself and spending yourself into debt. With these travelling expense tips, doing so should be much easier.  

Planning ahead is often the key to keeping travel costs manageable.  You should consider travelling during whatever time of year is the off-season for your destination — for instance, if you want to visit a mountain town or take a tropical vacation, you may find lower rates during seasons besides winter.  By checking into lodging and transportation prices online, you can get a feel for when peak season and off-season fall.  Last-minute deals on flights, hotels, and rentals will often cost more, and you will have fewer options to choose between, so start looking early for bargains.  You should also look into alternative lodging options, such as staying with people you know or participating in a home exchange.


Phebe Bay of Singapore City, SINGAPORE

31. Featured Traveller 
 Phebe Bay

 Blogger : Traveller
 Singapore City, SINGAPORE

"Travelling awakens the dreamers, thinkers and believers in us"

Phebe is a talented travel blogger and writer from Singapore. She writes her experiences in her travel blog filled with tips and anecdotes of her "career of travelling", which began at a tender age of 19. 

Flag of Singapore
And yes, she has travelled to India, China, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Taiwan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Russia and taken the Trans Siberian.

Despite having been to many top destinations, India continues to remain as Phebe's favourite place. She has a bad sense of direction but continues to travel; sometimes alone because of her quirky habits and intensely inquisitive mind.

Phebe feels that it used to be discovering a new place that motivates her to travel. Now, she thinks that some parts are about reminiscing the happy times she had there.  "Always ask yourself what makes you want to travel. Quite interestingly, it's mostly not because of the destination", she says.

When asked how important budget and planning is for a trip and how she manages to cut cost on each trip, her answers are very helpful, and I quote, "Planning in advance helps to negate unnecessary costs. That being said, it is advisable not to stick to too tight a budget. I've learnt that after some time it would be wise to spend on the best the destination has to offer".

India, where a thousand smiles await you!
Phebe has many tips and advices when it comes to travelling. "You don't have to have a great sense of direction to travel. I personally don't, have gotten lost very often but was always able to find a way. Common sense is most important", she added.

I, myself, is very excited to hear what Phebe has to say about her travel experiences. I do not want you to wait any longer, so, here it is .....


Are You Buying an Airline Ticket? Here are the Tips: When & Where to Purchase

Hello fellow travellers! 

We are creating tips that will be very helpful when you travel. This will serve as reference before, during, and after your journey. We are categorizing each one to make it easier for you. 

The same is true with the deals that we are posting on a regular basis. Deals and offers that will help you plan your trips, now and in the near future.....

If you want to share quality tips and deals with your fellow travellers, feel free to send an email to: fromatravellersdesk(at)gmail(dot)com.

This will be the second series of our Useful Travel Tips. Stay tuned!

How to Buy Cheap Airline Tickets

While it is true that purchasing an airline ticket is at times confusing, the writer suggests that you try and follow the tips below whether you are booking it by yourself or by your travel agent. 

The information that are listed here are part of the experience and proven to be true.


Michael Johnsen of California U.S.A.

30Featured Traveller 
 Michael Johnsen
Information Technology : Traveller
California U.S.A.

"Travelling comes in three ways, it's either business, pleasure, or both" ~ 
Freddie Miranda 2013 

Flag of the USA
Pops, as he is fondly called, started travelling for more than forty years for work. His passion in international travel started twenty years ago and keeps growing. He will continue exploring Australia and New Zealand but will make sure he is back to Germany in September during the Oktoberfest. Pops is half Danish and half Italian having grandparents who all came from Europe. He has been visiting both sides of the relatives for years and every country between and around Denmark and Italy.

For the record, Pops has travelled to Mexico, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, England, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Monaco, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Singapore, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama and Czech Republic.

His work took him to Asia where he travelled to Singapore and Malaysia for a span of twenty years. He'd been to China eleven times which he admitted is a combination of both work and pleasure. It is interesting to know that while in China, he travelled all over the country by train and that is what he is sharing with you in the second part of his journey.


Best Things To Do On A Summer Vacation To Canada

Written by Zoya Jazmin

The summer season in Canada is one of the popular times in exploring the wide range of remote and urban destinations for adventure that are available in the country. Though the winter season brings along its fair share of charms the months of June to August is the biggest draw for the tourists. While the inflated bills and spillover crowds at all tourist destinations are a drawback, the pleasantly warm weather with an assortment of activities to undertake more than makes up for the unfavourable situation.
West Hawk Lake ~ Whiteshell Provincial Park - Manitoba, CANADA Photo Credit : Wikimedia
Popular activities for the Canadian summer:

When it comes to spending a summer vacation in Canada, both its locals and visitors prefer heading out to the remote locations to enjoy a moment of relaxation at the lakeside resorts and cottages. Camping, water sports, canoeing, mountain biking and hiking are popular activities pursued all over the country. The more urban destinations such as Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto host numerous summer festivals and events to get into the party mood for the season.

Best ideas for a summer vacation in Canada
Spending a summer vacation in the country can include a whale safari in eastern Quebec, taking a ride on the railroad through the scenic Rockies or simply scouting through the shopping district of Toronto.


Escape to sunny Bermuda for $213 via Air Canada

Now is the chance for you to discover the land of pink sand beaches, friendly people and old-world charm of Bermuda.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Air Canada offers the most service to Bermuda from Canada with year-round non-stop flights from Toronto. When you fly with Air Canada, great fares are only the beginning. Add to that personal touch-screen TVs at every seat, power outlets within easy reach and Aeroplan Miles.

Take advantage of this week's special offers. One way ticket from Toronto to Bermuda is only $213. Air transportation charges, taxes, fees and charges are included in the total price.


Are You Travelling? Here are SomeTravel Tips ~ Planning Your Trip

Hello fellow travellers! 

We are creating tips that will be very helpful when you travel. This will serve as reference before, during, and after your journey. We are categorizing each one to make it easier for you. 

The same is true with the deals that we are posting on a daily basis. Deals and offers that will help you plan your trips, now and in the near future.....

If you want to share quality tips and deals with your fellow travellers, feel free to send an email to: fromatravellersdesk(at)gmail(dot)com.

This will be the first of a series of our Useful Travel Tips. Stay tuned!

Planning Your Trip

  • Do your research. Don't buy a guidebook and assume you are prepared
  • Don't follow the map: sometimes getting lost is a great way to find amazing places that are not mentioned in tourism guides 
  • Read travel tips and reviews online and post questions to travel forums
  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations of safe places/areas to visit, as well as areas to avoid


Save 45% during the Niagara's Icewine Festival

To the wine enthusiasts and to those who really want to taste the real wines of Niagara, this is your chance to savour the wines that can only be found in Canada. Have a look and avail of this exclusive tour offer from BuzTour.

People - Cheers - Wine : Photo Credit: BuzTour
The regular price of the wine tour is $149 which is reduced to $78 per person, a more than 45% discounted price. The offer includes a full day wine tasting tour with BuzTour, round trip bus transportation from Toronto, Mississauga and King City to Niagara. You will also enjoy the wine tastings and food pairings at five wineries, namely: 

  • Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate Winery
  • Inniskillin Winery
  • Chateau des Charmes
  • Flat Rock Cellars 
  • Vineland Estates

This offer is valid January 18 or 19 only and be aware of the following important information:


Ios – It’s More Than Simply Partying

Written by Kate Power

Although Ios has long been a favourite amongst party animals, the Cycladic Island has a lot going on besides. There are long lazy days on the beach, swigging coffee at one of the all day beach clubs. Try breakfast of Ios honey (the most delicious I’ve ever tasted!) dabble in some water skiing at one of the island’s many waterways, go in search of Homer’s Tomb or eat, drink and be merry! Here are some of my favourite things to do in Ios.

Mills of Ios GREECE : Photo Credit Titanas
Chora – the picturesque town is the beating heart of Ios. Filled with white washed little homes, steps up and down and winding paths, it’s easy to see why the hippies of 70s fell in love with the island. Today, Chora is a relaxed small town by day, with souvenir and jewellery shops dotting each twisting turn and locals filling up cafes playing backgammon. While by night, it kicks up a gear as the doors open to the many bars, clubs and discos (more on that shortly!)

Beaches – You can take your pick of jaw-dropping sandy beaches in Ios. Mylopotas beach is perhaps the most well known; a never strip of sparkling golden sand and home to the legendary Far Out Club, so you can hit the town without even leaving the sand. Manganari meanwhile is a little bit further afield. Made of three little coves, it is quite well protected from the wind and offers some respite from the crowds. Gyalos is close to the Port, easy to get to and is popular with locals too. There you’ll find plenty of hotels, tavernas and well-organized facilities.


Book Now Before Seats Fly! - Toronto to Manila & Manila to Local Destinations

Updated : July 9, 2014

Domestic Flights
This post is a follow up on your trip to the Philippines. If you are headed to this beautiful country, you should have booked your domestic flights to the best local destinations.

I am giving you the summary of the discounted flight tickets. I will also provide you with the website where you can book your tickets as soon as you can and within the selling period:

Selling Period: July 7 - 11, 2014
Travel Period: December 25, 2014 and January 1-10, 2015
Destinations:   From Manila to Luzon
                     From Manila to Visayas
                     From Manila to Mindanao
                     From Zamboanga to Jolo

Selling Period: July 7 - 11, 2014
Travel Period: December 10 - 25, 2014 
Destinations:   From  Luzon to Manila
                     From Visayas to Manila
                     From Mindanao to Manila
                     From Jolo to Zamboanga

To book your tickets, please visit:

Good luck and have a safe trip to the Philippines. Please do not forget to claim your points for Mabuhay Miles. Book now before seats fly!

* * * * *

International Flights
Now is the best time to fly from Canada to the Philippines. The Philippine Airlines announced their promotions today for the following flights:

Philippine Airlines logo

  •  Round Trip Economy Class ticket for Cdn$977 for Vancouver-Manila-Vancouver and Cdn$1134 for Toronto-Manila-Toronto, government taxes included.
  • Round Trip Business Class ticket for Cdn$2477 for Vancouver-Manila-Vancouver and Cdn$2884 for Toronto-Manila-Toronto, government taxes included.

Please note that the Selling Period is between January 8 to 15, 2014 and the Travel Period is between January 20 to March 23, 2014.

The following Fare Conditions apply:

For Economy Class, ticket is non-rebookable, non-refundable, non-reroutable and non-transferable. For roundtrip tickets, maximum validity is six (6) months from commencement of travel.