Why Am I Revisiting Berlin?

Are you going back to a country if you have had bad experience on your last?

In my case, I would. 

And that is the reason why I am writing this to give justice to Berlin. I visited this city for a whole day tour with the intention of seeing its historical architecture. It was a brief stay but just enough to experience interaction with the local people. The good and the bad side of it.

I should have stayed at least three days because of its size. Berlin is Germany's largest city and the most populated. There are places that I missed and regret it up until now.


Cameron Cobb of Arizona U.S.A.

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Cameron Cobb

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(Arizona, USA)
Where Will I Eat Next 

Our friend Cameron has been travelling for many years and this time, we are highlighting his journey for the entire year.  Let's join him in exploring the culinary world and making friends with people he meets along the way. Whether it is street food or incredible dishes from a budget restaurant, he always find ways to make sure it is within his budget and at affordable prices. 

Travelling for one year to eat and learn the local food? How does it sounds to you?

Cam knows very well that a year of travelling needs careful planning, budgeting and managing finances to cut cost. "Budget is almost always a leading factor for travel", he says. Here are his tips on travel expenses on how he save, enjoy more and spend less.


5 Sports Destinations That Are Worth the Trip

Written by Jason Gordon

It isn't uncommon for sports fans to brag about visiting every NFL stadium or going to all of their favourite team's road games. However, you can be a dedicated fan even if you don't spend thousands of dollars to attend professional sporting events.

What are the five of the best cities to visit if you want to see the important sites on the professional sports landscape?

  • You Have to Spend Time in Boston

Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that Boston is home to many iconic teams. While there, you have to visit Fenway Park for a Red Sox game or Gillette Stadium to watch Tom Brady and the Patriots. The Boston Celtics also have a championship pedigree dating back to the 1960s while the Bruins are routinely in the hunt for a Stanley Cup.