Enjoy the Best of Toronto ~ Dinner Cruise with Skyline Views

Enjoy the best of Toronto!

You can save more than 50% on a "wonderful evening" on the Toronto Harbour that Travelzoo users love for the "excellent" food and "magnificent" views.

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  • Travelzoo guests rave about this scenic harbour dinner cruise; it's simply a "wonderful evening"
  • Dine on food that "impresses" (Toronto Star), including a catch of the day and chocolate fondue
  • Take in picturesque views of the city skyline or dance on deck to the music of a professional DJ
  • Good through Dec. 14; buy now and plan a fall evening on the water with friends and family
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Michael Angelo Maleriado of Cavite PHILIPPINES

37. Featured Traveller 

Michael Angelo Maleriado

Teacher : Traveller 

“To travel is a gift, do it while you can” 

Angelo has travelled extensively through the three island groups of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. "Philippines is beautiful that is why I fell in love with travelling," he says. It is in the Philippines where he spends his life and divides his time between teaching and exploring.

He has travelled to United Kingdom, South Africa, Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, Botswana, Ireland and Zimbabwe and his bucket list includes New Zealand, France, United States, Mongolia and N Korea for future explorations.

How important is budget and planning for a trip and how do you manage to cut cost of a trip?

"Budget controls almost everything when you travel. You don't want to mess up with the money, do you? What I do is put extra amount just in case more activities come along while I am already on the road. Travelling need not be costly. The best thing is to have fun and have memorable experience," he confesses.

Angelo is a busy body. Very energetic. He always prepare himself for invitations to 'run for a cause'. Yes, he is ready to run and explore at the same time to more than seven thousand islands of his beautiful country of the Philippines.

To document his journey, Angelo created a diary of his exploration. Something that he can share to his global readers and followers. He consider his experiences of being an explorer as the best job in the world!

Angelo and his diary, AngelotheExplorer is there waiting for you. Come and join him ~ explore!


Experience the Vibe at the "Asheville Drum Circle"

Written by JP Chartier

Every Friday evening, hundreds of people gather together, forming a large circle in the delightfully eccentric mountain-town of Asheville, North Carolina. Many bring along some sort of percussive instrument – what happens next is referred to as “The Asheville Drum Circle,” and it’s damned exciting!

I found myself meandering, lost in thought one Friday evening traversing the maze of streets that make up downtown Asheville. It was early autumn and I could feel the change in the air, the cool mountain breeze energized me, and put me in a celebratory mood.
It was about this time I remember, that I felt the ground beneath me begin to shake! I could feel a rhythmic thump pulse deep inside me, vibrating my guts and rattling my bones. It sounded as if the earth had opened wide and let loose an army of combat-boot wearing soldiers stomping in step and set on destruction!


6 Things You Can't Miss When Visiting Armenia

Written by Tomasz Lisowski

Most likely, you have never heard of Armenia, and if you have, you probably have no clue where it could be situated.

Armenia is a tiny country that lies in the Caucasus region. Its mighty mountains form the border between Europe and Asia.  Before I went to Armenia, many of my friends were asking "Why on earth are you going to Armenia?" I hadn't know much about this country myself, however, I really wanted to travel to some unknown, hidden destination that no one knows anything about. I wanted to be able to discover it myself. And it was the best decision I could have taken.

I will present the most interesting places to see in Armenia in the hope that it might inspire you to choose some different destinations for your next vacation, than, for example, overcrowded by tourists ~ France, Italy or Spain.

Things you can't miss in Armenia
1.  Khor Virap Monastery with the Mount Ararat in the background

Armenian land is a territory of great historical significance, it even predates the Roman Civilization ~ Caucasus region is the place where wine is believed to have originated from. You probably know the biblical Mount Ararat ~ the mountain on which Noah's Ark landed after the great flood. You can admire this most beautiful, unforgettable view in Armenia in front of Kvor Virap Monastery ~ where Gregory the Illuminator was kept as a prisoner in the dark dungeons for 13 years.
2. Yerevan - The Pink City

Of course, visiting Armenia, you will end up in the country's capital at some point of your journey. You will surely be enchanted, especially during the evenings when the Pink City (the nickname comes from the colour of stone used in construction) comes to life. Walk along the wide alleys, admire breath-taking dancing fountain and laser shows in the main square and climb the cascades to see another magnificent view of the city and Mount Ararat.

3. Garni Temple

Garni Temple, only 30 kilometres from Yerevan, surrounded by stunning gorges, canyons and ravines is the only Roman style temple in the region. It dates back to the 1st century AD. On the site, there are also ruins of the bath complex, royal palace and church. The location of the temple, among outstanding natural scenery will make you feel as if you travelled back in time to the Roman Empire.

4. Zvartnots Cathedral

Zvartnots Cathedral, also not far from Yerevan, is an astonishing example of architecture not seen anywhere else. It had been erected in the 4th century AD but unfortunately was destroyed three centuries later.  Now, the circular foundations are still excavated by archaeologists and the ruins can give you a glimpse of its grandeur.

5. Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan, the largest in Caucasus is also one of the highest ~ it lies at the altitude of 1900 metres. The climate is considerably cooler than anywhere else in Armenia and it's a nice relief from the scorching summer heat in Yerevan. At the lake, there is a beautiful Sevanavank Monastery ~ another Armenian's architectural gem.

6. Geghard Monastery

Geghard means "a spear" and it is believed that the real spear that had pierced Jesus' heart was held there. What is different about this monastery is the fact that only a small part of its was actually built. The rest was carved of the sandstone cliff wall. One of the most mysterious and magnificent sites in Armenia.

Author Bio:  
Tomasz Lisowski s a passionate traveller and blogger who explore mainly forgotten, hidden and unknown destinations in the world, usually omitted by bloggers and travellers. Visit his blog,  Adventurous Travels, and discover the unknown parts of our beautiful world.


What is Happening Jollibee ~ Chickenjoy no More? ~ An Update

Jollibee Update - August 25, 2014
Here is the latest on the famous Jollibee #chickensad story. 

We started this story in our blog and we want our readers (especially our biggest number of followers from the Philippines) to be aware on what is going on with their favourite Jollibee. 

We will now put an end to our #chickensad story.  The latest news indicate that #chickenjoy wins. Jollibee says all branches in Metro Manila are now open. The joy of
ChickenJoy, Jolly Spaghetti and Yumburger are back on the menu. Good news for my fellow kababayan.

I am a fan of Jollibee and I only get a chance to have a bite when I am back in the country. The good news is, this Filipino fast-food chain is taking off in 2015. It's a long wait, don't you think, fellow Torontonians?

Jose Minana, the group president for Jollibee Foods Corporation, told the Toronto Star that it really is long overdue. "We should have entered Canada way before," he says.

Well folks, we have no choice but wait and see. If that happens, Jollibee will be a real reminder of what we've been missing. For sure, Jollibee will be a hit in Toronto because the city has the largest Filipino community in Canada. 

As soon as Jollibee in Toronto is in the making, you will read the news first in this blog. I promise!


What to Wear and What not to Wear when Travelling

Are You Getting Ready for the Trip? Here are some tips that you already know if you are a frequent traveller -  but still very helpful for some, especially to those who are just joining us in our passion - travelling! 

Yes, hello fellow travellers! 

We are creating tips that will be very helpful when you travel. This will serve as reference before, during, and after your journey. We are categorizing each one to make it easier for you. 

The same is true with the deals that we are posting as we get them. Deals and offers that will help you plan your trips, now and in the near future.....

If you want to share quality tips and deals with your fellow travellers, feel free to send an email to: fromatravellersdesk(at)gmail(dot)com.

This will be the fifth series of our Useful Travel Tips. Stay tuned!

Now that you have planned your trip, purchased a cheap airline ticket and have decided what to bring and what NOT to bring, know how you will pack your luggages, save space, prevent wrinkles and have a safe luggage, here are better ideas on what to wear and what not to wear when travelling.

What to Wear
  •  Comfortable pants and shoes during the flight  
  •  Black or brown colour for easy coordination of your wardrobe 
  •  Disposable underwear for men and women