Why Museums are Almost Always Not in my Itinerary

I have been to over 30 countries since I started travelling. I have 7 European countries lined up and not sure if these countries are famous for museums that I may not be able to resist. This will be my 4th trip to Europe and I do not even remember a single museum that I have visited on my first three. That's how bad my memory can be when it comes to museums.

So don't get me wrong if I seldom include it in my itinerary. I go on a holiday for three main reasons -- architecture (old and new), nature and people.

Royal Ontario Museum

Just the same, I need your feedback on why I should or shouldn't bother visiting museums in any of these towns/cities and countries: Southampton and London England, Oslo Norway, Copenhagen Denmark, Tallinn Estonia, St. Petersburg Russia, Helsinki Finland and Bruges Belgium.

The European countries I am visiting are beautiful in their own right, that's for sure, and that's the reason why I am so excited and can hardly wait for this trip.

Don't be surprised why I am writing this. I must admit ~ I feel guilty at times. For myself, because I feel am missing the history of a country that can be found and discovered in a museum. And feel guilty for the country that I am visiting for not giving appreciation for the effort of the curators and the other human beings manning the memories that the local people consider as a treasure of historical value.

So, there you go, my friends. Tell me. Is it worth visiting the museums in any of the countries I mentioned? 


Appreciate Art and Culture of New Zealand

Written by Brian Mcquillan

The beautiful country of New Zealand also possesses a wealth of cultural attractions with its great Maori culture, places of performing arts, museums and art galleries that makes it a perfect destination for art and culture buffs.

Tourists from around the world keep flocking to this destination to explore its various art and cultural offerings, though it is not the main achievement for this relatively young country on the map of the world.

Photo credit: nzstatic
Here we acquaint you with the major art and culture destinations of the country.


Museum offers an authentic insight into the art and culture of the region, and museums in New Zealand are no exceptions. On their visit to these museums, the tourists can see the cultural and historical artefacts.

If you are interested to have a glimpse of the Maori and Polynesian culture, then Auckland Museum should be your pick where a large collection of artefacts are rearing to educate and entertain you.


River Rafting in Ladakh Zanskar

Written by Zara Jones

Adventurous Expedition in the Lapel of Nature

Zanskar River, a remote Himalayan tributary of the Indus is one of the most amazing ravines in the world.  Renowned as the Grand Canyon of the Himalaya, an expedition down the Zanskar features an excursion through a geologic heaven, submersion into a culture virtually unknown throughout the contemporary world.

Photo courtesy of  Erica_St

The Zanskar valley is a tranquil and isolated part of the Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh. This valley allures many adventure tourists who visit this place to experience river-rafting in Zanskar River, in the month of July and August. Besides enjoying the gushing rapids, they take delight of exploring the scenic panorama of the villages, monasteries and exalted peaks that appear like touching the heavens.