Water Discus Hotel ~ Underwater Hotel in Dubai

Written by Trish

What comes to mind when you hear of Dubai?

DUBAI ~  United Arab Emirates
Lavish, daring, glamorous, over the top, flamboyant, luxury lifestyle, outrageous parties, and extravagant accommodations.  Dubai has claimed many superlatives to its kitty.

From world's tallest building Burj Khalifa to world's fastest elevators to world's highest outdoor observation deck to world's highest nightclub.

Now it is on the quest to build one of the world's most expensive underwater hotel named Water Discus Hotel. The source behind this ambitious project is Poland's Deep Ocean Technology.


Jorn Eriksson of Oslo NORWAY

18. Featured Traveller 

Jørn Eriksson
Marketing Project Manager : Traveller 

(Oslo, Norway)
Life is too short to go the same place twice

We are lucky to have Jørn be a part of our blog. He has  willingly accepted our invitation to share his travel experiences in and out of Oslo and help fellow travellers make their way to Norway.

He divides his time between work and ski in Oslo. A very busy person, indeed! In spite of his hectic schedule, Jørn has to give time to travel.  When on a trip, he either treks, climbs or skis, not to mention his rigid exploration of his destination.

When asked to name the countries he has travelled to, he simply gave some, and revealed that he could no longer remember other trips.


The Thrill of White Water Rafting

Written by: Angel de la Flor

I experienced the adventure that Cagayan de Oro City (CDO) is best known for - Whitewater Rafting and River Trekking. One of the most memorable moments of my life. For me, it was totally more than just a trip.

What's the adventure? It's a family style whitewater rafting in the mighty and beautiful Cagayan de Oro River, the longest river in the country. For the advance level, the adventure will cover 18.6 kilometres of its glorious 90 kilometres with 24 major rapids that will last for 3 hours.

I could see the boulders of rock with the strong and fierce water current.  It could literally eat me alive.  Growing up in Iloilo, I have seen many rivers and I have always believed that they're the creepiest body of water that God have ever created.  With all the mud underneath and the brown water, I never thought of having any kind of adventure like this.


Palawan is a Nature Lover's Haven

Written by: Marie Rea

As my family of four descended upon Puerto Princesa Airport, it has been apparent that we shall have a great and memorable time!

Puerto Princesa City Domestic Airport ~ PALAWAN
Firstly, we were greeted by our driver and guide with pearly white shell necklaces as soon as they spotted us, with the driver holding a square cardboard with my husband’s name on it. I suppose he was sticking out from the rest of the passengers inside the airport with his almost 6 feet tall frame and light brown hair.

We had a quick rest and got refreshed with glasses of ice cold black gulaman (grass jelly) drink in our native- themed accommodation called Puerto Pension. Then we started our half day city tour and marveled at the greenness of the place.


Review : Egypt Air Ground Staff ~ A Nightmare!

Courtesy of AFP
It was the worst that happened on my 4-country tour. My trip to Greece, Turkey and Cyprus were almost all hassle-free. The incident that happened at the Check-in Counter in Cairo International Airport - Terminal 1 is something that I cannot easily forget.

We arrived at Terminal 1 only over an hour before our flight due to the negligence of the hotel driver taking us to the wrong Terminal 2, and the inefficiencies of the EgyptAir Office Staff also in Terminal 2.  Now I am in a long queue in Terminal 1 holding my/our confirmed flights. Gave it to one of the ground staff at the check-in counter when I had my turn. I also gave our


Kwanruen Kanja of Bangkok THAILAND

17. Featured Traveller 

Kwanruen Kanja
Businesswoman  : Traveller

(Bangkok, Thailand)
"The World is Wide"

Thailand Flag
I am back to my desk to feature a traveller who hails from the city of Bangkok in Thailand. A very good friend of our family, a very bubbly couple, Kwan & Denchai.  My family and Kwan's first met in Osaka, Japan when I was on my Asian tour.  It only took us few minutes to talk and exchange ideas and we all realized that we became comfortable to each other.  And because Bangkok is included in my itinerary, Kwan invited us to give her a call as soon as we arrive in Bangkok.  And we did!  I remember Kwan's few words when she came to our hotel with her very loving husband, Denchai. "We will be your tour guide for the whole day and whole night.... and don't worry, it is for free," she mused.  The gesture is very touching especially coming from new friends like Kwan and Denchai.  True to her word, the couple did not leave us during the tour until late at night.  We literally painted the town red. 

Denchai is a quiet guy. Obviously,  he lets Kwan do most of the talking.  He is a man of few words.


Tips on When and What to See in London

It is the best time for you to go on a trip to London. I was in the city very recently.  It was my third visit and each one is equally exciting.

London is an immensely popular vacation destination. This vibrant city is world renowned as the home of the British Monarchy. Aside from being a landmark filled vacation hotspot, London is also universally acknowledged as a city from where global trends in fashion and music tend to emanate. You will see all of these and you will totally agree.


Copenhagen ~ A City in the World's Happiest Country

I visited Copenhagen, a city in Denmark listed as the happiest country in the world.  I agree because I have seen it.  In my short stay in the city, I have witnessed how Danes like what they are doing and how they love their work. 

The picturesque city of Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and the biggest city in Scandinavia. It is situated on the entrance to the Baltic Sea and is located partially on Denmark's largest island, Zealand, and partially on Amager, another island located in the Øresund, a busy channel of water that separates Denmark from Sweden. Copenhagen is considered to be in the ranks of cities that offer the best quality of life. It offers incredible architecture, excellent shops and restaurants, exciting nightlife and cultural events.


Zara Aluwi of Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA

16. Featured Traveller 

Zara Aluwi
Novel Writer : Traveller

(Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA)
Every page is your travel home page

I'd like to thank Zara for agreeing to be featured in our travel blog although she thinks that she is too old for this. I am posting it anyway, as I find her story very interesting.

Zara loves travelling so much that she would visit more travel destinations and write a manuscript about her experiences. So far, she has travelled to several Asian countries like Hong Kong & China, Macau, Thailand and Singapore. 

New Zealand is her latest and her favourite destination. "Love you New Zealand (Queenstown) thousand times", she says. She plans to visit European countries, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Egypt and India whenever possible.  

When Zara travels, she prefer to drive her own car for local trips but fly with her favourite AirAsia for foreign destinations.  She does not need a lot of money flying with this airline as she gets the best deal by comparing offers from different travel agencies. 

I agree with her on this travel plan. The only difference is that I compare deals and do it online. This is a good tip, fellow travellers.