An Overlooked Island Called Vieques

Written by JP Chartier

Join me for a short visit to an often overlooked island just off the coast of Puerto Rico called Vieques

Hidden seven miles off the coast of Puerto Rico, a tiny speck of an island silently exists today much like it has for millennia. Basking in the Caribbean sun and surrounded by the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean to its north, and the cerulean blue of the Caribbean Sea to its south, Vieques (Bee-ay-kus) is the perfect place to step back in time and get away from your hectic and chaotic life for a while.

It's a short 20-minute flight from San Juan International Airport on the mainland of Puerto Rico to the single runway airport on Vieques. If riding in one of the tiny, 6-seater, puddle jumping airplanes doesn't suit you, you can take a boat over. A passport isn't required to visit the island.

Shoreline of Vieques

The Visques of today is a much different place than it was only 15 years ago. Two-thirds of the small island was used as a bombing range by the United States Navy since WWII. They pulled out in 2003 and are in the process of making the whole island a safe place by removing all unexploded ordinances.


How and Why is it Happening in Egypt

The Streets of Cairo

My advice to you: Don't ever drive a rented car in Cairo. It is dangerous for you as a tourist to drive on the street of this city.

I have seen a very heavy traffic and witnessed many reckless drivers. Mind you, traffic rules and regulations are not followed in the city and you will not see traffic lights and road signage even in strategic street that needs one.

The Street of Cairo

How to Go Around Cairo

Many places in Cairo are too historical to miss and to go around the city and its neighbouring towns, you can hire a private/rented car with a driver, a taxi, a boat, a mini bus or a tourist bus.


5 Top Tech Tools for Travellers to Keep in Touch with Loved Ones

Written by Jason Gordon

When travelling abroad, it can be difficult to keep in touch with your loved ones. On many phone plans, the ability to call internationally is not an option.

If you want to add that service to your phone, you can end up paying hundreds of extra dollars for just minutes of calling. However, with our app-driven digital economy, there are tech tools that can keep you in touch with your loved ones easily without any additional cost.

  • Google Docs
When you want to share pictures and stories of your travels with your loved ones while hearing their opinions, Google docs and similar document sharing apps can be a great solution.

With desktop and mobile device access, you can create a shared document that loved ones of all ages can access and add to. With a shared Google Document, you can see who is adding their two cents, with the different coloured text allotted to each loved one. You can even set up scheduled online meetings where live chats can happen real time.

This is a fun and affordable alternative to costly international calling.


What to See and Do in Bohol

Why a trip to Bohol? What can you see in Bohol that you don't see in other places?

The story that you are about to read will give you a bird's-eye view of what Bohol is all about. A memorable journey you can only find in this central part of Northern Visayas in the Philippines.

If you are coming from Cebu, take a fast ferry that will take you to Tagbilaran, Bohol in only two hours. The schedule of Oceanjet is flexible for clients visiting Bohol, so you may book with them online. The other two ferry operators offering daily services that suits your need are 2GO and Weesam.

The island province of Bohol is the tenth largest in the Philippines. It is a tropical paradise that you have to experience. This is a perfect destination for snorkeling, dolphin watching and island hopping.


5 Items to Collect from Around the World

Written by Jason Gordon

It's natural for travellers to collect souvenirs of their trips. For many people, expanding their collection is the entire point of the journey. Those travellers can find something of value in any nation, since every culture creates its own artifacts. However, there are a few items that stand out above the rest.

1. Limoges Box

Limoges Box with Dog Design
The French town of Limoges is famous for producing elaborate porcelain boxes. These Limoges boxes are richly decorated, to the point where many of them are better described as sculptures that hide a small storage space than as boxes. Expert artisans make all of them by hand, and they come in a huge number of shapes and sizes. Every collector can find something that reflects both the traditional culture of Limoges and their own preferences.

A box must come from Limoges to be considered authentic. Since that restricts production to a small number of artisans, collectors need to make sure that they are getting an authentic box. Verifying the authenticity of a box is relatively easy for anyone who knows the sign to look for, so there's no excuse not to do your homework and research the basics of Limoges boxes.


Andrea Capaccioni from Naples ITALY

45. Featured Traveller 
Andrea Capaccioni

Youtuber : Traveller  
(Naples, ITALY)
“ Have a good life ” 

Don't Be Afraid of Failure

This will be your first time to read in this blog a story about a very interesting young woman who fail to give up and strive instead to make her dream a reality. We are happy to share with you the life, love and adventures of Andrea. We hope that her story will serve as an inspiration to other women of her age. "Don't be afraid if you fail at first," she says.

Andrea on a Beach in Australia

Our friend has been travelling for many years and have started her escapades at the age of 22. She learns the art of video recording to document and share her moments with the world via Youtube. Let's join Andrea as she encounters the challenge on her journey and at the same time making friends with people she meets along the way.

After reading her story, you may be asking why Andrea left her hometown of Napoli and moved to Sydney, where everything is new to her.

But, why did she take the risk?


7 Historical Megastructures in India You Must Visit

Written by  Rohit Agarwal

India has been ruled by various dynasties, captured by foreign invaders and been a colony of the British. Thus, the country has various specimens of architectural brilliance reflecting native as well as foreign styles. Though it is impossible to point out any one as the best, we have put in efforts to compile a list of seven megastructures that should be on your list.

1. Taj Mahal, Agra

One of the major attractions of Agra, Taj Mahal is an Epitome of Love. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal upon her death. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it has a beautiful history attached to it. The mausoleum is made of white marble and it stands on the banks of the river Yamuna. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is a confluence of Indian, Mughal, Turkish and Persian architecture.
Taj Mahal - Agra
Photo Credit wiganparky CC0 1.0

2. Mysore Palace, Mysore

The Mysore Palace has doors that have been magnificently carved and rooms that have been elegantly decorated to showcase the royalty. It has alluring pink domes and an octagonal marriage hall which has a stunning glass ceiling. The palace is adorned with peacock motifs, chandeliers and glistening tiles. It leaves visitors spellbound especially during the Dussehra Festival when it is all lit up.