A Review: One of Those Things Not to Do in Rome

This is one of those things that we have to be aware when travelling. One of a series of observations and reviews on my trip to Rome in Italy.

The Do's and Don'ts I would say. There will be more coming after this.

Visiting Rome is a dream come true. 

You must be thinking only what has been written and what you have read in travel books and brochures. More often, you are collecting information about the things to do, must-see places and all the good things about Rome.


Best Way to Travel Around Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean with very good road network including many main roads and large number of smaller roads. People of Sri Lanka also enjoy the convenience of highways.

Average road condition in the island is satisfactory but there can be traffic jam in major cities such as Colombo, Kandy and Gampaha due to increasing number of vehicles. There are many ways of travelling around the country during your holiday in Sri Lanka and some of them are discussed below.
Hiring a Private Vehicle in Sri Lanka

Hiring a private vehicle with a driver is the best and most safe option to travel around the island for foreign travellers. It can be hired for a day or several weeks depending on the requirement. It might be the best option when it comes to doing a round tour in Sri Lanka.

Most hotels have their own fleet of vehicles with drivers for in-house guests and you can book a vehicle with your hotel. Otherwise, book a vehicle and a chauffeur with a travel agent as this is the best and stress-free option to explore the country.

You can save lot of time because these drivers are well aware of the attractions in the country. The chauffeurs employed by travel agents are well trained and knowledgeable about the country and its people. These drivers are required to have a permit from the state authority for tourism in order to work as a chauffeur guides.

You need to hire a driver with national tourist board license if you want to have accurate information about the country. Their knowledge of English and other languages is a plus.

Most holiday makers prefer to hire and use this type of vehicles for their round tours of the island.

Should I Hire a Self-Drive Car?

There are many companies where you can rent vehicles while in Sri Lanka. You need to have an international driving license and the passport to rent a car. The company may require cash deposit in some cases.

I cannot recommend a foreigner to drive a hired car.

Sri Lanka drivers have their own set of rules on the road that most tourists are not familiar with. Sri Lanka has left hand drive traffic but drivers overtake other vehicles on both left and right sides. They usually do not check for the oncoming traffic or obey the traffic lights. The behaviour of drivers are changing fast in Sri Lanka as to the traffic rules. The increase in number of road accidents prompted the government to add more police patrolling the road. This measure help minimize the damage caused by vehicles on the road all over Sri Lanka.

Should I use a Taxi?

Hiring a taxi is advisable if you need the vehicle for a short journey. It is the easiest way to arrange a vehicle in Sri Lanka as you can just make a call and have it within a short period of time.

Unlike other type of vehicles, taxis do charge the waiting fee, therefore, it is not a good choice if you leave the vehicle parked during the journey. Taxi drivers are not a source of accurate information about the island and cannot act as your guide.  This is for the reason that they are not trained as such.

The rate to hire a taxi depends on the company. The basic rate of 45 Rs can go up for added features.

Should I use other type of Transport?

There are many other options to travel in Sri Lanka other than what is mentioned earlier.

Buses, trains, inland flights and Tuk Tuk are some of the popular transport for tourists. Tuk Tuk is a mini vehicle with open sides and can be a good solution for a short trip but is not a convenient way to travel.

Hiring a motorcycle is also an alternative means of transport in Sri Lanka but there is more risk due to the driving habit of Sri Lankan drivers. You can hire a motor bike if you want to see more of the island but you have to be extra careful to avoid accident.

Buses and trains are not very convenient and you have to allow more time to reach your destination. They are cheaper than other means of transportation.

Inland flight is another option if you you have a hectic schedule.  Flying is the best and quickest way of reaching your destination.

You will be reading more of Sri Lanka as I continue writing in this blog. Read my articles for additional information on places to go to make your holiday in Sri Lanka memorable.  

Happy travels!

Author Bio: 
Sanjeewa is a freelance software engineer, national tourist guide lecturer and part-time blogger from Colombo, Sri Lanka.  He has been travelling around Sri Lanka since 2000 as a licensed tourist guide and want to share his knowledge about his country.


Dubai: Etihad Opens Travel Mall ~ To Become World's Best Travel Company

Etihad Airways has opened the new Etihad Travel Mall, its flagship one-stop travel retail and check-in facility in Dubai.

Etihad Travel Mall - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The Etihad Travel Mall offers, under one roof, everything guests need to plan, book and travel with the airline.  Travellers are able to purchase a ticket, check-in for a flight, drop off baggage and board an Etihad Express luxury coach bound for Abu Dhabi International Airport.

After checking in at Etihad Travel Mall, passengers can simply proceed to immigration and security on arrival at the airport.


The Water Wonderland of the 1000 Islands in Kingston

Have you been to the 1000 islands in Kingston in Ontario CANADA?

Recently, I did...... 

....and it is an experience beyond compare. Going to Kingston is just a little over 2 hours from Toronto where you can take a cruise to the the wonder of Kingston ~ the famous 1000 Islands?  It is the highlight of my trip to the historical city though there are other attractions that you must see.

1000 Islands in Kingston Ontario Canada ~ Notice the only house in one of the islands
See more photos below.....
Not too many know that the city of Kingston is called by the nickname "Limestone City."

It is merely because many heritage buildings constructed with the use of local limestone.

Book a train trip to Kingston at

HiOporto Travellers of Oporto, PORTUGAL

26. Featured Travellers 

Hi Oporto
Journalism Students : Travellers

L to R: Jorge, Isadora, Luis, Rita, Diogo O, Sara, Tiago and Diogo A.

(Oporto,  PORTUGAL)
The City of Oporto welcomes you with arms wide open” 

I made a little twist in featuring our travellers to add flavour to our usual write-up. I have invited not one traveller but eight.....yes, you read it right folks!

Eight talented University of Oporto Journalism students joined hands to make waves in promoting the city that they call their own.

But, where is Oporto?


6 Things to Do in the Historic Sultanate of Brunei

It is high time to blog about countries less travelled and seldom make it to a tourists' itinerary.  

One good example is the tiny country of Brunei or commonly known as Brunei Darussalam as its official name. 

It is situated in the north west part of Borneo, with the South China Sea to the north and State of Sarawak surrounds other side. 

My one-week of stay in the city of Bandar Seri Begawan gave me a good picture of an oil-rich country. It's been quite a while when I first travelled to Brunei and things has slight change since then.

The country of Brunei is so small that you can enjoy the place in so short period of time. Of course, that will depend on what you want to see.

If you expect a night life, then, forget coming to this country. There is no life at night I am telling you just now, besides, alcohol is prohibited here.