Where on Earth can you find Puerto Princesa

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I chose a story about Puerto Princesa in the island of Palawan.  A wonder that can be found only in the Philippines. Please read my entry and Vote.

My story begins...

I find myself in the roof deck restaurant sipping a local mango juice. Puerto Bay is very visible. It is a good view as I watch people stroll along the boardwalk.
The best island hopping happens. I use a motorboat with a guide and see the white sand beaches in Honda Bay.


Dubai Offers Excellent Facilities to Tourists

Written by Shezaa Nehal

Dubai suits to every mood, every age and every group.  

The city has everything with packages that are offered to keep every need that a tourist has in mind. The city of excellence never neglects any aspect of entertainment. Its peaceful atmosphere, singing waters, silent desert and luxurious resorts entertain tourists with their special needs and their wish to roam around the city.

Tourists With Unique Needs
The Dubai International Airport manages a place for tourists with unique needs. that travellers on wheelchair will get customized service. Several hotels have areas particularly intended for use of the impaired and even shopping centres have excellent access and features for people with special needs. Cabs in Dubai are equipped with motorized wheelchair for the best interest of the travelling public.


Things to Do for Free in Bern

Bern, the capital of Switzerland, is a diversed

 and beautiful city. 

Bern has quite a few attractions and historic sites, as well as active cultural life. 
I had the chance to visit the city and see its natural beauty....and the memories goes on and on...

It is easy to get around by foot in Bern and the tourist attractions are mainly in the city centre.  Switzerland is known to be an expensive travellers destination and Bern is not an exception. Though it is an expensive city, that is not the focus of this article. We will identify places that is free to enjoy, places that you can visit without spending entrance fees. If you are into it, go ahead and continue reading...

The only place that our host spent his Swiss francs was when we had our lunch and dinner at restaurants. One of the most beautiful places and explicit ambiance is the Rosegarten or Rose Garden Restaurant overlooking the Münster-Cathedral in the Old Town. Our space in this restaurant is truly great that I took pictures of my hosts leaving no doubt that they will always be remembered.

The city was built with local sandstone in Gothic style with gables, bay windows, and more arcades than any of the city in Europe.


A Taste of Filipino Recipe at Christmas time in the Philippines

Philippine food and culture have distinct mixes of the East and the West.

You are in the Philippines because you want to see its beauty, experience culture and tradition of the local people and have a taste of the best Filipino dishes.

Philippine cuisine was greatly influenced by the American especially the names of the dish. Asian countries like China, India and other Southeast Asian countries has contributed to how the Philippine food is prepared and evolved throughout time.

Like some Asian countries, rice is the Philippines' staple food. It is always part of the meal whether it is homemade, or dining in a feast or holiday season. In any occasion, meals are generally served with rice.

Filipinos typically accompany their meals with complementing sauces, spices and condiments. It is common for each diner to put his preferred sauce, spice, or condiment in his own plate. Popular ones used in a meal include: Patis (fermented fish sauce) or soy sauce (usually blended with calamansi, a green Philippine citrus fruit similar to lemon); native vinegar; and alamang (cream-style shrimp paste).

I identified some of the Filipino dishes that you must try while in the Philippines at Christmas time, festivals or important events. I guarantee the following are the best and can be found in most local dining table.

Adobo (Chicken or Pork)
The signature Filipino dish adobo used pork or chicken cooked in oil, vinegar, pepper, bay leaf and soy sauce. In some cases, dried banana blossoms is added for a distinct aroma and sweetness. It is one of the most popular Filipino dishes commonly prepared in both Philippine homes and restaurants.


Why Did I Travel to Karachi?

Karachi may not be a popular tourist destination, but I wish I would have extended my stay. When you see the good side of Karachi, you will be able to paint a picture of a cosmopolitan and urban city different from other major Pakistani cities.

And you probably be asking why.....

Being in a geographical location on a bay, you too will enjoy its prominent position that made Karachi the financial capital of Pakistan. In spite of violence in certain parts of Karachi, the Karachiites are determined to carry on with their lives.  

Karachi is not the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is.

I will tell you a bit about Karachi before I go on with my short escapade of the city. It is located on the coast of Arabian Sea, north west of the River Delta. The way I see, it is practically large and really busy of a city.

You have no idea how I feel when I set foot at the Jinnah International Airport early morning at 5:00 o'clock. Just in time to catch the locals getting ready for the morning prayers. I am used to this, as I always hear them due to the fact that I was coming from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.