Darwin F Dalisay of Cainta, Rizal PHILIPPINES

25. Featured Traveller 

Darwin F Dalisay
Customer Service Representative : Traveller 

(Cainta Rizal,  PHILIPPINES)
Travelling is the best way to leave your stressful life, relax while discovering new things”

Once again we are featuring a traveller from the beautiful country of the Philippines.  Yes, we are happy to have Darwin as an addition to our growing list of featured travellers.  Yes, Dharzie as friends call him, prefers exploring more of his country first before going outside of it.  I totally agree because I know how hard the government and the Filipino people work to make the Philippines a top tourist destination.  They all are striving hard to prove that there's a lot more to see and do in their country. Fun in the Philippines is more than you can expect and see in other Asian countries.