Good News to Tel-Aviv Tourists - FREE WiFi to Visitors of the City of Yafo

Yes, this is good news if your itinerary includes visiting Tel Aviv, municipality of Yafo in Israel. You will be able to continue your passion in writing while travelling in this ancient city. You can document your journey and communication with your friends, relatives and the world will be very easy, just like you're home.

Photo of the City of Tel Aviv courtesy of  Free Israel Photos
The municipality just launched a digital revolution as part of the city's over-all strategic plan to position Tel Aviv as the Startup city - a hub of innovation and creativity.

In conjunction with Tel Aviv Global & Tourism Administration, the municipality has completed the installation of 60 WiFi hotspots around the city which are allocated to the beach, entertainment centres and tourist attractions.  Twenty of the locations have been chosen by the residents of the city via the social media network.

The Digital Revolution of the Tel-Aviv-Yafo Municipality will be one of the first in the world to launch such a project.

"The city of Tel Aviv-Yafo is a leader in innovation and in tralblazer thinking.  As a Municipality, we facilitate this and encourage an innovative approach in various fields. The city WiFi we are launching today will enable the city's visitors and residents to enjoy free surfing throughout the city", says Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv Yafo

Alon Solar, the city council member and initiator of the project said that the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo continues to be an attractive environment of innovative initiatives.  In our communications era, free access to internet is a basic service.  This is another step of positioning Tel Aviv of the 21st century in one line with other global cities."

For complete information on this digital revolution, you may visit the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality website.

Source: Breaking Travel News
            Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality 

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