18 To Do List Before Leaving your Home for a Trip

There are important things to remember when you are going on a trip.

For frequent travellers, this is a routine and will serve as a reminder. For the benefit of you, our readers, who are starting to travel or first time travellers, make this checklist handy.

You will never go wrong if you do this assignment before stepping out of your home for a journey.

1. Clear answering machine and voice mail. This will leave no trace of your activities.
2. Empty refrigerator. Avoid spoiled food left in the fridge for longer
3. Unplug appliances. It is best to unplug, if at all possible.

Bills & Payments
4. Pay any outstanding bills. Do this to avoid overdue payments.

5. Leave copy of itinerary and travel documents with reachable relative

6. Take out garbage and items for recycling

7. Leave house key with relative or trusted neighbour
8. Lock all doors and windows

Lights & Other Electricals
9. Put lights on timers
10. Turn down thermostats

Mails & Emails
11.  Arrange with post office to hold your mails while you are away
12. Stop all deliveries.  
13. Set up auto email response

Pets & Plants
14. Arrange for care of pets, yards, plants and other living things

15. Notify alarm company of your absence

16. Store valuables in a safe place

17. Shut off water

Final Checking 
18. Walk through your home to check for anything you may have missed

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If there are other important things to do before going on a trip that you did not see here, please send me a message. Let's share it with our fellow travellers.

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