Flying Comfortably to China

Written by Ariana Louis

Travelling on Long Flights

First rule if travelling on a long flight - try to get comfortable seats. Ask your travel agent for airlines that have good seats. I travelled to Asia a couple of years ago and was very glad to have listened to a friend's advice to book the most comfortable seats with better leg room. Even better, if you can afford business class. But since not everyone can, let's look at some ways to prepare for a long flight.

Great Wall of China
Tips on How to Prepare for Long Flights

If it is a long haul flight, chances are you will be staying longer so will need to plan how everything at home will be taken cared of. Also, you will need to plan what to bring for the long journey and your stay.

Here are some things to think about when planning for this.

1. Are all financial responsibilities settled before travelling?
2. Do you have enough money to take and access to it if you need more when travelling?
3. Make sure your bank knows that you are travelling and that you may use your credit card or debit card abroad so they know that they are legitimate transactions.
4. Secure your house/flat and have some automatic timers set up to turn lights on and off. You might want to think about having a local friend or family member check on the house and cars at least once while you are away.
5. Find an airline that has comfortable seats with some leg room.
6. Decide on what kind of entertainment you would like to bring on the flight: iPad, iPod or e-book reader. Some in-flight entertainment can be found on the airline websites but you may want to bring your own as well.
7. Check the validity of your passport and apply for visas as required.
8. Bring some snacks that you like for the trip should you need it during the flight.
9. Handcarry your basic essentials with your passports, tissues, medications, technology for entertainment, books and sweets/gum.
10. Don't wear jewellery or belts so that you can zip through security. The less valuables you bring, the less worry you have.

Basically, I like to think that everything is in order before leaving so that I can go on holidays not worrying about things unnecessarily.

Health Tips for Long Flights

When on a long flight, some people might find that their legs swell or are painful from not having enough room. Here are a few tips on what to do to help the body adapt better to the environment:
  • Ask your doctor if you can take aspirin to prevent blood clots.
  • There are special socks that you can buy to compress the feet to prevent swelling.
  • Sipping water is good to help the body adapt better to the time zone. Scientists say it is a way to avoid jet-lag.
  • Some people get dry eyes so bring some eye drops.
  • Dress comfortably for the long flight so that you can rest better.
  • Sleep well before going on a trip so that you have the energy needed.
Travelling to China

China - land of the Orient, clay army, and the the Great Wall of China. These are some of the amazing places to visit and a wonderful old culture to encounter. Find out what the best deals are from your China travel expert and see what places to visit.

Beijing Olympic Park
Some Tips to remember when Travelling to China

We all know that before any major event, there should be a lot of careful planning. A trip to China or any other top destination is no exception. But before you go, plan ahead.

Bring a translation device to help with the language or better yet, learn some basic Chinese so that you can at least ask for a drink or ask where the bathroom is. Research which tours you can book for touring China and find out what are the most important destinations in China and see if you can book self-guided tours.

Author Bio
Ariana is a teacher by profession who worked out 5 years of savings to begin her globetrotting adventure. She has travelled more than half-way across the world and has fallen in love with Asia with its diverse and unique culture. She enjoys talking to all kinds of people and learn new things and hearing stories from all walks of life. 

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  1. Thanks for the tips Ariana. Indeed, there is a lot to consider when planning and during travelling. Well, that is fine it’s nothing compared to the great and memorable experience you’ll have.


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