13 Airlines that Stand Out Through the Years

These days, it is not easy to find an airline that suits our taste, satisfaction ... and safety. 

Scandals in flight happens - - incidents that should not be happening! The United Airlines' brutal dragging is for real - - really unacceptable. And so with Delta, an airline who kicked off a passenger from the aircraft that is getting ready to take off. A situation that a male passenger can no longer control the call of nature - - and it just happened at the wrong time and at the wrong place.

The above happened in domestic flights in the United States, a journey that will take only few hours. If these scandals took place in short-haul flights, how can we expect that it won't happen in a long-haul?

Photo Credit: Thai Airways
Let's not focus on the bad experiences encountered on airlines though. Let's now go to its positive side. In most airlines, scandals never happen, on the ground and in-flight. I have used different airlines in my more than two decades of travelling. I will start with those that I did fly at least once or twice.

The 13 airlines that stand out - - with the best customer service are:  Drum rollllllllll . . .

(Note: Arranged in Alphabetical Order for your convenience).

 * * * * *

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap . . . . .

I am giving the above 13 Airlines a big round of applause for job well done. Try them and you will know what I am talking about.

I continue searching for airlines that I want for my future travels. I have not flown with all of them, but I have gathered positive reviews on their customer care. Let me enumerate some of them . . .

(Note: Arranged in Alphabetical Order for your convenience)

Aer Lingus
Alaska Airlines
Emirates Airlines
Etihad Airways
Garuda Indonesia
Korean Air
Qatar Airways 
Royal Brunei Airlines
South African Airways
Southwest Airlines
Vietnam Airlines
Virgin Australia

I can't wait to use the above airlines anytime soon. Have you flown with any of them before? Tell me something. Good or bad. Briefly.

The airline story does not end here. I'd been so quiet for a long time. It's time to break my silence!

I don't remember having a good experience flying with some airlines. What I remember is that I do not have bad experience either. I believe it's simply because these airlines' customer service is just . . . okay! Can you tell me if I did justice with the list?

(Note: Arranged in Alphabetical Order for your convenience)

Air France
Air Transat
All Nippon Airways
Cathay Pacific
Gulf Air
JetBlue Airways
Philippine Airlines
Qantas Airways
Spirit Airlines

All the above carriers are listed in each category based on this traveller's flying experience. You will see in one of the lists his intention of using airlines based on positive reviews. You will also notice that in the first list, EVA Air has five-star after its name. The reason is simple. He is flying with this airline for the third time in the next few days. EVA Air has always been his favourite in the last four years. We'll see.

A review of EVA Air will be published upon reaching his destination with high hopes that his good impression and excellent experience with EVA Air will always be there. A 5-Star Service from the Ground Up!

How about you?

Have you encountered dissatisfaction with an airline on your travels before? Name them so that our fellow travellers will know.

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Freddie Miranda
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